Candy is dandy

But this is pure cheese(cake). Work it, Shashi, work it!


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  1. Oh, dear me! Look at that cute tummy :)

  2. And the giant beer that went into it!

  3. Oh my I can hardly breathe. quick, revive me with some of that dark beer!

    Something about him is almost… errrr… delicate!

    Like the mascared eyelashes though. They always got my heart aflutter!

  4. O MY!!!! Candy is certainly dandy and nobody does it better than Shashi (beer belly notwithstanding!).

    I am speechless with envy that you’ve got all these goodies in your vintage magazines. How does one get hold of these things? Judging from the sheer amount of Shashi that shows up in your 70s magazine scans, am I right in assuming he was an even bigger phenomenon than Mahendar Sandhu? ;-)

  5. Just the breath of fresh and hopeful air I need after watching Side Streets last night.

    This is so undignified – both the picture and how delighted I am to see it.

  6. AKNYC: He does have great eyelashes, with or without mascara!

    bollyviewer: Shashi is everywhere in these magazines!! I just recently got a huge lot of them, and am making my way through them slowly…they are such fun :) Have learned lots of juicy gossip, which may or may not be true—but is certainly interesting to read!

    Beth: Really only Shashi could manage to make such a silly pose kind of respectable. He is a beautiful, beautiful man.

    • From where do you get these mags? Even I strive to get them…Please, need some help!! Desperately, a Kapoor family fan!! From Prithviraj to Ranbir, all!!!

  7. Oooooo gossip! Do tell. I feel like kicking myself for not reading all the Stardust/Filmfares that we used to get in my childhood (I’d just glance at the glossy pictures and move on to fiction and articles in other magazines!). But that was the 80s, and there wasnt too much Shashi then, so I guess my lack of interest was quite justified! ;-)

  8. omg omg lol im just thrown by the image!

    he is so cute i’d hug him, but wouldnt because he is in need of a shirt :D

  9. VAY! And he’s next to a pool. I love pools, I love Shashi. I can’t tell if that’s beer or wine, you know how Bollywood does glasses “wrong” accordning to American booze glasses standards. I’ve see whiskey swilled from wine glasses in many of these films. So if that’s indeed wine, then it’s 3 for 3! Shashi, a pool, and some wine. I hope that Bryanshu will find this image you’ve been kind enough to post. :)

  10. OMG My eyes just fell out of my head, and a flood of drool just escaped my mouth! He looks smokin!!!

  11. Sitaji: sorry to wrong you, at least on this one…No that is Not a wine glass. That is one of the standard Beer glasses here in Spain (and other places in Europe as well). If you notice, no wine would be served in a glass with such large capacity and the stem is also very short.

    Beer here is served either in these or in the straight tall & narrow glass, rather like those for coke.
    So in this case at least, Bollywood’s glass is just right!

  12. Ahahaha!

    Oooh, Shashi dear. He’s so… soft. I love him.

    This is also a good antidote to the post-2000 topless Shashi pic Beth just sent me earlier today (YES, BETH, I have announced it to the world!!).

  13. I don’t know why, but I’ve to giggle.
    But good to see that hte six pack craze had not picked up yet.

    But somehow his expression looks as if he is going to burp soon.
    Shashi! *sigh*

  14. More Scans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. bollyviewer: There is lots of gossip about Shashi. He was a busy man back then. What I find absolutely hilarious is that there is not ONE WORD about the Big B, since he and the press were boycotting each other back then. Occasional references to him are made, without naming him, but considering what a huge star he was in the late 70s it’s amazing how complete the blackout on him is.

    shweta: Yes, I’d hug him if he’d put a shirt on :)

    Ramneek: They really do!!!

    sitaji: That is definitely a beer bottle, I’ve had my fair share of giant beers in India :)

    Rum: LOL

    bawa: Plus, wine in India is really awful for the most part!

    ppcc: Why did she not send it to ME? I hope you are sharing!

    harvey: I hate six packs, much prefer the squishy tummy!

    harvey: LOL to you too!

  16. there I have to agree with you totally, memsaab!: says she, sipping a fine rioja crianza….

  17. Luckily Indian beer is DEEElicious (and served in giant bottles!)—there’s nothing more satisfying after a long hot dusty day spent on the back of a camel.


  18. that is true; unfortunately, or fortunately, beer is one drink that I have never managed to like, despite years spent in India, student London, Spain…
    lime-soda for me:))

  19. Thanks bawa and memsaab for clarifying about the glasses. I just remember in the video Pyaar Zindigi Hai, Amitabh seems to be drinking from a wine glass, and he’s drunk, but so suddenly, but then later on in the song it show Johnnie Walker I believe being poured into this wine glass.

    I was thinking, “Dude, wrong glass!” :)

    I suppose this wishing that was a wine bottle says more about the large amout of wine I like to put in a glass. And bawa, I too, unfortunately, or fortunately have never aquired a taste for beer.

  20. Agreed about Shashi Kapoor. Ever since I saw him in The Householder, I’ve been hooked on him. Post-Punk Cinema Club’s comments sentiments are mine as well — dear and soft. I’d love to see him in a contest against Irfan Khan to see who could best communicate soft-spoken sexiness. Who would win? WHO WOULD WIN?

  21. bawa and sitaji: I love beer, and wine too :) Don’t drink much else (no Johnny Walker or Vat 69 for meeee!) and I have no problem with pouring wine into a beer glass or vice versa. Whatever vessel it appears in, I am happy to drink it!

    Beth: Did I get ppcc in trouble? :)

    Brahmanadam: Hmm. If it were real-time I’m afraid Shashi would lose at this point, but if we compared them at the same age I’d pick the Shash for sure!

  22. PPCC got PPCC’s self in trouble. That’s what happens when you let a whole club of people run things.

    Brahmanadam raises a very interesting point. I’d have to go for Shashi even if just for the magic of The Voice (TM) alone, but that’s a really good bracket to consider.

  23. Brahmanadam, I’d have a long distance romance with Shashi, helping him with the grieveng over Jennifer, it’s all so fresh and he needs a friend first, thought those eyelashes are spectacular! Irfan would be my fiance, so mostly we’re getting together planning the wedding functions. Ranjeet, my undercover lover!

    memsaab, do tell more of the boycott of Amit-ji? Was it simply a part of the whole 70’s emergency era?

  24. LOL, it is anarchy over there.

    Shashi wins unless it’s Now Irrfan and Now Shashi pitted against each other.

  25. sitaji: How many times do I have to tell you to back off Ranjeet? He’s mine.

    I don’t know all the details, just that he decided not to speak to the press so they stopped writing about him in retaliation. It went on for some time. I’m sure some of my readers can fill in more detail though :)

  26. About Amitabh and no press… he stopped speaking to the press over some flimsy excuse… but it was really something about a plan to take over the world and to stop the press writing about his affaire of the heart with Rekha. With his megalomania and machavellian ways, I believe both! Ha!

    I shall ask someone who was in the know and report back!!!!! Pronto!

  27. Are we bidding on Irrfan too? Shirtless or with shirt?

    I do find Irrfan quite delicious despite bulgy eyes. Something about his gaze at the camera. He gives good gaze!

  28. memsaab & Another Kiran in NYC, Thanks for the boycott information and I’ll check back to see what else is revealed. OK, memsaab, I’ll back off Ranjeet, really we’re just dear friends anyway, really that’s all. Shashi, could you pass me that beer?

  29. AKNYC: Ooh, do come back and fill us in if you get details. I am fascinated by the whole AB-Rekha thing, I don’t know why. I mean, it’s kind of sordid, and absolutely none of my business and I’m not usually that interested in gossip (my vintage Stardusts notwithstanding). There’s just something about that story…

    And Irrfan is quite delicious, I agree—but late 70s Shashi rules over everything (except Ranjeet, and Shammi) (and Colin Firth) (and possibly Dharmendra)…

    sitaji: I haven’t forgotten the hotel room incident :-)

  30. Memsaab, did you have to remind me about Mr. Darcy?
    Now look what you have done!!! I have to wipe drool off the keyboard.

    Yeah the AmitabhRekha thing was sordid. I like that word Sordid… so forbidden and nasty and naughty!!! But then I like sordid.

  31. Oh, Mr. Darcy should never be counted out.

    Sordid indeed has its place :) I read a thing about Rekha once called “Eurekha!” (Subhash Jha? I don’t remember who wrote it, some filmi journalist) which went into great detail over the Amitabh-Rekha romance. I can’t remember where I found it though and haven’t been able to locate it again. Like many things in my daily life!

  32. memsaab,

    The Amitabh/Rekha is sordid for sure. You may like this post Karen did about Rekha. She sounds super high maintenance:

    Also in Motiba’s Tattoos, which I did a little post on, Mira Kamdar talks a bit about it and Rekha’s affair with her very own cousin, not Amitabh, but still:

  33. No, no, no, no. This is getting out of hand. We’re forgetting our priorities, people.

    I believe the hotness scale is as follows:

    70s Shashi Kapoor > 60s Shashi Kapoor > 80s Shashi Kapoor > Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy > Colin Firth as anyone else > Irrfan Khan in a black sherwani > Irrfan Khan not in a black sherwani > 1940s Raj Kapoor non-emo > Ranvir Shorey crying in a mustache > Ranvir Shorey just crying > the PPCC > Ranjeet > the PPCC AND Ranjeet > Jugal Hansraj in Aaja Nachle > Anil Kapoor when he has that poofy hair and the curled mustache and keeps his shirt on > Anil Kapoor in the fishnet undershirt from Tashan (YES, I RLY THINK SO) >….

    Bas bas bas. I have to get back to work. Anyway, let’s keep our top priorities straight.

    And to Beth – I regret nothing! Mwahaha!

  34. I’m with you until > 80s Shashi Kapoor, then you’ve lost me.


  35. sitaji: Rekha has gone through a lot of men in my vintage Stardust magazines. Poor thing. She just wants to be loved!

  36. PPCC, I love your list! :-D But surely you arent that far down in the pecking order, yourself?!!

  37. Early 80s Shashi, let’s be specific.

    Sitaji, do NOT make me drive up to MN and take Shashi away from you! I’ve already got my hands full with my long-distance duel with PPCC.

    AnotherKiran, I LOVE that you described Amitabh as megalomaniacal and machiavellian – you’ve put your finger squarely on things in his persona that I do not like but have never been able to put into words! I shall always do so henceforth (giving you proper credit, of course). If only there were an M word for “patriarchal dinosaur.”

  38. How about moss-covered, Beth?

  39. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

  40. memsaab, this post has poened a can of worms! So must lust! Beth-ji! Nahin! I sent that on to theBollywoodFan-ji, though I’m not sure he’s received it yet. Shashi was HOT in ‘Shankar Dada’ don’t take that away from me! It was in Shankar Dada that I focused on Shashi’e eyelashes. His dual role there really brought out his eyelashes for some reason. I will provide you with this photo at this link to show his more angelic/subtle hot side:
    His photo on Memsaab’s post here gets hotter with each trip back, make no mistake. For me it was “Sindoor” (1987) when I first questioned my feelings for Shashi, but only for ek moment! And ditto to that megalomaniacal and machiavellian description. LOL.

  41. ZOMG get to the BACK OF THE LINE SITAJI!

    Hee. :)

    The sad thing is, I’m not even the front of the gori blogger Shashi train – I know at least Kaddele of Paint It Pink was on ahead of me.

  42. I personally think he is (hmmmmm) delicious…. The first movie of his I watched was Kalyug.

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