Christmas candy

Another *Best Present Ever* awaited me on Christmas day: the 1973 Stardust Annual, and a copy of the June 1972 Stardust magazine. I have an awesome brother and sister-in-law: they indulge my obsession even though they privately think I am crazy. (This is actually true of all my friends and family.) Love them! 


Goodness everywhere, right from the get-go.


More to come as I get around to scanning things (but I have to finish reading first)!

Edited to add: I really loved this present too:


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9 Comments to “Christmas candy”

  1. thats a great present memsaab! Now you have to post the article on Raaj Kumar, i am soo fascinated with his eccentricities!

  2. ooh that sounds fabulous! cant wait for the scans!

  3. Ooooooooh!!! Can you please please please please tell me where and how they got them?

  4. oooooooo, your B & SIL are real gems!
    I remember this in a cousin’s house (we were strictly Filmfare and Screen ourselves), because of Jaya Bhaduri on the left one’s cover!!

    BTW, this is not really Bollywood or Hindi, but you must must must watch a film from 2006 called “The Fall”; I loved it, but even if you don’t, you will still have to admit it has some of the most luscious photography of India- ever! Director is Indian though.

  5. Rum: I will, I haven’t read it yet but he was certainly a pretty bizarre guy!

    shweta: They will be coming in stages for months, there’s so much great stuff in there…

    Devaki: I think they got them on eBay by spending a LOT of money (but can you put a price on joy like this?)

    bawa: They really are!!! I must admit that I would buy Filmfare or Cineblitz over Stardust these days, but the old ones are pretty fab. I haven’t heard of The Fall, will investigate :-)

  6. in fact it was decide so by my parents, for some reason, they considered Stardust and Star & Style to be more “vulgar” (i think!) whereas Filmfare and Screen passed the tasteful test!

    Yes, do check it out, I came across it by accident and it is really highly rated by most people who have watched it. Won’t say more as I think you should discover films for yourself, and I don’t want to give even the hint of a spoiler!
    A bit like the Irish film ONCE, also 2006-7 that is just so heart-warming and real…and some really lovely music. Another gem (this one has No Indian connection at all).

  7. I really look forward to reading Vijay Anand’s intreview.

  8. Hi memsaab, I discovered your blog quite recently and think its very entertaining. Can u pleasssssseeeee pppllleeeeasseeee post the article on Raaj Kumar. I have been completely besotted with Raaj Kumar after having seen Pakeezah. There seems to be a real scarcity of information him. I’ve scoured the net repeatedly trying to find out about him, and there’s nothing beyond a few basic oft-repeated facts. I would really appreciate it if u could put up teh article on him!


    • Yes, I can—have been meaning to do that for ages anyway. It’s not that informative, mostly just gossipy and gushing a la Stardust :) but I will track it down and scan it.

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