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January 22, 2009

AR Rahman gets 3 Oscar nominations

For best score, and two for best song: “Jai Ho” and “O Saaya”! He is a genius, after all!

Slumdog also gets nods for best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay, cinematography, editing, and sound editing and sound mixing.

Woo-hoo! Ten nominations in all!

January 12, 2009

How completely fabulous!


Was it to see AR Rahman and Anil Kapoor on the red carpet at the Golden Globes?! And winning!!!! Congratulations to all of you for your four well-deserved awards!

***Applauds madly and cheers (would whistle in addition if I could)***

SRK was poised and articulate too in presenting the film as a Best Picture nominee!

November 13, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)


I rarely venture into movie theaters any more, being antisocial and all. Danny Boyle’s never been a favorite either: as most of you know, I like happy! not his brand of in-your-face hellishness! But when a friend offered a ticket for this one, I couldn’t resist.

It’s been winning awards at film festivals for several months now, but that’s not what drew me. I just couldn’t wait to see Anil Kapoor in a “Hollywood” movie. Of all the actors in Hindi cinema these days, he’d be one of the last I would expect to see cast in one. For one thing, he doesn’t seem interested in an international career—his son had to explain who Danny Boyle was when he was offered the film; and for another, he has not been making a lot of movies for some time now.

So did he deliver?

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