Happy birthday Shammi Kapoor!

My beloved Shammi is 77 today! Many happy returns of the day, and wishing him good health and happiness for another year!

Edited to add: Suhan sent me this link to a nice interview with him. She also informs me that it’s Helen’s birthday too! So janam din mubarek ho to you too, Helen!

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21 Comments to “Happy birthday Shammi Kapoor!”

  1. Happy birthday Shammi saab! I saw Teesri Manzil this past weekend, and it was as advertised, Memsaab, thanks! :)

  2. I didn’t know it was his birthday today. But may he light up our lives for many, many more years.

  3. Happy Birthday Shammi-ji!

  4. Oh Helen too? No wonder those 2 are so amazing- must b something in the planets!

  5. And my birthday is on Friday! Can I coast along with the Shammi-Helen fabulousness???

  6. O wow! You almost share a b’day with Shammi. That is fab. The stars must have known you were about to come and started lining up – which is how Shammi and Helen just landed up being fab! ;-)

  7. Ha ha, they were both fab way before I came along, I’m happy (I guess) to say! But yes, have always enjoyed the birthday closeness with my idol ;-) Shah Rukh is a few days on the other side as well!

  8. Wowie zowie, Shammi and Helen on the same day?!?

    No one famous in Hindi films seems to be born near me. Clearly the calendar was left open on purpose ;)

  9. Hey!

    Sooooooooooo Sorry for the belated wish!

    BUt I MUST wish Shammi Kapoor ‘A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ with yahoo wishes for good health and happiness.

    May you remain as lovely as ever.

    Memsaab: your Birthday on 24th of Oct? Is that right. You a scorpion too? Me on Ist Nov. Hmmm…


  10. Beth: when would that be? I’ll bet someone from Hindi films was born near you! You just haven’t found him/her yet…

    gilga: Yes, the 24th (also United Nations Day!)…I am a Scorpion :-) I think SRK’s birthday is Nov 1st (or maybe the 2nd…Aishwarya’s is one of those days too, isn’t it?)…

  11. “I have a heart too, and I have some desires. I also wear lipstick with élan.”

    Happy B’day Shammi.

  12. And green eyeshadow! *Sigh* He can pull anything off.

  13. A very happy birthday to darling Shammi uncle! & Helen aunty too!!

    What a coincidence that only yesterday I was looking at some of his drool-worthy pics on Karen’s. :D

  14. Why didn’t anyone paid close attention to the great acting ability of this great Shammikapoor! in my opinion he has given some very fine expression and enough proof of his outstanding ability to act during his time. please review his expressions vis a vis dilip saab in a song in train in vidhaata.

  15. i wish to congratulate shammi kapoor with his birthday and hope for him my best wishes . i am from egypt doctor-engineer . shammi my childhood movie hero and grateful receiving any good news about him . i was born in egypt- ismailia 1954 23 of oct

    • Wishing Mr Shammi Kapoor a very Happy Birthday and many more.

      Mr Shammi Kapoor , we Hope and Pray that you get out of the wheel chair.

      X New Era-ite

  16. A very very happy birthday dearest Greta! Much love.

  17. Happy birthday dearest Greta! Hope you have a wonderful day. And in a case of reverse presents, you WILL start writing here again, won’t you? Miss it so. Much much love as ever!

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