When asked in an interview if he believes in reincarnation:

“I think, after you die, the atom finishes in the air and attaches to a cat or a dog.”

–Shah Rukh Khan
(on indiafm.com)

11 Comments to “QOD”

  1. Take a deep, cleansing breath of SRK…. Inhaaaaaale…and…exhaaaaaale.

  2. If he believes in reincarnation he shold be a cat :) and after that I could care him :D

  3. I could see him as a very hyper dog :-P

  4. but Greta cats are create to hugging and strokeing :D hmm but on the other hand dogs are more trusty than cats… ok I don’t know :D :P

  5. sadly, I am allergic to cats :-(

  6. Surely he’d be a dog. He’s so eager to please and goes to great lengths to entertain. No self-respecting cat does that.

  7. My goodness, what a load of rubbish we read on those blogs!!! :-)
    None of you seems to think that Shahruk was serious. That’s the fate of Indians and their beliefs when they are discussed by westerners…
    I for one know for sure when I have a reincarnated cat or dog in front of me: it’s got atoms from somebody stuck on it.
    Of course, you need to have enough atoms to see that.
    Or you need to use your magnifying lenses/microscope to see them.
    But if they’re there, well it’s a reincarnated cat/dog.
    Think about it next time you stroke/pat a cat/dog.
    Thanks for the quote, BTW, Greta.

  8. I actually find reincarnation more believable, more comforting, and more likely than I do the idea of heaven and hell.

    My little dog Gemma was definitely royalty in her previous life/lives.

    So was I, for that matter! :-)

  9. That’s a silly question to ask – he’s a Muslim, Muslims believe in heaven and hell, so how can he believe in reincarnation?

  10. I think SRK is not as dogmatic (no pun intended) as all that, after all he has a Hindu wife and they are raising their kids with both religions. When it comes to the afterlife I think it’s good to keep an open mind! :-)

  11. “I think, after you die, the atom finishes in the air and attaches to a cat or a dog.”

    atom finishes?
    how can an atom finish?
    and if it is finished how can it attach to a cat or for that matter a dog?
    Atom finishes!!!!!
    Poor SRK!

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