Righting a wrong

Reader Shaila pointed out yesterday that I have neglected Parveen Babi here at MemsaabStory (Bullet being her only featured film).

Egregious oversight!

Here is a photo of her from the 1973 Star & Style Annual (she’s up and coming, they say!):

Doesn’t she look sooooo young? Reminds me a little of Ali MacGraw in Love Story. I will try to do better on the Parveen front.

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16 Comments to “Righting a wrong”

  1. Can we continue with your RK fix which ALSO has the gorgeous Parveen and is a Bhappi Soni– “Chalta Purza” next plizz?!!!

  2. I have Chalta Purza, but the DVD stopped playing halfway through >:( Pet peeve!

    I was so excited about Parveen Babi and RK in a Bhappi Sonie film too!

    Maybe it should be added to my ever-growing India list ;-)

  3. She resembles young Dimple Kapadia and young Zeenat Aman. But I got to say she looked prettier than both of them. Too bad she died so young and the men in her life didn’t treat her right.

  4. Yes, she and Zeenat were apparently often called lookalikes. I do think she was the most beautiful of all three, too :-)

  5. I used to get confused between Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi as a kid! The resemblance was so close that she was even called the “poor man’s Zeenat Aman” though I think she was the better actress of the two.

  6. I never really liked Parveen Babi – she just came across as too aloof and cold. Now, Zeenat Aman, there’s a woman to get me excited. :D

  7. Also check out “Woh Lamhe” if you haven’t already – it’s loosely based on Parveen Babi’s life and affair with director Mahesh Bhatt.

  8. Wow, first “Arth” and now “Woh Lamhe”? Sigh, will someone make a movie about the positive aspects of her life and career? She was one of my favorite actresses when I was growing up, mainly because I was a huge Amitabh fan and saw all their films together – Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Shaan, Kaalia, Mahaan, and a whole bunch more, probably a dozen in total.

    When I finally graduated from Big B movies, I also enjoyed other P.B. films like Bullet, Chor Police, and Ashanti (what could be better than a Charlie’s Angels-type film with Parveen, Zeenat, and Shabana!?) :D

  9. I’ve seen half of Ashanti (then the DVD failed)…am hoping to see the rest of it soon though.

    Parveen was always good with Shashi Kapoor too…I loved her in Suhaag.

    Amit: it’s like the Marcia vs Jan Brady Bunch debate :-) Zeenat or Parveen???? that might be an interesting post.

  10. Hi M

    Thanks a ton…you are simply wonderful…again a request if I may say so…please please also write something about another gorgeous tragic beauty, Madhubala or simply put the venus of Indian cinema..


  11. You are welcome, Shaila! I just happened to be ready to write about another Parveen film, Chor Sipahee, which is up now too :-)

    Maybe I’ll do the Madhubala-Shammi film Boy Friend soon. It was a good one.

  12. Parveen was one of the best actress and she was the first actress with high qualification entering into bollywood. I saw several movies including Ashanthi & Chalta Purza with Super Star Rajesh Khanna.

  13. Memsaab

    A small request and favour. I request you to kindly publish a small writeup on our Super Rajesh Khanna on his 66th Birthday which falls on 29th December, 2008

  14. I will try to do so Manohar :-) Maybe a song post, I do love the music from his films so much. And he is great at enacting them…

  15. i heard that she was extremely Intelligent!!!

  16. Well, she was the classiest of all the actress with her killer jaws and well defined cheekbones.

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