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November 15, 2007

Good Hindi film criticism (not an oxymoron!)

Finding a film critic whose opinion you can trust is much like finding a wine seller with the same taste in wine as you have.


Raja Sen at has always been that for me. I think he writes the most erudite, thoughtful, credible, intelligent and well-rounded criticism of films in Bollywood (it doesn’t hurt that I almost always completely agree with him). His is the first opinion I look for when a movie I’m interested in seeing is released. Maybe I should ask him if he drinks wine!

He has just been joined by another critic calling herself Bollywoods, and I have really been enjoying her columns and reviews as well (she is knowledgeable and writes well, and is funny. Particularly I enjoyed her column about critics).

If you haven’t discovered them, you should!*

*along with some of the blogs I have listed under favorite links!

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