Hot onscreen couples in 1973

From my antique Stardust Annual :-)








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  1. OMG those pictures of Shashi. Especially his picture with Mumtaz.


    Though I’m also digging his pic with Sharmila – “jinxed”?!

    SIIIIIIGH of celebrity crush worship.

  2. And HA – finally tore myself away from the Shashi pics. Shotgun/Sharmila “odd couple” – LOL.

  3. Yes, the Shashi-Mumtaz gorgeousness is beyond compare. “Sexy Star Pair” indeed! I love the captions :)

    I figure the Shotgun/Sharmila photo must be for Aa Gale Lag Jaa—can’t think of any other film where they might have been considered a pair at all?

  4. What great pics Memsaab, they all look so good :-) Sanjeev–tubby as always, Shatru–the hair (!), Shashi–great despite hair, RK–why oh why did they change his hair later :-)

  5. I think the Sanjeev-Jaya photo is so sweet. And I love the Rajesh-Sharmila photo too. Well, I love them all or they wouldn’t be here!

  6. Wow, those are some awesome photos! The Mumtaz-Rajesh and Shashi-Rakhee pics look the sweetest IMO… and LOL at the Shatru-Sharmila pair being the “odd couple”. Yeah, I’m guessing it’s for “Aa Gale Lag Jaa” as well, or perhaps “Shaitaan” which came out in 1974 and had Shotgun in a double role.

    And is it just me or do those gloves make Dev Anand’s hands look way too big for the rest of his body? :-D

  7. Ha ha :) Rakhee’s mittens don’t do her hands any favors either. But that’s winter wear for you! I do love his sweater/scarf combo (my eyes!)…

  8. The “Bobby Boppers”! Love, love, love it!

  9. Yikes! I didn’t even notice the scarf at first glance. Well, Dev was always the *cough* “fashion icon” *cough*! It sometimes makes me wonder how he really dressed in his B&W films. I dig the sweater though, makes him at least a little color-coordinated with Rakhee… and boy those are big mittens on her as well!

  10. What on earth is a “clicked couple?” Oh, Stardust, it’s nice to know you’ve always believed in one quality of journalism. I wonder how Shatru felt about being one half of the “odd couple”? Hee hee!

  11. Bobby Boppers is fun :) The captions are just too much. I don’t know whether Clicked refers to their chemistry or the amount of times they’ve been photographed! :-)

    And oh how I love (in retrospect, although I didn’t look too good myself throughout the decade) seventies styles. Yum, yum, yum.

  12. and I guess I’d rather be Odd than Jinxed, heh heh…

  13. those are all good…funny I don’t remember Shashi being that popular, it always seemed to to more RK, Dharmender that I seem to have heard about in childhood: jsut goes to show memory is not much of a thing- he seems to have been in an awful lot of films, or was a Stardust favourite!

  14. OMG!!! “Evergreen” Dev looking as Evergreen as ever…. Sharmila looks divine in that white, sparkly number but look at the hair on Shashi’s hands! Dang!

    Sanjeev! *squishes him* SO CUTE!

  15. LOVE! I wish Shashi were actually looking at Rakhee with affection rather than an air of prep school disdain. Dev looks FREAK (I think it’s his hair) but I love winter accessories, so pile ’em on. Memsaab darling, thaaaaank you for sharing this treasure!

  16. You are all welcome, much more good stuff coming along later too! (And Dev’s hair is still the same color, all these years later!)

  17. LOL, Only Memsaab would post an “end-of-the-year list” for thirty-five years ago! I love it!

  18. Ha ha, I hadn’t thought of it quite that way ajnabi, but you are right! Better late than never? And anyway I like most of these couples better than the ones from 2008 :-)

  19. What fun these old magazine shots are! I’d like to photoshop myself into a couple of those photos!

  20. I love the Rishi pic, all of my family thought Rishi and Dimple were going out but she married Rajesh sooo quickly, I like the Shatru-Sharmila pairing they were cute in a very odd couple way

  21. A total gem as vintage scans often are! I find it amusing that Shashi-Sharmila are called jinxed but look like they’re bursting with chemistry in that pic! Mumtaz-Rajesh picture is very aww-inducing.

  22. Memsaab

    Dharm – Hema, RK- Sharmila, RK- Mumtaaz and Shasi – Mumtaaz were indeed the popular filmi jodis in the 70s

    The Sanjeev- Jaya picture is from the film “Anamika” – it was a super hit movie with melodious songs by RD, good story as well as acting.

    I second your view that the flimi jodis in the 70s were much more hot and better than the ones in 2008!

    Thanks for sharing this treasure!

  23. What great pics Memsaab, specially our Super Star Rajesh Khanna he looks so good. He has paired with all great leading ladies like Sharmila, Mumtaz, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman etc.

  24. OMG! I am totally in love with the Dharam-Hema pic- I adore it! Totally stealing it- compelled to.

  25. Amazing photos – though I have to admit I haven’t figured out why Shashi and Sharmila would be jinxed – I don’t think Aa Gale Lag Jaa did badly, and Aamne Saamne was good… and why on earth are Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila the pair who missed? I thought they had more hits than misses. Whatever. The photos are a feast. :)

  26. Here’s Wishing you a very happy and prosperous ’09!!!!!

  27. Please accept my wishes for a wonderful year and a belated Merry Christmas :)

    I was away and am very happy to read all these wonderful posts, the rain song post was one I wish never ended :)

    And these photos!
    I love Hema Malini and she looks great :) Jaya looks wonderful too and Mumtaz is cuteness personified!

  28. Rum: I think the Rajesh-Dimple wedding took everyone by surprise :-)

    veracious: Yes, I like the Shashi-Sharmila pairing in general! And Mumu looks hot with everyone.

    Anon: I liked Anamika—and I think Jaya and Sanjeev were great together…

    V. Manohar: He does look v.v. handsome here!

    shweta: They look very happy together :-)

    dustedoff: More to come! I don’t think I liked Aamne Saamne, but I don’t remember why.

    rahul: Thanks! and the very same to you too!

    Eliza: I hope you are on vacation someplace fabulous :-) Happy New Year to you and yours.

  29. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics Memsaab…but where are Dharmendra and Rakhee??

  30. I know!!!! From the *most* romantic film ever made! Where?? We will never know.

  31. From the same year, I’m also fan of the Amitabh-Jaya jodi in Abhimaan but maybe they were not as hot as the others.

    Shashi wanted to join me to wish you a Happy New Year ^^

  32. Ha! Stardust called Amitabh and Jaya the “Just Accepted Couple”…not v. complimentary.

    And that Shashi greeting is HIGH-larious.

  33. Lovely, love the Shashi and Sharmila one!

  34. Happy New Year Karen! :-) Looking forward to lots of vintage B’wood in 2009!

  35. The first picture (Dharmendra-Hema) is the best. Now in the afternoon of their lives, when they need to look back, all they need to do is go watch their 1970s movies and these stills. They looked fabulous. And no doubt they were the number one screen couple of Bollywood those days.

  36. Yes, I still love to see them together, and they still look that happy!

  37. ooohhh…i love the one with rishi and dimple…so sweet! :)
    and dev anand reminds me more and more of johannes heesters (a german singer who is over 100 years old and still performing!!)
    happy new year!

  38. Hi anja :-) Luckily my Austrian brother-in-law is visiting and he and my sister cracked up when I told them about your comment :-) They do sound similar! Happy New Year to you!

  39. OMG these pics are suuuperrrr! Now I need to know which movie each one of these is from!!! I think the Dharam-Hema one is Raja Jaani – I remember Hema wearing a similar saree there. Wonder which movie the Rajesh-Sharmila one is from and what they missed? lol And Rakhee looks very very bored with Dev Anand! ;-)

  40. What about Rekha and Amitabh,in the 70’s!they were great in ‘Silsila’,and so many movies !

  41. Yes, but in 1973 they hadn’t really gotten started yet :)

  42. You’re right about that! Rekha and Amitabh starred in movies,in the late 70’s.’Silsila,was an ’81 movie!(I looked that up!)
    You’re so good about posting pictures,and keeping us entertained,on the web!Thanks!

  43. @ bollyviewer QUOTE [Wonder which movie the Rajesh-Sharmila one is from and what they missed?] END QUOTE

    Don’t know about the picture but what they missed were a couple of hits–both Maalik (released in mid 1972) and Raja Rani (January 1973) flopped.

  44. Loved Rajesh and Sharmila in Aradhana!

  45. I loved Dev-Mumtaz, they were great in Tere Mere Sapne….. but they just did one other movie (hare ram hare krishna). I guess that did not make them a bona-fide jodi….but then Shatru-Sharmila made it to the list!!

  46. I, my family and whole friends liked the pair and acting of Heme and BB in BAGWAN .It was really a mind blowing picture for the new gen. The acting seems to be very natural and appropriate. The song we liked most MAIN EHEAN TUM UHUAN JINDEGI PHIR KAHAN…………………………….
    We always wish to see it repteadely!!

  47. Hi! I am Preety from USA , native of India always watch indian hindi moovies with my family and friends. we cannot forget the test hindi moovis. we always like to watch the old moovies

  48. Dev Anand picture is kind of funny…

    …it looks like superimposed Dev head on someone else body?

  49. This is such a treat! I love lime-green Hema all by herself. And Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya. (I’ve seen enough cute Jaya in recent months to stop calling her dumpy Jaya. Still don’t like Jaya all that much.) As for RK, sigh, what I need is to get into my time machine and turn the dial back to 1973.

  50. I love all the couples…you just forgot to include Priya Rajvansh and Navin Nischol in Hanste Zakhm 1973. I like to confirm shooting of this film in various locatins. I think it is shot in Bandra, especially the Disco Scene….?

    here is another fascinating video found Led Zeppelin as tourists in Bandra, I believe…they are filming the Jama Masjid of Bombay in Bandra. I think I also see poster of Deva Anad? in Hare Rama H.K.? please watch the video and comment if you can on the vintage Bombay’73….

  51. Beauty hurts! Like too much candy.
    Sanjeev-Jaya on the sets of Anamika (logon na maaro ise?)
    Dev Anand-Raakhee (Banarasi Babu – mere peechche ik ladka in Kanchan’s voice?)
    RK-La Tagore on the sets of Tyaag?
    Shashi-Mumu on the sets of Chor Machaye Shor (le jaayenge)
    Shashi-La T on the sets of Aa Gale Lag Ja? My MIL cassette of AGLJ has Shatru-La T and she’s wearing the same sari.
    The stuff of which calendars used to be made of, once-upon-a-time.

  52. Rajesh khanna and Mumtaz screen cap is from “Dushman”
    and shashi-rakhee screen cap from “Jaanwar aur Insaan”?????????

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