Christmas wishes


There appeared unto her
A host of heavenly farishte
And they spoke to her, saying:
“The meek shall inherit the earth
So you’d better change your attitude, missy!”

May no little spaniel bark at you, and may you all be blessed with lots of love and happiness this holiday season!

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27 Comments to “Christmas wishes”

  1. Gemma is seriously cute. Lots of love, happiness and peace to you too!

  2. Hey Memsaab…Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you too…
    Gemma is really cute

  3. Thank you Memsaab. And blessings for lots of love and happiness right back at you! :)

  4. Merry Christmas Memsaab and Gemma! Have a lovely holiday and stay close to the fireplace :)

  5. Happy holidays Greta and Gemma!

  6. Merry Christmas to Memsaab and Gemma baby

  7. Memsaab, Gemma–happy holidays :-)

  8. Thank you all! We are enjoying ourselves immensely :)

  9. Merry Merry and Happy Happy!

    May you always walk with the lightness of one who had drunk a cup of good feni!

  10. Merry Christmas! I left for the holidays one day too early to receive three Hindi movies from Netflix – Keemat, Apradh & Prem Kahani. I guess I’ll have to make do by reading your old reviews for now.

  11. Awww thanks, Kiran! I have already had some bubbly today and am feeling very festive indeed!

    turbanhead, do let me know what you think of the films when you see them!

    My wonderful brother has given me some early 70’s Stardust magazines for Christmas!!!! As soon as they arrive, I will be posting oodles of eye-candy scans :-) *am so excited*

  12. Gemma is so adorable! Happy holidays to you both and to all your near and dear.

    Like turbanhead, I missed out on my Christmas dvds (I was especially looking forward to ‘Blackmail’!), as my sister, who was to bring them home, had to cancel her visit at the last minute – and as I’m away from my family at the moment, I am sadder about not getting to spend Christmas with her than anything else. But in spite of everything, Christmas was still surprisingly enjoyable (or perhaps that’s just the wine talking)! Seriously, I had a good time, and am glad you and Gemma did as well.

  13. Oh DG, I do hope you get to see your sister *and* Blackmail soon (I can’t believe you are still waiting for that!!!!)…my parents couldn’t make it either because of weather, which was sad, but at least I had my sister and brother and their families (and Gemma of course, although she is less than pleased by having to share space with four other dogs).

    Merry Christmas and make sure you ring in the New Year in Garam Dharam style! :-)

  14. Merry Christmas to one and all

  15. Memsaab – Merry Christmas to one and all. I requested u publish an article on our Super star Rajesh Khanna during Birthday on 29-12-2008.

  16. Hey Memsaab, Merry Christmas to you & Gemma! :-)

  17. cara memsaab,
    Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo.

  18. y para Gemma tambien!

  19. Memsaab, Gemma and all, a very merry xmas and happy holidays! :)

    All of this brings lots of smiles.

  20. V Manohar, don’t fret, I will post something on our Rajesh for his birthday—never fear :-)

    Ranya: Thanks :) Happy New Year!

    harvey: Muchas gracias! and that pretty much covers all the Spanish I know! (Gemma knows even less ;-)

    Kanan: Thank you, and same to you too!

  21. Thanks memsaab

  22. Awww…Gemma’s looking such a doll. :-)

    I do hope both of you had a great Christmas, and here’s wishing you a wonderful 2009 as well!

  23. She is, isn’t she (I am admittedly biased though)…

    Looking forward to many more happy blogging hours for both of us in 2009! :-)

  24. Aww, she’s the cutest pup ever!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  25. When she’s not barking at me, she really is :) Same to you and yours, Nida!

  26. If that’s the little spaniel barking at me, I wouldn’t mind at all! What a little cutie she is! Have a great year ahead!

  27. It gets old very fast, Amrita :) She’s a persistent little cuss, I’ll give her that. And same to you for 2009!

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