AR Rahman gets 3 Oscar nominations

For best score, and two for best song: “Jai Ho” and “O Saaya”! He is a genius, after all!

Slumdog also gets nods for best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay, cinematography, editing, and sound editing and sound mixing.

Woo-hoo! Ten nominations in all!

26 Comments to “AR Rahman gets 3 Oscar nominations”

  1. I am dancing round…for AR!
    Greta I think you will be wearing your sari for one of the big news channel who will want the All-American expert on Bollywood for her insights, so get your best one out!!

    P.S. I am serious.

  2. Oh lord I hope not :-) I have been spending a lot of time explaining why it isn’t technically a Bollywood movie though!

  3. Im dead sure Rahman and danny will get theirs- I’m hoping hard for the others as well!

  4. Me too, I thought particularly that the cinematography was SUPERB. Anyone who has been there (or lives there) knows that it couldn’t have been easy going either on the streets of the city!

  5. ok it isn’t bollywood.
    But they used to stage each of the songs nominated during the ceremony. So that makes for at least two Hindi songs in the ceremony, and Jai Ho would make it as a typical bollywood ensemble…and certainly liven up the proceedings:
    so there you are, you are an expert on Rahman and Bollywood and handy for any wise commentary on the proceedings :))

  6. AR Rahman is sure to get the Oscar! I was hoping that Paper Planes from Slumdog would get nominated too in the Best Song category. I felt that was a brilliant song.

  7. I figured AR Rahman would be nominated, so it’s Gulzar being included that made me all a-gid. EEEE! Gulzar! At the Academy Awards!

    I hadn’t even processed the thought of two Hindi musical numbers until Bawa mentioned it. The “Best Song” productions are usually my least favorite part of the ceremony, with lots of scoffing and eye-rolling on my part. So this is really a turn-around!

  8. And Dreams on Fire too…forgot to add that. This is my favourite track from the album.

  9. bawa: I always hate the songs too! Usually some Celine Dion-like nonsense that makes my ears bleed. This will be so great!

    Bhargav: I think he’ll get at least one, hopefully more! I don’t think Paper Planes was eligible since it’s an older song not written specifically for the film…

    Anarchivist: Yay Gulzar! And am in complete agreement re: song productions. Hopefully they will hire Farah Khan or someone to do the Rahman songs!

  10. I’m both happy for AR and really psyched at the prospect of seeing MIA perform at the Oscars. I mean, I might actually watch it. That’s how psyched I am.

  11. I just can’t wait to see Anil have a MAXIMUM MELTDOWN when they win ANYTHING at the Oscars.

  12. Todd: I know!!!! *does the snoopy dance*

    ppcc: I’ll be melting down with him :-)

  13. Memsaab – Yay to Slumdog and all its nominations. I note that it has a strong competitor in the Benjamin Button movie with 11 nominations in total!

    I will be happy and shouting out aloud whatever awards slumdog gets!

  14. Reminds me of the time when Attenborough’s Gandhi got nominated and swept most of the awards in the early 80s!

  15. Yaaaahoooo!!!

    And I’ll hope to say that a few more times after he wins his first! ;)

  16. Anonymous: Benjamin Button got a record 13 nominations, pretty amazing.

    tBF: Me too (and I predict that we will)…

  17. OK, I’m going to sound a little crazy here, but I was somewhat disappointed with the nominations. IMO, the songs/music of SM are nowhere near ARR’s best, and the lyrics to Jai Ho (at least the part I hear on B4U) are pretty basic as well…a win will do much for ARR’s popularity in Hollywood (maybe?) but it’s like winning with a mediocre effort seems a let down to me. If he’d been nominated for any of Dil Se’s songs, or the background score of Guru/Swades etc. it would make sense…

    Ah well, I haven’t seen anyone else espouse this sentiment, so maybe just my twisted mind :-)


  18. I think there are plenty of us in agreement that it isn’t his best work, but it’s the only work he’s done that’s made it to the wider western film-going audience’s ears. So I’m just glad that he’s been noticed at all, and he does deserve that. A lot of the awards end up being about a body of work too, not just an individual performance (formalities notwithstanding) so it’s all fair IMO!

    I wish India would get a little smarter about submitting the right films for Oscar nominations (hello! Vishal Bhardwaj!). Although I will say I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that Indians should CARE about the Oscars, but as an American I’m very happy to see something so close to my heart get some applause and some notice! :-)

  19. I am just happy Rahman is now on an international platform. Will cheer for him and hope that he wins.
    Its another matter altogether that This is no where near his Best work…

  20. Ditto Todd’s comment re. seeing M.I.A. performing at the Oscars. Ya ya haaaa!

  21. M.I.A. would be nice, but I’d just like to see Sukhwinder Singh at the Oscars.

  22. I suppose there’s a chance Sukhwinder will be there! The songs are usually performed live, and they like to use the original singers :-)

  23. Which lead to the observation that, since the demise of decent Hollywood film songs at the end of the Hollywood musicals era (roughly the 1960s) and the rise of the “music supervisor” who selects previously written music to enhance the mood in American films, Bollywood songs could have been nominated year after year for Best Song. At least, in the post Devdas/Lagaan era, which brought wider distribution to Hindi films in the US. “It’s hard out there for a Pimp” wins the Oscar, the year of “Kajare Re.” Grrrr. Unrealistic, but, I can dream, can’t I? And, maybe “Slumdog” can help this be the breakout year for Hindi film music into the mainstream, leading to better Best Song Oscars every year from now on.

  24. OK, thats the BAFTA under the belt now….came, saw, and the first Bafta of the night to A R Rahman, read out by Kylie Minogue…



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