More subtitle fun

This gem comes from Love In Simla and is the kind of thing that would happen were I subtitling an English film into Hindi.

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10 Comments to “More subtitle fun”

  1. Hilarious. Understandable, though. What could the translation be? ‘Hey! My father, hey!’ And what sense would that make? :)

  2. :-) Sometimes, subtitles aren’t really even necessary. Like when the characters are already speaking English!

  3. I quite like it when they subtitle the “arre”s. Or maybe I just like “arre” as a word. ARRE, YAAR!

    I love when characters speak English and it’s subtitled… incorrectly.

    Or the most recent experience which I’ve been having in the cinema: subtitles for silence. Recently – e.g. during Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic – there will be silent scenes, and the subtitles will carry on subtitling with a mind of their own. What’s even more odd is that the subtitles seem to be subtitling what could have been said – i.e. they’re logical, in the context – which makes me think that they’re writing their subtitles up from a final draft of the script, but not checking them against the shooting script.

  4. Love In Simla had many English language scenes and they were all subtitled—but correctly! The rest of it was a mess though. And actually, in the scenes here there was just a bunch of shouting, and I couldn’t really make out anybody actually saying Arre Baap Re! I think it was just made up.

    Interesting re: Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic…was it distracting and horrible? Or kind of fun?

  5. Interesting re: Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic…was it distracting and horrible? Or kind of fun?

    Kind of all three at the same time. It’s certainly a new weird form of subtitle fun; I think I noticed it on Om Shanti Om too… but only in the theatres! The DVD is fine. A mystery.

  6. My nephew recently saw a subtitled version of Race – and reported a scene where somebody says something about two people being like `Ram and Laxman’. The subtitle read: `They’re like Humpty and Dumpty’.
    What the -!!

  7. ppcc: do we really NEED more forms of subtitle fun? :-)

    madhu: that is one of my pet peeves, like translating Laila and Majnu into Romeo and Juliet. And Humpty and Dumpty have to be a new low!

  8. The mystery-subtitles when nobody is talking happen all the time in new releases. I think it must be because they’re working from a shooting script. I don’t mind too much, but it might be distracting for somebody with no clue about Hindi – although what that person would be doing in a Bollywood movie screening I don’t know…

    I prefer the “yaar” and “arre” subtitles to when the subtitles are Anglocized. There is nothing worse than watching a movie and seeing every “yaar” translated to “buddy” or “friend” or something.

    The Humpty/Dumpty and Laila/Manju thing is very funny. That reminds me of the “Roadside Romeo” trailer where the famous lines from “Deewar” and “Sholay” were subtitled as lines from famous American films. I didn’t approve of that at all.

  9. PS I’ll be in Boston on Thursday if you’d like to get coffee or something. :)

  10. I agree with Madhu. Race is actually the worst subtitled film ever. Just watched it last night and I was laughing out loud reading some of the subtitles. They spelled Humpty Dumpty as Humty Dumty. :P

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