Vintage magazine photos

Here’s one for my friend Carla!

Another one for me!

And this is just gorgeous:

All scanned from Picturpost magazine dated October 1976.

24 Comments to “Vintage magazine photos”

  1. was there really a film called “Mama Bhanja”?? If so, it should be remade now.. with Aamir & Imran Khan!! :-D

  2. Agree about Vinod Khanna. He looked H-O-T! ;)

    Nice collection, thanks for sharing.

  3. Btw, I think Shabana looks like a doll. :)

  4. I guess there was a film called Mama Bhanja; I guess it wasn’t quite the career-maker Randhir was hoping for, though :-)

    Vinod is so hot, was watching Amar Akbar Anthony with my sister, and drooling.

  5. Interesting! So, Randhir Kapoor acted in both “Chacha Bhatija” and “Mama Bhanja” in 1977… I wonder if he got tired of playing the role of a nephew to more established stars. I also wonder if anyone ever went to watch one movie thinking it was the other!

    Then again, how could you lose with either Dharmendra or Shammi Kapoor, right?

  6. Wow, Rekha is positively luminous in that picture. Thank you soooo much for posting!

  7. I would watch Shammi in anything (and I have!) :-)

    Yes, Rekha is beautiful in this photo. Well, pretty much in any photo!

  8. Vinoood!!! Excellent post, I love oldies’ pictures. I mostly have cool ones of Hema but there aren’t that many resources for magazine scans from back in the day and such..

  9. Beautiful post!!!…Shabana used to look pretty hot back in those days..recently met her and sorry to say her eyes resembles to her character in Makdee now..thanks to some odd botox job

  10. There are some interesting and rare pics in this site,

    (RD Burman with Vinod khanna, Raj Koshla, Asha Bhonsle, Premnath, Sunil Dutt and Anand Bakshi)

  11. veracious: It is hard to find old magazines and when you do, they are really expensive! :-(

    Alok: noooooo! Shabana has bought into the Botox thing? Say it isn’t so!!

    Sumanth: thanks for the links :-)

  12. Memsaab,

    Thanks for posting these! I looovvvee vintage anything, so vintage Bollywood is like a dream come true…I actually have some vintage Bollywood posters framed in my room.

    I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the one of Rekha…she looks so peaceful and beautiful here :)

  13. I just got a couple more magazines in the mail…I went on a vintage B’wood magazine spree recently.

    Usually they are too expensive but I had a bad day and deserved a treat :-D

  14. Ah, thanks so much. :) I occasionally give in to the urge to buy old magazines too, especially if they feature articles about what’s-er-name. I have a particularly cherished one that has an interview with Honey Irani – from September 1984! :o It’s too juicy even for my Shabana blog – I don’t want to be responsible for churning up quarter-century-old poo that has been long since left behind by the parties involved …

  15. Carla maybe we should devote one of our Bollywood evenings to gossipy old film magazines instead of a DVD :-)

  16. Ah, I am green with envy! Anything with my beloved Shashi?

    Can I join in the gossip sessions via e-mail? Oh, you guys.

  17. There is gossip about Shashi, esp. in relation to what’s-er-name; don’t know that you will like it though! :-)

  18. Some great photographs of yesteryear actresses and actors can be found on this link:

    When you access the link, do click on ‘Click to View attachment’ in the article. There are some recent and some vintage photographs of Shyama (Devand’s co-star in CID (she looks beautiful now), Asha Parekh, Mala Sinha, Nanda, Shammi (Aunty), Rajendranath and his wife, Nimmi, Begum Para (last seen in Sawariya), A.K.Hangal., Tun Tun Also their interviews.

  19. Oops, Shakila was Dev Anand’s co-star in CID. There is a picture of hers there too.

  20. And here is link for the full version of the entire article:

    Could have done this in one go instead of three, but am at work, which is slowing me down….

  21. Thanks bluelotus! It’s nice to see people there are interested in these older forgotten stars too :)

  22. Thanks for the link blue lotus! Made interesting reading!

  23. Wow! How nice to see the printed pages of PICTURPOST. It was the
    only magazine with posters of films on the title cover and last page.

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