Sharmila eyes

By semi-popular demand, as a follow-up to my last post: my *she’s got Sharmila eyes* effort.


(Sorry for the bad computer photo but Gemma can’t take pictures—it’s that old opposable thumbs issue again.)

And speaking of Gemma: she has natural eyeliner, although it’s more of a smoky kajal look.


All right, back to movie reviews.

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33 Comments to “Sharmila eyes”

  1. Make the upper line a little bit thicker and bit arched, Memsaab? Then you will look better than Sharmila :D

    And I want Gemma eyes!!! She is SO beautiful!

  2. Ha ha, I will never look better than Sharmila. I will also probably not do this again unless it’s for Halloween or something!

  3. hey very good indeed!!! a side-job as eye-liner specialist in bollywood?

  4. Awww, Memsaab, you so preeettteeeeee. And Gemma is so cute too – who needs opposable thumbs anyway?!

  5. More Helen eyes in that picture I think… not a bad thing, really.
    PC x

  6. Man i always try to do my eyes like her but it just never comes out right! You need a really steady hand for stuff like that.

  7. bawa: Oooh! If I get laid off perhaps I will pursue that sideline! :-)

    ppcc: You are nice :-) Gemma doesn’t need them, although it would be useful for ME sometimes if she had them. But I am her ever-willing slave.

  8. OMG the eyeliner is totally Sharmila!!!! u got lovely eyes, I agree w/ the PPCC totallyy.

  9. Pretty eyes!

    Can I request the famous bouffant hairstyle of Sharmila’s now? :D

  10. PC: Helen eyes!!!! That is truly an honor :-)

    Karen: Yes, but I’ve been applying eyeliner since I was twelve. A long, LONG time…

    shweta: You are also nice!

    Solilo: I’m not very good with hair, my own has always been quite unruly. I did have a friend who was excellent at making “spare hair” concoctions! and that was always fun :-)

  11. great attempt memsaab, atleast you don’t do it crazy style like me with the Saira Banu humungo arches upto the eyebrow end! Occasionaly i try the toned down Sadhana kind where the arch is a little lower and less thick but i always go back to the massive kind! but i loooooove Gemma’s kaajal eyes, she’s got it going on!

  12. Mine are usually more like Gemma’s, I must say. The heavy black eyeliner is great when you are young but at some point you have to tone it down a bit (unless you are Elizabeth Taylor :-)

  13. Oye oye Memsaab ekdum La Tagore :-)

  14. great job!! i vote for the hairstyle idea too! also, you could put a “bindi” on :-D

  15. Suhan: :-D

    Ranya: Ooh, and I have lots of bindis (although mine are much more glam than the one Sharmila’s got on)!

  16. Oh definitely… folks, compare Memsaab’s eyes here to Helen’s in the header.
    PC x

  17. I think I love you, PC ;-)

  18. Good article on Sharmila Memsaab. She paired her eyes with Super Star Rajesh khanna about 11 movies.

    1) Aradhana – 1969
    2) Safar – 1970
    3) Chhoti Bahu – 1971
    4) Amar Prem – 1971
    5) Badnam Fariste – 1971
    6) Maalik – 1972
    7) Aavishkar – 1973
    8) Daag – 1973
    9) Raja Rani – 1973
    10) Tyaag – 1976
    11) Naseeb – Herself appearing along with Super Star Rajesh Khanna.

    They greatest pair of bollywood.

  19. Talk about a steady hand with the eyeliner!


  20. ooh, did you do that with liquid eyeliner? I feel inspired. I usually end up piling it on too thick though :( it’s almost irresistible.

    And Gemma’s clearly a beauty for the ages. awww!

  21. That’s cheating really. Because you also have Sharmila eyebrows. Not like mine which are 2 lines going down like Vinod Khanna. :-(

    And Gemma has such beautiful beautiful eyes.


  22. V. Manohar: My New Year’s wish for you is that you get to meet the Superstar himself in person :)

    Kiran: Yes, lots of practice!

    Amrita: Gemma is a beauty, I’m happy to agree! Re: piling it on too thick…is that even possible?

    Banno: I don’t believe you re: the eyebrows. Anyway, anyone can have Sharmila brows if they’re willing to pluck out their natural hair and draw new ones on with a marker! Ha ha.

  23. Oh, very pretty, both of you :-). Though I do think Gemma replicates Sharmila’s wide-eyed look better than you do! ;-)

  24. Yes, that is def. true! My eyes are not nearly as round as theirs :-) Wonder what Gemma would look like with eyeliner out to her ears?….No, I can’t do that. The SPCA would come after me, and rightly so…

  25. I don’t like you, you trashed Woh Kaun Thi, the movie that scared me out of my wits as a kid.

    I think I will totally like you, you review movies and like someone said, can do a Helen even if you think it is Sharmila : )

    Wait, let me make up my mind. After watching Apradh, which is on the telly today : )

  26. Oh my! Please do let me know once you’ve seen Apradh (which, by the way, if you don’t like, then I won’t like YOU) :-)

  27. Vah, vah! You look beautyful! And wow, you really do have the whole liquid liner art downpat.;)

  28. Thanks Nida :) Look forward to a girly makeup session with you one of these days!

  29. Thanks memsaab. I look forward for 2009 many more articles on our Super Star Rajesh Khanna. And I wish you all the best memsaab once again on your contributions.

  30. Awesome liner. Now you are all ready to star with “super-star” Rajesh Khanna! :-)

  31. Lovely eyes! I agree that liquid liner is best for these filmi looks. It must be ultra waterproof, no? Has to withstand the obligatory tearful scene and possibly a dance or two in the rain.

    Cute nose ring!

  32. I’ve never been able to find a liner that was waterproof enough to withstand what it does in Hindi movies! Definitely there it is strong enough to withstand a nuclear explosion!

    :-) I love my nose ring too…

  33. If I tried, I’d no doubt blind myself. I’m so impressed!

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