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December 29, 2011

From the archives: animals and children

I fret a lot about the welfare of animals and children I see onscreen (not just in Indian movies either), and it turns out that I should! But I will say that between the two articles from vintage Stardust magazines that I’ve attached here, the animals sound a lot better off than poor child star Kumari (Baby) Naaz. I’ve often wondered why such a good actress—who grew up into a truly beautiful woman—didn’t become a heroine, and she pretty much explains why in this interview (I love the writer’s purple prose: I doubt very much that Naaz even once “screamed”). You can also read more about her here.

The second article is a fascinating look “behind the scenes” into the world of the men and women who train our Motis and Badals and Rajas. Enjoy!

Baby Naaz

July 9, 2008

Trivia time #27

One more trivia question since I’m feeling too hot and lazy to review a film today.

Who is this actress? She was a child star who successfully transitioned into adult roles, although for some incomprehensible reason she was always in a supporting role and not a heroine (as you can see, she is beautiful, and a good actress to boot!).

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