If I’d been Indian instead of me, I would most probably have had Shashi staring down at me from my bedroom wall instead of David Cassidy. 

(Too much information?)


And I love, love, love Sharmila’s eyeliner in this picture (although the Sharpie eyebrows are just So Wrong).


Edited to add: By request, for all those deprived of David and the Partridge Family in life thus far, I present my first love:


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35 Comments to “Pinups”

  1. Lol about Shashi replacing David Cassidy!

    Love Sharmila’s eyeliner, too!;) That’s all a liquid liner pen and a steady hand! But eek–I had eyebrows like that when I was 14! ha ha

  2. I was inspired to do my eyeliner like this the other night—it was pretty cool! I hate the pens though, I only use thin brushes…My hand is as steady as it gets, I’ve been using liquid eyeliner since I was twelve ;-) Which is about the same time these photos were taken! Aaaaaarghhhh! (but hence the love for David Cassidy)…

    I love Shashi’s come-hither gaze too.

  3. So what am I so afraid of???

  4. Oh! It’s one of my favorite Partridge Family songs! :D


  5. i love david cassidy, shashi and eyebrows! that is one of the cutest pics of shashi ever, though i don’t mind his eyebrows! and thankfully sharmila’s eyebrows dont suffer from “overcoloured eyebrow” syndrome like mumtaz in the dara movies!

  6. Okay, now I’m rockin’ out to the Partridge Family courtesy of iTunes and a gift card which is my bonus this year :-)

    I had some PF CDs which were “borrowed” and never returned and there has been a sad empty gap between Parliament and Pearl Jam on my CD shelves (and a bigger hole in my heart *sniff*).

    And Rum, you are right that at least it wasn’t a BLACK Sharpie that Sharmila used :-D

  7. Oh Shashi woof woof. But is that kajal in his eyes I spy or just thickly forested lashes :-)?

  8. OMG Shashi is looking incredible. And Sharmila is looking great too but what’s with her make-up? It almost looks like a burnt face! I was just watching an old episode of Koffee with Karan where KJo mentions how Saif’s eyes were initially thought to be like Sharmila’s! A big NAHIIIIIIN to that. Just look at her incredibly lovely eyes – Saif is great (as he himself admits quite freely) but has inherited neither those eyes nor that eyeliner.

    And I want to see your liner, too!

  9. To folkls rest of the world (ie not from North America), how about posting a picture of David Cassidy too?

    I know I know – u and other readers must be rolling your eyes upwards with an expression ” jeez this person does not know who David Cassidy is”

  10. Shashi…David Cassidy…this sounds like a job for video editing equipment!

  11. bollyviewer: Saif does look a lot like her, but he resembles his dad too. Got his eyes, I guess :-) And if I do the eyeliner again I’ll try and get a photo.

    Anonymous: Done! Had so much fun looking at photos of him again :-) I’ve put one up on the post.

    Keith: Hmmmm…all kinds of possibilities do come to mind! Go for it!

  12. Sigh…I’d love to wake up to a poster of Shashi. He has such lovely eyelashes. In light of that, check out my wallpaper:

    Alas, I had no posters, just a stenciled vine on my wall :)

  13. Okay now I have to put up a picture of my eyeliner!!! That should frighten everyone into only using pencil liner.

    But yes, I have much love for liquid eyeliner with a thin artist brush (art supply type).

    So this is the David Cassidy person! Aiyooooo. He is cuteness personified!

    Only the girls who had family in “phoren” to send them teen magazines knew who he was. I would nod and just pretend I knew who they were talking about, all the while my attention was really focussed on plucking my eyebrows into Sharmila style sharpie defined neatness.

    Put a Dupatta on saifs head and he looks like mama!

    Shashi was loverly! Too bad he got errrrrr fat. I hear he is still very charming.

    I am so jealous. I want those 70’s magazines. For gods sake, I frist learnt to read while flipping through those things!

  14. On a totally different note;

    Two Americans currently living in Delhi get their poster painting done – Bollywood Style!

  15. I’m sure this look would be beautiful on you–you should try and post a pic! I can’t pull it off, my eyes are too big. I’d look scary!

    You’ve been using liquid eyeliner since you were 12? Ahh, Memsaab, I knew we’d get along grrreat!!:)

  16. You just brought back memories of my college days, when there was one person who swore by Shashi. It was Shashi this and Shashi that, and she would sing every Shashi song, and her room was plastered with pics of Shashi. No, that person wasn’t me, but it could have been!

    I was also thinking of all the time I would spend in front of the mirror, carefully doing my eyes to look like Sharmila. In fact, she started a new trend in hairstyles, with those long curly locks instead of bangs, hanging near the ears! Every girl wanted her hair to look like Sharmila’s. Those were indeed the days!

    And my husband tried to look like David Cassidy. I am not joking!

  17. Thanks Memsaab for posting a picture of David Cassidy. You have good taste – first love – dishy guy!

  18. Those are three people with crazy amazing hair! I’d have a foursome of hair.

  19. Shashi looks delectable. I remember being so so sad when I realized as a kid that he was married. I had just seen ‘Sharmilee’ and was convinced that he should be married to Raakhee, who was as pretty as him.

    How I love that eyeliner. It just looks awful on me, though. I’m always trying to do up my eyes, and looking a fright. Maybe some day you can teach me. :-)

    David Cassidy is totally worthy of being someone’s first love. Specially, if he can sing too. He does look a bit of a bad boy though, doesn’t he? Not the sort you could hope to take home to Mama.

  20. I agree that Saif does look a lot like his mom – especially so in his early movies (like Yeh Dillagi – a tad too much like Sharmila for my taste! I adore her looks, but on a man? Uh, well…). Soha is also, head on, enough like her to be pretty, but turn her so you can see her profile, and that Pataudi nose kinda spoils the look. ;-)

  21. Greta: you (and the all the people who visit this blog), may like to watch this tranquil interview with Mme Noor Jehan and her description of modern film music in India & Pakistan. This is from the 90s.
    I recommend watching all of it, but in this second part, pay attention to her answers at
    5:00 and 6:35

  22. LOL.Sharmila is looking gorgeous.

  23. And as you have been visiting Old is Gold blog’s Pran & Noor Jehan’s photo from Khandan: here is what she says about that:

    at 6:22.

    The entire 3-part interview is worth watching.

  24. Aimee: I would have Shammi up on my wall now…but I suspect that in 1973 he would have seemed too old for me. Alas, I will never know. But I did have David.

    Kiran: I lived in Rhodesia at the time and knew who he was since the BBC Top of the Pops would play on the radio there. One of the few things that made me happy about moving to the US was that I would get to watch the Partridge Family TV show—but then it was cancelled! Sigh. And I think Shashi is still v. handsome even if fat. And I am SURE he is still charming :-)

    Siddharth: Awesome link, I am so very jealous. I will need to visit this guy next time I am in Delhi. In fact, I may need to come all the way to Delhi specifically to see him and have a poster made!

    Nida: My mom didn’t want me wearing makeup, so I made my own eyeshadow out of talcum powder and watercolor paints (bright blue, natch, since it was 1973). When she found this out she was horrified—i.e. worried that I would go blind—so she finally let me start buying makeup. (I also convinced her to let me get my ears pierced by telling her that she would look a lot more feminine if she got hers done too—it was a last desperate effort, but it worked! We got our ears pierced together the very next day!). It’s tough being a girly girl when your mom is a very down-to-earth determinedly plain Jane.

    Lalitha: LOL at you being Sharmila and your husband being David. You were meant for each other!

    Anonymous: He was dreamy :-) Still kind of is, actually!

    Amrita: Yes, the hair. My god, the hair.

    Banno: I agree, Raakhee is the only woman as pretty as he is. And we will have a girly night with makeup, hair and sarees. I can’t wait!!! And DC was/is a very good singer. He performs in Vegas now I think, as well as occasional stints on Broadway.

    dustedoff: I haven’t seen Saif dressed as a woman, wonder if it would translate well? Shashi and Shammi certainly looked very bad as women, although they were very pretty men. Agree re: Soha too.

    Bawa: Lovely! She is just lovely, thanks for the links :-)

    Sanket: Yes she is!

    *whew!* thank you all for your comments :-D

  25. is it just me, or does David look more female in that picture than Sharmila?

    Love the liner, and yes, liquid liner is my favourite as well….but i HATE the 2-braid-with-sari-look…my mother loved it and wore it quite often in the early 70s, I think :-)


  26. I always think of the two-braid look as being for little girls :-)

    David was not the most macho guy, but he was quite the lady-killler nonetheless. His father was the actor Jack Cassidy, and HE was v. handsome in his young days, in a John Barrymore kind of way.

  27. Danny Bonaduce on the other hand…
    PC x

  28. Hmm, I vaguely recall wishing that my mom would be more like Shirley Jones…

  29. PC: Danny is just scary now :(

    Richard: Oh yes, didn’t we all?

  30. Good look of sharmila from Amar Prem

  31. if you were an indian and had an indian mother like me she wouldn’t have allowed you to put up shashi’s poster up there or anywhere else for that matter!

  32. Maybe not, but I did lots of things she didn’t “allow” me to do :-)

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