How completely fabulous!


Was it to see AR Rahman and Anil Kapoor on the red carpet at the Golden Globes?! And winning!!!! Congratulations to all of you for your four well-deserved awards!

***Applauds madly and cheers (would whistle in addition if I could)***

SRK was poised and articulate too in presenting the film as a Best Picture nominee!

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  1. You don’t know how to whistle? You just put your lips together, and blow.
    Guess I DO need to see this one then…
    PC x

  2. Yes, congratulations are in order to all the winners. Feel very, very proud indeed.

  3. I was so happy, esp for A R Rahman

  4. SRK was good in the presentation. I saw the film a week or so ago, and I really wasn’t able to figure out what the big deal was all about. It is a well made film, but it didn’t tug at any strings. I have seen better. But well, it gets an award and is liked by so many people.

    Rehman’s music was excellent. Deserving winner.

  5. PC: You do need to see it. It’s a wonderful film…and I know how it’s supposed to work (whistling) but it just doesn’t. I lack the gene or something.

    Anorak and bawa: Me too! And AR Rahman’s speech was so CUTE. I didn’t realize how short he is! He looked so small and sort of gob-smacked up there, I wanted to hug him. Everyone I know who has seen Slumdog has asked me about him, I now need to make up about 50 CDs of my favorite AR Rahman music!

  6. TCP: Yes, he was very poised as usual. And it tugged at many of my strings :-)

  7. i still get nightmares thinking about the children begging in Mumbai. I cannot even face the scene in which the rascals pour some steaming stuff in to the eyes of the kid. is there anything more criminal than this? rape and murder are very far behind.

  8. HeHeHe…Yes, A.R. is very short and so cute. I can eat him:-)
    I like how you say, ‘SRK was poised and articulate too;-)

    Do come by to read my review of the movie at:

  9. murali: I don’t know about rape and murder being far behind, but they are certainly not much different. Sadly, though, it happens every day.

    Anorak: I loved your review, thanks for the link. I will def. return to your blog! :-)

  10. Thanks, glad you liked it. And yes please, do come back. I don’t update it that regularly but there are some previous posts that you might find interesting too. Especially, if you are interested in India, Bollywood and that kind of stuff.

  11. Oh wth- I missed seeing the awards! I need to see SRK’s bit on u-tube- Im sure it will be uploaded :) And Anil looks gr8 in the pic!

  12. I *never* watch awards shows (I watch the red carpet because it’s fun to rip celebrities apart: Botox, “eat something!” etc. but they get boring quickly) but had to watch last night for AR Rahman especially. I am sure it will all be on YouTube soon, if not already!

  13. It’s sort of bittersweet – I really didn’t think Rahman’s score for this was the best on that list (kill me if you like, but I preferred the Benjamin Button score) but a formal acknowledgment of his talent after they’ve been borrowing his stuff piecemeal for years is quite nice. Plus, you know – national treasure, etc… I love Rahman! So Yay!!!

  14. It’s not his best work, either, IMHO (haven’t heard the BB score), but exactly: at least he is getting the recognition that he has long deserved, and—yay India! :-)

  15. Awww, MAN, I miss Obama’s win and now this. I’m being punished for something!! I need to start planning how I’ll watch the Oscars… especially if Slumdog is really becoming THE contender for Best Picture. Mother of God.

    FYI Ultrabrown’s post has a bunch of vids, thank goodness.


  16. The nice thing about this century so far is that you can catch up with generally anything you might have missed via the internet :-)

    I’ll send you live emails from the Oscars if you like. At least, assuming I’m able to stay awake through the whole thing!

  17. Oh the hottness that is a SRK! Be still my heart. I shall even overlook the dancing with the stars sequined tie inside shirt look.

    And yeah *shamed whisper* the hottness that is danny Boyle. I know, I know, but I do like my men also to look all creative and ntellectual and all crazed with hair standing on end.

    I am totally equal opportunity that way.

    It was a richly deserved win.

    That girl Frieda is so lovely no?

  18. I have just watched The Changeling, which was total anguish for me.
    And then I read about the real case, the horrificness is just amplified: because the crimes/abuse of children goes on right now as I type, not just in India but anywhere in the world.

  19. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I managed to earn some complaints in my apartment building for screeching like mad, when Anil was screaming with happiness and his hands in the air! And of course when he was on stage and when Shah Rukh appeared I screeched like a true fangirly!!
    LOL that was the best night of 2009 for me so far!

  20. Kiran: I’m right there on board with you, on all counts!!! And Freida looked absolutely stunning.

    bawa: I haven’t seen it, and don’t really want to…:( And yes, unprotected children everywhere live really sad lives. I can’t stand to watch children or animals suffering, I really can’t tolerate it (although somehow even though it made me cry in Slumdog, I still loved the film).

    Rum: LOL!!! You screech away, girl! I’ll bet Anil and Shah Rukh could hear you too!

  21. You know, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that tie was “Has SRK been reading Todd’s review of Don?” And then I realized it was just KJo nonsense.

    You have to see BB, Memsaab! I loved it. But it’s a very hit or miss movie I think. I haven’t been able to get the score out of my head. Which of Desplat’s works would you recommend btw? I need recommendations.

  22. I’m just reading your review of BB now, Amrita :) And I meant it isn’t Rahman’s best work either—i.e., not the best score out of the nominees (said you) and not Rahman himself’s best work (said me)…I have actually not heard anything by Desplatt.

    But maybe someone else can help out!

  23. Oh :blush: LOLz and I agree, it’s far from his best work. In fact it’s been a while since I heard something from him that absolutely blew me away the way his early work used to. That’s what happens when you get too much work, I suppose.

    It’s funny but everybody who knows his work is SO excited for him. Richard Corliss on Time pretty much segued into this rant on how awesome Rahman is and how he gets no respect coz he isn’t Hollywood centric and so on. And you know, it’s best SCORE! Who gets worked up over best score? But you do when its Rahman!

  24. Well, he is a genius no matter how you look at it. And seemingly a very sweet, humble, down-t-earth guy into the bargain :-) Several people I know who saw Slumdog now want to know more about him, so I’m trying to put together a CD of his best work. Suggestions always welcome! It’s VERY hard to narrow it all down to an hour and twenty minutes! And I’m not very familiar with his south Indian film work.

  25. Amrita – A VERY good Desplat soundtrack is The Painted Veil. Gosh, it’s TOO BEAUTIFUL.

    But gotta say – I’m as worked up as everyone else about Rahman winning. YES, A.R. RAHMAN! YESSSS…

    And I have to second the “Danny Boyle is secretly hot” comment, too… *blush*

    AAAAAAND now I am DYING to see what A.R. Rahman and Anil do with their new international fame. They better have schmoozed up at the post-ceremony parties! I want to see some artistic fruit from all this hype!!

  26. I can’t seem to grasp that A R Rahman, SRK and Anil Kapoor were at the golden globes. Like the PPCC, my mind is going crazy. But congrats too them for their wins! But Bollywood isin’t taking over Hollywood just yet. It’s more of a detoured version like Bollywood (filmed in Bombay + Anil Kapoor)/Englishman Danny Boyle/A R Rahman Music + two good british-indian actors are talking over Hollywood! Let’s see how Chandi Chowk too China does (not critically but at the box office) in America now that people are “suddenly” interested in India with the Slumdog millionaire hype.

  27. Haha! Now you know what’s going to happen; you’re going to mention to someone desi that “I love Bollywood movies!” And they’ll get a pained, slightly patronizing look on their face and ask, “Oh, have you seen Slumdog Millionaire?”

  28. Thanks for posting the photo and for the details of the Golden Globes. I can’t believe I missed seeing A.R. Rahman, SRK and Anil Kapoor at the ceremony!! Thank heavens for YouTube — will have to check it out. Guess I’ll have to watch the Oscars now — it’ll be the first time in years!

    And if you do end up making an A.R. Rahman CD for friends, I would be very interested in knowing more about what you choose to put on the disc — I would love to have recommendations for more A.R. Rahman music.

  29. As luck would have it, I’m ironically making a Rahman mix for a friend! FYI my current tracklisting is:

    1. Manmohini Morey – Yuvvraaj
    2. O… Saya – Slumdog Millionaire
    3. Kismat Se Tum – Pukar
    4. Guzarish – Ghajini
    5. Sunta Hai Mera Khuda – Pukar
    6. Satrangi Re – Dil Se
    7. Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se

    …aaand that’s all I got. Was thinking also some stuff from Swades. Otherwise, I’m curious to see what you’d come up with, Memsaab!

  30. I am very happy that slumdog is getting the recognition it deserves.

    Thanks Memsaab for sharing the photo. Down Under (time diff means) – we only get to read about these awards!

  31. AR Rahman’s music in some of the tamil films is really good – esp the original scores of Roja in tamil and Alaipayuthey (which was remade as Saathiya in Hindi)

  32. Thanks, PPCC – I loved The Painted Veil but didn’t know it was him! To the above I would add…

    1. Mangta hai Kya – Rangeela
    2. Chanda Re – Sapnay (the tamil version of these two songs is probably better)
    3. Aawara Bhawre – Sapnay
    3. Ae Ajnabi – Dil Se
    4. Rang de Basanti – Rang de basanti
    5. Khoon Chala – Rang de Basanti
    6. Noor-Un-Ala-Noor – Meenaxi
    7. Oru dheivam thande poove – Kannathil Muthamittal
    8. Gulfisha – Ada
    9. Meherban – Ada
    10. Ghanan – Lagaan
    11. Minnale nee vandhadhenadi – May Madham
    12. Snehithane – Alai Payuthey (the Tamil version of Saathiya, the same soundtrack, I just think it sounds better in Tamil)
    13. Pretty much any song from Roja but especially Chinna Chinna Aasai, Kaadhal Rojave, and Pudhu Vellai Mazhai. Rukkumani is fun but might be a bit lyric dependent, I don’t know. I know there is a Hindi version of this soundtrack but I’ve never actually paid attention to it.
    14. Konjum Mainakkale – Kandukondain Kandukondain
    15. Enna Solla Pogirai – Kandukondain Kandukondain

    You can hear them all on the net and make up your own mind. I’m gonna stop there because I’m sure other people are gonna bring up others. And I’m looking forward to Delhi 6 – if Masakalli is any indication of what the album holds, then I’m gonna love it.

  33. Ae Ajnabi, vah! Completely forgot about that one and it’s just lush.

    Need to get my Tamil songs on. Actually, I need to get my Tamil cinema on altogether… tell me, is there any Rajinikanth/A.R. Rahman stuff out there? Dare I hope?! They seem like water/oil, but then what do I know? Absolutely nada!

    True………whats next? Oscars :-D
    And here is soundtrack for you , [quite a log list though…]

    1.Bombay Theme – Bombay
    2.Mangta Hai Kya-Rangeela
    3.Awara Bhanware-Sapanay
    4.Dil Se re – Dil Se
    5.Bheeni Bheeni- 1947 Earth
    6.Khamosh Raat-Thakshak
    7.Kismat Se Tum-Pukar
    8.Mera Yaar Mila de-Saathiya
    9.Piya Haji Ali – Fiza
    10.Hai Naa & So Gaye Hain – Zubeidaa
    11.O rey Chhori – Lagaan
    12. Yeh jo des hai tera – Swades
    13. Do kadam Aur Sahi – Meenaxi
    14. Khalbali & Khoon Chala – Rang De Basanti
    15. Tere Bina – Guru
    16. Meherbaan – Ada

    And finally

    Jai Ho……..

  35. YIPEE! Though I missed it all. Saw a few minutes and got bored. Wish I’d stuck it out now.

  36. @the post-punk cinema club : Checkout the music for “Muththu” ,”Padayappa” and “Sivaji”.Oil and water do sometimes mix :D

  37. Oh, I wish I’d seen! :-(

    Anyway, youtube zindabad – and I’ve got to see Slumdog Millionaire!

  38. yipeee!!!!!
    Rahman won……..Rahman rocks……

  39. I would add at least one or two works from his fabulous “Maa Tujhe Salaam” album for 50 years of independence. The opening number of the same sung by A R himself is soooo good.

    you can listen to it on

  40. I also like the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan number from the same album, not to everyone’s taste though, but I like the fact that these two genuises sang together. And also its optimistic message with the kids chorus…:))

  41. sorry, for got to add that you can watch it at

    OK promise to leave posting to other people now!

  42. p-pcc – that would be Sivaji. But for my money, if you want to see a really good Rajni masala movie with kickass music then it has to be Dalapathi (Thalapathi alt. sp.) directed by Mani Ratnam and music by Ilaiyaraja, aka Rahman’s Rahman. It also stars Mammooty, the south Indian Anil Kapoor or should I say Anil Kapoor’s the North Indian Mammooty?

  43. Memsaab,

    when you do pick ARR songs, please pick ones in which the Tamil pronounciation isn’t mangled! Just one of my pet hates (peeves is too mild :-)) – Konjum Mainakale (from Kandukondein) is a prime example – good song, ruined by ATROCIOUS pronounciation…

    My picks (Tamil):

    – Pudhu Vellai Mazhai – Roja
    – a couple of songs from Kizhakku Seemayile.
    – Nila Kaigiradhu – Indra (the Hariharan version)
    – any song from Rhythm
    – anbe sugama from Parthale Paramasam
    – Boys – this had some very clever songs.

    – Swades – either yeh jo des hai tera or sawariya – the instrumentation in sawariya is fantastic.
    – one two ka four – sona nahin
    – any of the dil se songs (dil se itself)
    – Zubeidaa – Dheemi Dheemi
    1947 Earth – Dheemi Dheemi (Hariharan)
    – Jodha Akbar – in lamhon
    – Guru – the theme

  44. Okay, I can see that I am going to have to make my own list of favorites, and then collect others as well :-) A lot of the ones listed here I have never heard, and don’t think I even have!


  45. So many people and nobody even mentioned Anjali, anjali from Duet ?

    Just for that, I am gonna leave a link here.

    (Watch out for Meenuji fluttering eyelashes at two total normal/pudgy gents. That’s why Indian movies rock : ) )

    Not to mention Puththam Pudhu Bhoomi Vendum from Thiruda Thiruda – a layered, rich song and visually a treat (the Hindi dub was TOTALLY screwed up though).

    And that devotional song takeoff in May Matham.

    And … OhhK. I get the point.

    : )

  46. AKM – omigod, Anjali Anjali was Rahman’s? I had no clue! I must have heard that song a million gazillion times when I was a little kid. And drove my mother mad because I insisted on lolling in the tub at weird hours of the day. I totally blanked on Thiruda Thiruda too, which is funny because that was the album that drove me to proselytize for the High Church of Rahman and I was a dead bore to all my friends and family that year (most of whom were already converts anyway).

    Memsaab – I don’t know how a lot of these will sound to you, frankly. I mean, they sound one way when you know what the song means and quite different if you caught them on the radio and it’s in some language you’ve never heard before, you know? So you’ll just have to judge for yourself. Half of them are in Tamil btw, which is why you haven’t heard them before :)

    M – I have the same problem with Hindi songs. I lisp in South Indian languages so I have no problems with mispronunciation in them, lolz.

  47. I have broken my resolve to not hog this board…all these posts have reminded me of the music of BOSE: THE FORGOTTEN HERO.
    Some beautiful western/indian/afghan based themes in that movie, mostly instrumental.

  48. Hi everyone here,
    Yes SM is a good movie, but i see it from a different angle showing INDIA in a bad taste calling people from the slums as “DOGs”.
    I would like you all to read my take on Slundog Millioaire too at :

    Would love to discuss it more further….

  49. Well, I’ve put my 2 cents’ worth in on AR Rahman’s best :-) So let me have it!

  50. The moment Shah Rukh appeared at the Golden Globes, my phone rang with my daughter in Richmond VA calling so we could shriek together as our Hollywood/Bollywood universes collided. Is there a single photo of SRK on the red carpet? I have been unable to locate any. Do you think it was a humbling moment for him to be ignored by the paparazzi? Or, a treasured moment of incognito? But, so exciting to see Anil Kapoor jumping up and down like a kid when Danny Boyle won. Who would have pegged Anil as the first Bollywood star to cross over?

  51. Not me, for sure, but I’m glad he is!!! I haven’t seen any photos of SRK on the red carpet, and I watched it and looked for him but didn’t see him. Anil was shown though :) It was truly fun, and I loved how excited Anil was.

  52. this movie totally had me in tears… so heartwrenchingly beautiful… much like the “art” films that ive seen by Shyam Benegal, Rabindra Dharmaraj, Sagar Sarhadi, Ketan Mehta, Naseeruddin Shah, etc that tell the stories of the poor exploited downtrodden people living in the slums…. great, realistic films which have been so often criminally overlooked by the rest of the world… when i saw that they had won so many awards, the impulse to cry returned, but this time.. for sheer joy! I’m so proud of all them.. and really glad to see AR Rahman up there with them too.. a modern maestro I was also happy to learn that so many of my Indian friends “approve” of this film as it wasnt your usual bollywood fare and the director being basically an outsider… the interview clip i saw of him on youtube (on my site) affirms that he is as humble as he is talented. anyway, it’s just great that this movie recieved the credit and global attention it deserves…

  53. oh.. ps: i agree with several others here that this OST is not AR Rahman’s best work either…. but he took some risks and the music works well with the emotional content of the screenplay.. AR Rahman deserves credit for that alone.. so versatile… plus, its about time the “western” pop media recognized him on the grand scale.. the man is amazing!

  54. DJ: I sobbed my way through it too. All my Sharmila makeup was gone when I came out of the theater. But I thought the film portrayed life pretty realistically for those who have nothing, and yet was so hopeful and full of joy at the same time. And I don’t think it was trying to exploit or point fingers at India as a country; it’s just that India embodies this contrast more than any other place on earth. It’s why I love the country.

    It’s not ARR’s best score, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best of the year by any means. He’s written such great, great music that it would be very difficult (namumkin even!) to pin his greatest work down to one soundtrack. He truly does deserve whatever accolades he gets now.

  55. Found! Over at desipolitan’s new fashion commentary and delightfully witty blog: a photo of SRK, Gauri and Karan on the red carpet at the Globes :)

    Gauri was wearing a saree, yay her! see the photo here:

  56. Amrita,

    sadly, I cringe at mispronounciatons in both languages, so could not recommend Luka Chuppi for instance…Rahman, who is normally fine with the Hindi had a couple of lapses there…and Konjum Mainakkale – UGH! Don’t remind me!

    Listen to the music of Boys…very clever – plus whoever did the lyrics had great fun with them as well :-)

    Oh yeah – I forgot Duet – I wore out two tapes of songs from that movie when it came out. Thiruda Thiruda – fun novie and fun songs, though Putham Pudhu Bhoomi is a lovely melodic one.

    But Do listen to Nila Kaigiradhu…a really beautiful number.


  57. I was SO HAPPY to see them!

  58. Memsaab,
    Nice pic! I missed the Golden Globes but seeing our beloved Bwood names on the red carpet would have delighted me too!
    Was SRK really a presenter for best pic?

    P.S. I can’t whistle either!

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