Professor (1962)

This film is truly a Shammi showcase. He spends half of it disguised as an elderly professor, and very convincingly too, I might add. It’s one of his best films from an acting standpoint, and he is quite restrained throughout—although still irrepressibly irresistible and charming. Good performances from everyone else in the cast, lovely hit songs by Shankar Jaikishan and locations in beautiful Darjeeling are the juicy cherries on top of this bit of romantic fluff.

Pritam (Shammi Kapoor) has an advanced degree but is unable to find work. His mother (Protima Devi) is suffering from tuberculosis and he’s increasingly desperate to find a job. He applies for a tutoring position in Darjeeling, but discovers to his dismay that he has to be at least fifty years old in order to get the job.

When the doctor tells Pritam that his mother must be cared for in a sanatorium or she’ll die, he decides to take the job; he’ll pretend to be old. With his mother tucked away in a good hospital, he heads to Darjeeling. Walking from the train station to the school, he admires the beauty around him—especially when he spots a group of pretty girls dancing (“Hamare Gaon Koi Aayega”).

Pritam reaches his new employer’s home, only to be greeted by the sounds of Shammi’s “Yahoo” song from Junglee, and two young boys sliding down the staircase bannisters. Then two of the girls he had seen dancing come rushing in. They’ve spotted their aunt’s car approaching and everyone disappears from sight.

When Sita Devi (Lalita Pawar) arrives, Pritam introduces himself as Professor Khanna. She is quite scary: no wonder everyone vanished when word spread that she was coming. She is also suspicious of the “elderly” Professor’s youthful skin; Pritam makes up a story about studying yoga from the original Sanskrit teachings.

She’s impressed, but her nieces—now back in the room dressed much more demurely—are not. Sita Devi informs him that he will be responsible for tutoring her two young nephews as well as teaching the girls Sanskrit.

But first, he needs to learn Sanskrit himself!

Nina (Kalpana) and Rita (Parveen Choudhary) make several attempts to get rid of the Professor and the hated Sanskrit lessons by playing pranks, but he survives Sita Devi’s wrath each time.

Pritam goes into town to order a new reversible jacket made—with one side for his old man act, and the other for his time off when he can wander around sans disguise. Nina is there, although she doesn’t recognize Pritam, but he takes her dupatta by mistake as he leaves. When he finds it, he waits for her outside and they strike sparks off each other.

Sita Devi rules the house with an iron hand. If anyone is more than a second late, she is furious. Her attitude towards clothing, food, studying, everything, is very strict. Nina and Rita hate her, but the Professor suggests to them that she’s strict because she loves them, and points out that maybe she never got married because she was too busy raising them. They’re not buying it, though Nina seizes on another idea for getting the Professor fired.

This backfires badly, though, as Sita Devi is secretly quite flattered. Nobody’s ever admired her looks before! She pretends to call him onto the carpet, and he apologizes; but after he leaves she looks wistfully up at an old photograph of herself hanging on the wall. Young Lalita Pawar was really beautiful!

Pritam now is fed up with Nina’s attempts to get him fired, though. To get back at her, he decides to romance her as himself, meeting her in town at the tailor’s again. They sing the lively “Main Chali Main Chali” which is my favorite song (although they’re all great). It’s shot just beautifully and is full of fun.

This is followed in short order by another lovely, very romantic song, “Aye Gulbadan” and despite herself Nina starts to melt. How could she not?

These new feelings make her very uneasy, though, and she begins to cry. Pritam is surprised to find that he doesn’t like seeing her cry; his plan seems to have backfired on him too! He assures her that he’s not her enemy, but doesn’t tell her the truth about his identity.

Meanwhile, the four siblings—including Nina—warm up to the Professor when he sticks up for them in the face of Sita Devi’s wrath.

Sita Devi is incensed and fires him, but changes her mind. His honesty wins her trust and she asks him to represent Nina’s interests in a court case in Bombay—Sita Devi’s brother left his substantial property to his eldest daughter, but there’s a dispute. Pritam stops to see his mother—who is recovering nicely—on the way. Relieved that he’ll be able to stop his charade soon, he continues to Bombay.

In Bombay, he meets Sita Devi and Nina as himself when they arrive, telling them that he is the Professor’s nephew.

A crazy juggling act ensues, with Pritam romancing Nina as himself and continuing his Professor act for Nina and Sita Devi, who is now quite smitten with the Professor.

What will happen when they find out the truth? Even if Nina can forgive him, can the fiercely proud Sita Devi? Will she allow them to be together?

If you haven’t seen Professor, you really should. Shankar and Jaikishan won the Filmfare Award for best music, and Shammi was also nominated for the Best Actor award. He’s truly at his best here, and this movie is sixties fun at its finest.

Other good stuff:

Tun Tun as Phool Rani the housekeeper. How I love her faces!

A cameo by Iftekhar! So handsome…

Rashid Khan is Sita Devi’s diminutive chauffeur Hanuman Singh:

This was Kalpana’s debut film, and she didn’t make that many others. Does anyone know what happened to her? She’s quite beautiful (and I LOVE her eyeliner)…

…But not as beautiful as Shammi! *Sigh*

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  1. awwwwwwwww! Shammi in disguise is just wonderful, he always is soo cute in this movie. Him and Lalita Pawar make a good team in their movies like “Tumse Accha Kaun Hai” but here she’s sooo nice, and actually warms up. Kalpana’s eyeliner is lovely, i think she coulda dethroned Saira Banu in eyeliner coolness, she looks slightly like Lara Dutta above! Ohh Shammi, was Iftikar a police inspector here?

  2. No, Iftekhar was a portrait artist! :-) Shammi in disguise, Shammi out of disguise…he’s the best.

  3. I looooove this movie. Anyhow, Shammi is really cute here. Wish he’d ended up with Lalita Pawar, though! I remember a much later movie (the Sanjeev Kumar starrer Ladies Tailor I think) with a similar conflict where they solved the problem by bringing in a look-alike exactly the same age as the pretend old guy and the “old” lady gets her happily-ever-after too.

  4. Yes poor Lalita did get ripped off, especially since her heart of gold was finally freed from its corset. Shammi is TO DIE FOR here, not just cute!! ;-) *sigh sigh melt melt*

  5. One of my favourites. Was watching it again the other day. Ooh, Shammi!

  6. I so what to see this movie, it looks like one of Shammi best! Thanks for the post!

  7. sorry want instead of what

  8. Banno: Oooh Shammi indeed!!!!

    Stella_1: It’s great fun, and one of those that you can watch again and again!

  9. Yay! I love this movie!! I agree with Bollyviewer that I wish Shammi had ended up with Lalita Pawar – who is so sharp in this. They had great chemistry and she wasn’t *that* much older than him. ;P

    The soundtrack is really good – as are the picturizations. I have a few of the songs on my iPod.

  10. Well, Lalita did play his mother in a number of films :-P She was great in this, really showed the pain and uncertainty underneath the stern exterior…

  11. memsaab, i’m curious. what renowned singer used to attract deers?? :-D

  12. I have no idea (he didn’t say); although a quick Google search reveals that throat singing as they do in Tuva (central Asia) is said to attract deer. Did Tansen attract deer maybe?

  13. Yes, the “deer-attracting music” story is attributed to Tansen.

  14. Thanks Amit :) That makes me feel smaaaaaart, heh.

  15. I agree w/ u about Kalpana- I am going to try researching about her- she was absolutely adorable here, and suited Shammi. I think this is my fav lalita pawar role for sure- she is adorable- like her better here than in Shri 420, where she was pretty sweet as well.

  16. I read someplace (maybe Madhu Jain’s book The Kapoors) that she disliked Shammi for some reason (I think he was quite naughty sometimes) and refused to work with him again. Don’t know how true it is though! According to imdb, she only made 20 films and I’ve only seen two of her others, Bandini from 1963 and Teen Deviyan from 1965. I don’t really remember her in either of them (but I saw them ages ago).

    I am going to replicate that eyeliner though, next time I go out someplace fun!

    • Kalpana was sexy and gorgeous in “Teen Devian” especially in the song “Khwaab Ho Tum” and her dance right afterwards. In a 1977 film article, she explained why her career ended. She said that Shammi Kapoor wouldn’t work with her again after “Professor” saying that she was cranky. Producers shied away from her. (I posted all the referenced links here.) She died in 2012 with her daughter and son-in-law beside her.

  17. Yet another review that is a delight to read! Thank you

  18. Thank you Eliza! The film is a total delight to watch, too :)

  19. Thank you so much for reviewing this; I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Professor, and loved it! Absolutely one of my favourite movies – and Shammi Kapoor is so awesome in this. BTW, Kalpana was also there in the hilarious Pyaar Kiya Jaa, opposite Kishore Kumar.

  20. I love it too :-) And thanks for reminding me that Kalpana was in Pyar Kiye Jaa—I’d completely forgotten about that!

  21. hi
    plese some one tell me about, what happend to in professor 1961

  22. Kalpana did not act in many movies. She did ‘Teen Deviyan’ with Dev Anand and “Tessra kaun” with Feroze Khan. (both movies were made around 1966-67) Teen Deviayan had fabulous songs (S.D. Burman)- ‘Likha Hai Teri Ankon Mein Kiska Afsana’ and “Arre Yaar Meri, tum bhi ho gazab”. Tessra Kaun had music by R.D. Burman and had two lovely songs – ‘Pya ka Fasana bana de dil deewana” and ‘Achha Sanam karle sitam”….

    I once saw Kalpana in Delhi in around 1979-80, she had gained weight by then… but dont know much about what happened to her

  23. Professor remains one of my all time favorite movies. Reasons: wonderful songs; most romantic hero; and Kalpana, one of the most beutiful ladies of sixties. Does any body know whatever happened of her? She seems to have vanished completely. What was Kalpana’s full name; where was she from; who did she marry? What did anybody know of her last?

  24. this movie was great, but what happnd to kalpana, i want to know has she died coz on imdb it sats she died in 1970 but i think thats wrong

    anyway grrrreat movie

  25. For me, PROFESSOR (1962) is a dream movie. In my opinion, Shammi Kapoor has given his best performance here. He should have got the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor category. The direction is superb which explains the grip of the movie. The locales are picturesque. All the songs are melodious, my favourite being Rafi Sahaab’s AY GULBADAN. Hats off to Shankar-Jaikishan. Shammi Kapoor performance plays hide and seek between the romantic role of a young person and the seriousness of a mature person. His dialogue delivery: AAP MA..HAI to finally convince the shocked Lalita Pawar brought streaming tears to my eyes.

    A great movie of its time.

  26. This movie about “leaving behind the world” reminds me the reason I was born.

    from Trace Anderson
    D. O. B. 10/18/1962

  27. SHAMMI KAPOOR was most sought after star when some director wanted to introduce a new female heroine

    and so on

  28. A typical film from shammikapoor who gave us so many memorable films still
    fresh in our memory with his inimitable style wether comedy or serious.Songs
    to a great extent helped him in giving so many hits. professor is no exception.
    what is amazing those days were the fact that all songs were abv average and will
    stay with us for ever.people may get oscar but MADANMOHAN,S D BURMAN AND SJ
    would have got so many oscars each if there were an oppurtunity and the very fact
    that professor songs even after watching the film atleast four times were getting
    more attractive is a tribute to the quality of music of that era.I am grateful to you
    for your woderful review of these films.Honestly whenever I read your column
    Iam transported to those early days when millions of indians irrespective of which
    corner of the country they hail from were wathching all these hindi movies.We are
    fortunate to have been born in the same era of rafi,kishore,mannade etc. having had thorough exposure in carnatic classical,Ithink I am reasonably good judje of music
    and there is no replacement for those giants.
    j natarajan

  29. i just love kalpana(nina)

  30. Read somewhere that Kalpana committed suicide. Dont know if its true or not.

  31. Kalpana also acted in Biwi or Maakan with Biswajit, I did lot of digging to find her.
    I found that she was from the south, and she committed suicide. Needless to say I was very very upset for a few days. I hope it is wrong information’
    I was very young when I saw this movie with my childhood friend, we were
    in grade 7 and we had very very good times.
    My friend was so afraid that we may caught by our parents that we went to watch movie without telling them.
    Anyway it was beautiful movie and two girls were the best.
    with best regards

    • That is very sad indeed :( but sounds like it is true.

    • There was one Kalpana who acted in Kannada movies in ’60s and ’70s. By late ’70s she had grown demented and a loner. Finally she committed suicide in 1979. I am not sure whether this Kalpana is the same. Perhaps this was she in her younger years 20s. By her late 30s perhaps she had changed in her looks. One couldn’t really match her later looks with the looks like in this movie for instance. I have seen her star in the ‘70s’ Kannada movies and she appears to be completely different. Perhaps this is what dementia and loneliness can do to a person.

      • I’m quite sure this is not the same Kalpana.

        ‘Professor’ Kalpana married the film story writer Sachin Bhowmick. They were divorced later on.

        I was wondering if one could do some research on Sachin Bhowmick and find something about this Kalpana.

        She also acted in a film called Naughty Boy with Kishore Kumar, and a couple of others, one with Biswajeet and I think another with manoj Kumar.

        • imdb says that the Kalpana who committed suicide is the same one who was divorced from Sachin Bhowmick…

          • Phew…so much of mystery surrounds this ‘Kalpana’. Will the “real” Kalpana please stand up? :-))

        • Anatomically speaking, it would be nature’s cruel joke to compare Kalpana of ‘Professor’ fame to the one who eventually committed suicide. But then, you never know.

        • Pacifist is absolutely right. Kalpana did marry Sachin Bhowmick and then get divorced. I myself was curious about Kalpana. I asked Shammiji about 2 years ago about her. Even he did not know about her current whereabouts. Someone in the industry would know. But it would take some finding out. If anyone knows a journalist for one of the leading film magazines, perhaps they could be interested in finding out.

    • ok! she is much alive. In Pune now. And doing well :)

  32. What happened to kalpana ? Is she still living ?

  33. I believe same Kalpana acted in another movie also called Tasveer with late Feroz khan sometimes in 1967 or 1966.
    with best regards
    PS: it is very strange world some very beautiful people end up like this other victims were Vimi Agarwal who acted in Hamraaz and couple of other movies, died broke and very tragic death. Another victim was they called her ” Lara lappa girl” she also died very tragic death almost broke.
    These woman were extremely beautiful, and somewhat talented also but appears fell into wrong hands. God rest their souls in peace.

    • Meena Shorey was the Lara Lappa girl…beauty and talent are no guarantee of happiness, for sure!

    • lol. Guys..just because people tend to choose to stay away from the industry, does NOT mean they have tragic ends. Some go on to have brilliant lives. And kalpana ji is hale, hearty and doing well. Shuttling between Pune, Mumbai and Lonavala.

      • Thank you very much Niharika for a very nice news, people can use what ever they decide to do with lives and go in seclusion. Here the confusion was with other tragic Kalpana and everyone here was struggling to cope with the tragedy.
        Regardless you did a great job to put rest to our mass scale confusion.
        Please pay my best regards to Kalpana jee and convey her I never ever forgot her even when I left India long long time ago.
        with best regards

  34. Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Nutan some of the icons died very young. God wanted to serve His kingdom some where else. I strongly believe there was no equivalent to Indian womanhood.
    Some of the extremely talented and beautiful women belonged to the Indian sub continent.
    Where ever they are God bless them, they served humanity with the super talents what God gave them, of course they also worked extremely hard.
    God must be very proud of His creation such as Waheeda Rahman and Madhuri Dixit, all these woman when go to the paradise I am very sure Angels will be receiving them at the gates.
    These ladies are and were pure Karam yoginis in my books.
    with best regards
    PS: I know we do not have any control for their extra long lives, my only consolation is Great Lord wanted them somewhere else also.

  35. Amazing!
    Just the other day we were talking about Kalpana’s other films and found that ‘Naughty Boy’ is all on youtube.

    Here’s the link to part 1.

    • oh, I will have to check it out (am having another weekend with the Beiges right now though) :) Thanks!

      • >am having another weekend with the Beiges right now though)

        Of course you are :-)
        It’s Mother’s Day.

        The film has good English subtitles and the print is great.
        It’s quite watchable. Kalpana looks soooo pretty. SD Burman’s music is not among his best here but the songs are hummable and a couple of tunes very catchy.

  36. Hi Guys,
    1.The Kannada actress Kalpana and “Professor” fame Kalpana are definitely not the same.
    2.Devyani Chaubal, the late journalist from ” Star & Style” magazine had mentioned in one of her columns that Feroze Khan was madly in love with her.
    3.The song from “Teesra Kaun” – “Meri saheliyan byahi gayi saari. hai main raha gayi kawari” was quite popular.
    4.In the late eighties, there was an interview with Kalpana in Stardust magazine.The article expressed surprise that Kalpana did not make a mark in Bollywood despite giving three super hit movies – Professor, Pyar Kiye Jaa and Teen Deviyan.In the interview, Kalpana had mentioned that she was living in Andheri in a terrace flat.She has a daughter from her second husband who was in the Army or Navy.

    5.Kalpana had got married to a writer [I do not know if it was Sachin Bhowmick] just as a matter of convenience – she spewed venom against him in the article.It seems he had taken advantage of her and her mother as they were gullible. Eventually she parted ways with him.She remarried but had not told her second husband that she was married. [it seems her first marriage did not have legal sanctity].

    6.Kalpana was heavily into writing Hindi novels [paperbacks] at that time and she expressed apprehension about what would happen if her 2nd husband came to know about her first alliance.

    7.As regards Shammi Kapoor, without doubt, he is a good actor – but there are stories about how he tortured his leading ladies – notably Kalpana, Mala Sinha. Vyjayanthimala while doing Prince (the 1968 movie) with him was not on talking terms with him.This was one of her last movies.

    8.In Professor , the character “Rita” played by actress Praveen Chaudhury [where is she now ?] had paired with an upcoming debonair actor who was a failure as an actor but successful as a screenplay writer.His son is one of the Bollywood brats now. Any guesses ?

    • Thanks for all that info on Kalpana (but I love that she gave an interview about her first marriage and still hoped to keep it a secret from her second husband!!! LOL)…

      Parveen Choudhury was paired with Salim Khan :) who of course is Salman’s father…

    • Thanks for all this information Venkadesh. You have given by far the most valuable information on Kalpana. If she is in Andheri, then some film folks would know. What a tragic waste of talent.

  37. Kalpana of Professor (Hindi) and Kalpana of Kannada films were absolutely different people. I have have read various articles about the Hindi actress from film magazines of the period. She hailed from Kashmir & stopped active acting in late 60s.

    The Kannada Kalpana mostly acted in Kannada (many with Rajkumar) & some Tamil films in the 70s. She was in her 20s then. I have seen various photos of her in the Tamil magazines like Bommai & Picturpost.

    Common name does not mean the same person.

  38. I categorically confirm that Kalpana of Kannada screen was definitley different from Kalpana of Hindi.

    Kalpana of Kannada was a prime actress with title such as “Minugu Tare” (Twnkling Star). After a series of successful movies in the 1960s and the 70s, she felt discarded. She returned to her roots: traveling drama company. She committed suicide in 1979.

    Kalpana of Hindi movies did not find roles after Teen Deviyan and Pyar Kiye Ja. She did marry Sachin Bhowmick and after a brief unhappy marriage, divorced him. To the best of my memory, she committed suicide in mid 1970s.

  39. well, thanks for all the info u guys cud give…i too was quite curious about this very pretty lady. of professor. she has also acted with Kishore in Pyar kiye ja, and also in some movie on the 1857 uprising i think

  40. Why this rift again memsaab ? Hindi actress Kalpana acted in Professor , Pyar kiye Jaa, Teen Deviyan, Teesra Kaun, Saheli and a few other HINDI movies.

    The south actress in Pyar Kye Jaa is Rajshree (Shashi’s sweetheart in the movie). Now don’t start the topic that actress is the same as Rajshri of Geet Gaya P S, Janwar, Around the World fame(great film maker Shantaram’s daughter)!

    Apples and mangoes cannot be the same!

    • She is the same? She looks so different to me. SIGH. Never mind. I am not very focused on these things these days in any case. Def. NOT the same Rajshree, I love the Hindi Rajshree but was underwhelmed by the south one (too distracted by the unnecessary and heavy white pancake which obscured her actual face). Come to think of it, maybe that’s why Kalpana looks so different to me too. They both had a huge amount of makeup on.

  41. Kalpana’s career went into a tailspin by the 1970s. I last saw her as a sort of a glorified ‘extra’ in Ek Bechara’ starring Jeetendra, Rekha and Vinod Khanna.

  42. So how did Shammi torture his heroines? I am curious about that…

  43. True Story: I was stuck trying to write a talk I have to give at a conference with time running out. It is supposed to be a Sanskrit talk so I had difficulty filling pages fast. Then I decided to just take a break when nothing was flowing on the page, and watch Professor just for a laugh. For some reason, the thing about yoga shastra and Sanskrit and the scene where he has to buy a Sanskrit for children book got me flowing and I started to write. Amazing but Shammi movies have always had that effect on me. They get my juices flowing –one way or the other :-)

  44. Oh, I had never read this review. What a nice review and from the review it is clear that it is a wonderful movie ! one which I have not seen.Now I need to see it.

  45. Shammi Kapoor died this August 14, 2011 of kidney failure. Some one I liked most of all Bollywood heroes, I felt a personal sense of loss. When Dev anand, another favorite of mine, published his auto biography, I wrote to shammi Kappor to write is own, and would have gladly paid any price to read his account of himself. This guys who gave us so many feel-good memorable films suffered many problems in his own life, such as early loss of his first wife Geeta Bali. Many of our readers may not know that the reason he partially pulled out from movies so early in his forties is because he developed MS, a very debilitating condition. His fans would miss him dearly.

    Hari Agrawal

  46. I am very sorry to hear about Shammi sahib may God rest his soul in peace
    To me when growing up in India going to beautiful movies was best part
    Sadly all lovely links to the past are breaking
    I saw image of older brother in these veteran actors and in female actresses such as Nutan jee Sadhana jee… Older sister or Bhabhi jee…
    Some of the movies inspired me tremendously these great people did very nice things
    I am firm believer God send them on the earth to spread so much happiness
    I also believe when they left this world angels must be at the gates of paradise to receive them
    We all have to go but with these great peole through movies journey was great
    Great lives they must smiling in paradise for doing a great job in this mortal world
    God gave them beautiful bodies extreme talent and down to earth persona
    God bless them where ever they are

  47. This article shows the present look of actress Kalpana in 2011. Kalpana had married Sachin Bowmick and later gave divorce to him. This is what i have heard. But this article is quite contradictory. I cannot belive the old lady with such make up is the same Kalpana who acted with Shammi in Professor and Teen Devian with Dev Anand

  48. A pity a very attractive, graceful and capable actress like Kalpana didn’t do more films with Shammi Kapoor. They really, really looked good together.

    Long ago I read in some film magazine that Kalpana removed herself from the scene because she got fed up of industry men lusting after her all the time. She was so sexy, it seems, that even the otherwise decent ones plied her with ‘indecent’ proposals.

    News about Kalpana surfaced recently when she was duped off her lands by some people. Here’s the piece which covers this episode.’s-screen-love-scammed-by-land-sharks/

    She is 66 years old and lives in Pune. Her daughter lives in the US.

  49. Amazing always believed she had committed suicide. But apparently it was South actress who had done so.

  50. I realy like it although I saw the film for the first time in 1965 in bagdad -IRAQ

  51. Just when we came to know she was alive, she is finally gone. But must have been close to 70, than 65. Professor came exactly 50 yrs ago. Could not have been 15 during that movie. Anyhow, May her soul rest in peace

  52. I liked both Shammi Kapoor and Kalpana so much, I feel sad that both of them are now gone. All my favorites of sixties are disappearing one by one. Recently, we lost Dev Sahib also. Sadly, that is the reality of life. Dev Sahib at least had a wonderful personal life. Sixties was undoubtedly the most enjoyable period iof Hindi Cinema.

  53. I fully agree with Santosh sahib’s comment, I clearly remember when this move came in I was in grade 7 and she could not have been 15 at that time, she must be around 21 or 22 or higher.
    She must be over 71 or 72 or may be higher.
    Regardless she was extremely talented, beautiful, superb dancer, May God grant peace to the departed soul,
    I am very sad, my whole day was depressed, I do not understand God any more, on one hand He sends such beautiful people on the earth, then takes away.
    Is this life is all about?
    I am also very sad the way her life turned out to be, she deserved much better, in my view it was very rough deal for such a beautiful person.
    I honestly do not know strange ways of God.

  54. I cleared a lot of wrong information about the Hindi film Kalpana earlier on when some mistook her for another actress of the same name from south, etc.

    Kalpana gave a refreshing new look to the Hindi film world in the sixties with a boring long list of Mala Sinhas,Nutans, Nandas, Waheedas,etc. The others who gave the “new fresh look” were Saira Banu, Sadhana & Asha Parekh with Sharmila Tagore, Leena Chandawarkar,Mamtaz & Rakhee taking over later on.

    I have watched most of Kalpana’s movies – her beautiful face & that special, distinct voice of hers were most memorable.

    We’ll always remember you Kalpana.

    Kalpana gave a fresh look to the Hindi Film scene in the sixties when it had a long, boring list of Mala Sinhas, Nutans, Nandas, Waheedas, etc. The others who gave the refreshing, modern beautiful looks were Saira Banu, Sadhana & Asha Parekh followed by Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz, Leena Chandawarkar, Rakhee & Hema Malini later on.

    I have seen most of Kalpana’s movies – her beautiful face & that distinct voice were most memorable.

    Thank you for your contribution to the cherished Hindi films of your time

    May your soul rest in peace.

    May her soul rest in peace.


  55. what happened to parveen chaudhury. she played kalpana’s sister. must have left films

  56. Recently , Annu Kapoor in his radio programme “Suhana Safar” in 92.7 FM mentioned that Kalpana (born in 1946 in Kashmir) had indeed married twice, first to a Navy Officer and then to Sachin Bhowmik and had a daughter. She also divorced Sachin Bhowmik. Later she settled in Pune and invested in properties and other interests. She was well to do and was financially well off since birth, but some people duped her of a huge property (transferred ownership of some acres of real estate by false signature thing). She became very concerned and sad (Had filed police case and civil suit). This affected her health and she fell ill after some years. Her daughter and son-in-law tended to her and she recovered, but on way to home the illness reverted back and she was hospitalized again and eventually passed away sometime in 2002 or 2003 (I can’t recall the exact year).

    • What happened to parveen chaudhury who was also in the film

    • you are absolutely right in most of the story, in fact to the best of my knowledge, she passed away very recently, and not in 2002 or 2003,
      I am /was a big fan of her always wondered about her, I left India about 40 back, and internet was not there, other than wondering and thinking about people who gave tremendous amount of happiness, around them, could not do much,
      With this beautiful technology, found lots of people at least know about them,
      The picture was published in an Indian paper, she was in rough shape, I guess no one stays young and beautiful for ever.
      In fact Indian cinema of 50 60 70 produced extremely talented beautiful and remarkable girls, and boys.
      To me Indian cinema of that time had extreme impact on all aspects of life, May God grant peace to the extremely talented and beautiful people, who enriched our lives in their life time.
      From Canada

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