Parasmani (1963) Part 2

Our brave sibling trio Paras, Roopa and Tipu have entered the cracktastic lair of Mayanagari, a sorceress who owns the magic stone called Parasmani, which can restore the dead to life. Paras has promised to bring it back to his King so that he can marry the Rajkumari.

Mayanagari is smitten by our handsome hero, but throws him in the dungeon when he insults her. She is really displeased when Roopa shows up looking for him too!


In the dungeon (which is really pretty comfy) Roopa is awakened when a claw-like hand menaces her, and she shouts for her brother. Mayanagari, her jealousy appeased, sends refreshments with her hand-maidens—one of whom is strangely familiar (and masculine).


The sorceress asks Roopa to help her win Paras’ love and Roopa pretends to agree. Paras woos Mayanagari and she is easily convinced—after all, she’s been waiting for her Prince for quite a long time.


She confesses to Paras that she is really very old, but that the Parasmani keeps her looking young.


Time for a fabulous song and dance to celebrate Mayanagari’s new-found bliss.


She conjures up a magic flying zigzag-shaped sled, and they set off to see the Parasmani—but not before Tipu manages to slip a fake one to Roopa.


The Parasmani sits on a high ledge behind what looks suspiciously like a spider-web. Paras climbs up to get it, but of course it’s not that easy!


I have to admit that there’s nothing more guaranteed to creep me out than a giant insect. With Roopa’s help (she throws Paras a dagger) he’s able to fight off the big bug and grabs the magic gem.


Mayanagari now shows them her true age—dried-apple Granny.


But like so many women (and some men) before her, she has put her trust in the wrong guy. Well, to be honest, it’s Roopa who says “Let her die!”

Outside, the disembodied head has its body back. The Senapati is there too, waiting for his chance to snatch the Parasmani. He still wants to put his lost son on the King’s throne (although he has to find him first).


When Paras, Roopa and Tipu emerge on the flying zigzag sled thingie, he attacks! Tipu is left behind as the sled takes off with Paras fighting for his life against the army chief—his own father, if they only knew.


Will the Senapati succeed in killing his own son? Will Roopa kick some more ass? Will Paras and the Rajkumari ever get married? Where is the fake Parasmani which Tipu had given Roopa?

Watch this Babubhai Mistry classic to find out!

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23 Comments to “Parasmani (1963) Part 2”

  1. I had to run and check to make sure I own this one. Yay, I do! I’m so moving it up in the stack. Babubhai Mistry is the king.

  2. You can kind of fast-forward through a lot of the stuff in the first half. It gets a little tedious. But the quest for the Parasmani really makes up for it! Enjoy :-)

  3. Aww. Those dried-apple Grannies looks so sweet (I don’t mean literally).

  4. …and I really love the way that giant spider has two (of each) arms and legs, and four somewhat-less-convincing appendages sticking out the side. I’m so glad CGI hadn’t arrived in the 60’s!

  5. I think they re-used that spider in Char Dervesh.

  6. I enjoyed reading this so much, thank you for the review.

  7. Yesterday I watched all the songs from parasmani on you tube and hummed it the whole day long and continuing today.

  8. Now I found it, it is Suvarna Sundari.
    If I remember right, there is a magic flute and lots of other magical things
    including a sex change!
    And great songs as well.

    I watched it on Doordarshan as I was 11 or 12 and I often used to have terrible headaches during this time. And although I’d a splitting headache, which made watching TV nearly impossible, I enjoyed the movie.

  9. wacky wacky wacky…, surprised to see Aruna Irani that early in films; she was always very beautiful.

  10. great read.
    First movie by LP as music director(I think so..)
    hansta hua noorani chehra.. kali zulfe rang sunehra…………..


  11. FiLMiNDiA: I think by the time they look like Grannies, the apples aren’t that sweet any more! :)

    dustedoff: Despite not really being very realistic the spider was pretty creepy. Ewww-inducing, even.

    Todd: Good for them! and good for me, since I just received Char Dervesh the other day!

    Eliza: You are welcome, thank you for enjoying it!

    harvey: The songs are great—I’ll look for Suvarna Sundari! Thanks :)

    bawa: I know, she was very young! and lovely!

    rudresh: Could be, I was wondering if there was any earlier LP…beautiful beautiful songs.

  12. Found your website while looking for some old film story lines. Parasmani has the awesomest songs.

    BTW, where do you find these DVDs? Do you buy them or rent them? If you rent them, where do you rent ’em from? I am looking to rent hindi movies but, the local indian stores carry only new movies and that too, only copies of them, not the original print. We cant watch that kind of print.

  13. Hi Amri :) I mostly get them from and occasionally from sellers on eBay. You can also rent them from Netflix if you live in the US…if you live outside the US I am not sure where the best places to rent would be.

  14. So the second part is in color? Or is it just the “magic” part thats colored? Hmm… this sounds so much like one of those serials from my favorite kid magazine – Chandamama – that I think I’ll watch it for the nostalgia value alone! I just wish it had Dara Singh instead of Mahipal in it, though.

  15. The whole second half is in color. Finances must have improved along the way! The nice thing about Mahipal is that he needs rescuing by girls a lot, which is fun to watch. Dara might not, on the other hand.


  16. The review was really good to read. I had not watched the film or even heard about the film before I read this review.

    Bollywood News

  17. My bad, I should have mentioned. Yes, I live in the US. Most of the movies you have listed in your site are my treasures for songs. I always wondered what the story line would have been for those, or behind those songs. Not that Indian movies are so complicated in story lines but still there is that enigma about them. I had planned to open a spoilers site for a while, which would outline the entire story with the ending for these really really old movies. Never got to it.

  18. It’s so funny because when I first started watching Hindi films I was often tempted to fast forward through the songs (except for the occasional really catchy one). But now I am so in love with old Hindi film music…I hardly listen to anything else anymore. And my biggest regret about not speaking Hindi is that I miss so much of what is going on when the songs aren’t subtitled.

    Try Netflix—they even deliver, and never a late fee :-) I should be charging them and Nehaflix for advertising!

  19. I LOOOOOOOOve this movie…..romancing the stone indian ishtyle…

  20. It was the first released movie with Laxmikant Pyarelal as independent music directors. Their music elevated this movie to a cult status.

    The songs of this movie are all gems. ironically, the song which Laxmikant Pyarelal regarded as the poorest of the lot- viz “hansta hua nooraani chehra” became the most popular song of this movie.

    Other songs, mostly sung by Rafi and Lata are tremendous songs. For instance, Rafi’s ‘Roshan tumhi se duniya” has to be one of the best songs he sang in his career. Same must be said about “kahin pyaar na ho jaaye” sung by Lata.

  21. My mom is a major music lover. Old Hindi songs formed a big part of my childhood, even though I myself am not an Indian and was born some 20 odd years ago. Wo jab yaad aaye reminds me of lazy afternoons. Hasta hua noorani chehra, Chori chori jo tumse mile, Roshan tumhise duniya and Ui ma ui ma ye kya ho gaya, I heard much later. Lovely melodies!

  22. I am confused between Parasmani 1963 movie given by Youtube and detailed by Wikipedia very much like Sholay 1975. But contains details of a Parasmani movie which has Emperor, Princess, Prince,Gigantic Spider etc., I would like to watch / download the movie mentioned in above. Can you / anybody give me the link pls? Preferably by e-mail to me:
    Prof.Dr.K.Loga muthu krishnan, MBBS.,MS(Gen).,FRCS(Edin).,MCh(Neuro).,PhD(Neuro).,FRSM(London).,
    Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon,

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