It’s always good to have backup


If I didn’t already have a theme song, this could fill the gap.

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22 Comments to “It’s always good to have backup”

  1. LOL! Awesome theme song! :) Loving it!!!

  2. I particularly love that the second (giggly) “Memsaab!” is said by Bindu :)

    Alas, the film did not live up to the title music. Although it wasn’t bad, it was just kind of “meh.” So this shall just remain a backup theme song!

  3. You are right! While the laugh is interesting on the backup, I do like your original theme song which I just heard for the first time. Sadly, there is no corresponding video on youtube to see the scene. Feroz Khan is interestingly like a Rajesh Khanna features like…

    The Yahoo yodel from Junglee is also not Mohammed Rafi. It was some other guy who could do it loud like….

  4. Ah, but your theme song as sung by Rafi has a very clear enunciation of the word “mem sahab”, whereas in this song, it is pronounced as “memsaab” – just like your blogname. :)

  5. The backup is good, but there are still many more reasons to keep the original :) It’s Shammi-like, which by itself is good enough for me!

  6. Is this the Yoga Bali movie memsaab? I remember hearing a song on radio from this movie “Mujhey doondhte le aakar sayain mera pyaar hai bhool bhulaya, mein chup chup ke gaon, chup jaon, tere saath na mein aaoon.

    • Yes, it has Yogita Bali (looking young and plump) and Vinod Khanna (looking v.v. young and handsome). Also Bindu, Jayshree T and Johnny Walker. And MacMohan. And diamond smuggling, etc. Despite all this, it is a pretty dull movie.

  7. Trivia: You do know Memsaab, that this particular title originally referred to for the “gori” women i.e. wives of English colonial sahibs.

    • Yes, I do know that :) That’s why it seemed like an appropriate name for me, gori girl that I am (although I have avoided marrying a colonial sahib, thank goodness).

  8. sounds good.
    i would take this up as theme song.
    the other one is too male dominated.

    btw from which movie is this song? Memsaab?

  9. Hmmm. Maybe I will reconsider it and have two co-theme songs instead of only one plus a backup. Is that greedy?

    Yes, the movie is Mem Saab from 1971.

  10. No, not greedy at all! It’s like the early bird catches the worm. You are out there working it, you deserve it. The rest of us don’t even HAVE a theme song…I should probably work on that…

  11. Everyone should have a theme song :-) Or two!!!!

  12. I have to wait until something catches my attention and sounds like me. Hasn’t happened yet, but then I wasn’t exactly paying attention….Now I will be on the alert.

    I think I really like the song by Kishore Kumar Diye Jalte Hain which has a really good meaning. So that might be it for now….It’s from the movie Namak Haram. Sorry memsaab, no Shammi in it…..but then we all know he doesn’t like me anyway :-) just kidding…

  13. Two is not greedy, four is!

  14. You actually have a movie named after you and it has Vinod K in it! I am green with envy. But ya, I like your original theme song too – one must always get Rafi to sing for lovely blogs like yours!

  15. Hema: A theme song will pick you, don’t worry!

    harvey: Yes, I probably don’t need four of them :)

    bollyviewer: I know! It’s even spelled the same way! But it isn’t very good, sadly. Not horrible, mind you, but not good either.

  16. “Not horrible, mind you, but not good either.”

    This is where a re-make by Raju comes into the picture, to improve upon the original. ;)

    When I first saw the title of this post, with the red color and everything, I misread it as “It’s always good to have ketchup.” I guess my sub-conscience is trying to tell me something. LOL

  17. You should take up this song just based on the title graphic alone! It’s so brazen and dangerous-looking! Dripping red – whoa momma! It’s also delightfully easy to sing, even for someone with my limited Hindi skills.

  18. LOL :) I can even sing it too, despite my even more limited Hindi skills.

  19. Clearly you must help me find a theme song – you have the gift!

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