I was in NYC this week, and this was the view from my hotel room of Ground Zero (the World Trade Center location). Very busy! And noisy (especially at 7 am). Click on the photo to see it much bigger (it’s a composite, obviously, and not a terribly professional one, but you get the idea). Just thought it was interesting what a hive of activity it is compared to the last time I was there in February, although it still mostly looks like a big mess.

The PATH trains to/from New Jersey have been running for a few years now, but the rest of it has mostly been silent and pretty empty. I guess the memorial site is well underway now!

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4 Comments to “Curiosity”

  1. It sure took them long enough–although I guess anything so near to peoples’ hearts is going to have a lot of disagreement about its execution. It’s nice to see at least a little progress.

  2. Yes, there was a lot of argument over plans and then when the final design was chosen, but I think it’s nice.

    I’m just glad something will be there besides a big hole! :-)

  3. next time give me a call :)

  4. Yeah, I saw that big hole in the ground up close almost every night of the week for years on end. Before that, I regularly saw the half-melted buildings that looked like a Salvador Dali painting (and I smelled them too). For six years, I was working as a legal proofreader (doing the “temp circuit,” with lots of “permatemp”) on the night shift at law firms right near the WTC; for a long while until last January, I had a regular midnight-shift gig in the World Financial Center overlooking the pit.

    I knew a woman who worked at Ground Zero on the midnight shift as part of the cleanup crew. (What a strange job that must have been.)

    I’ve written a few posts about the melted buildings and the pit (as well as my view on the morning of 9-11, when I was living on the north shore of Staten Island), on different blogs over the years (though not in any blogs related to Indian cinema :) …

    They (the various city agencies and corporations, I guess) have taken a really long time to do anything with the pit. And, in fact, I just read that there were recent, new delays due to budget problems. No surprise, of course.

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