Trivia time #10

In what movie is the whole story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” enacted as a play, starring Helen as the wicked Queen? Bonus points if you can tell us who plays Snow White!




Okay, nobody even has a guess! The movie is Baazi (1968) starring Dharmendra and Waheeda Rehman (who plays Snow White in this segment). The movie is okay, but this play within the movie is fabulous. It’s about 15 minutes long—and ends with a Helen dance, of course! It’s worth seeing on its own.


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5 Comments to “Trivia time #10”

  1. Words cannot describe it. You have to see it!

  2. Ah … I’ve watched this movie …
    A few years back, was looking for a copy of GD-DA’s (1951) Baazi online and found this one ! Produced by Johnny Walker’s brother(?) Tony … I remember it had a nice little suspense plot … need to watch it again soon !

  3. It wasn’t really a very good movie, this stood out as a highlight in an otherwise fairly run of the mill tale. But what a highlight!

  4. Here are snow White and seven Desi dwarves:

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