Edu Productions launch

I have created a page called “Edu Productions” which you can always access from the menu across the top of this site. It contains links to download dvd files, YouTube (watch the whole film) and reviews where possible. I will keep it updated as more films are restored and subtitled by the Edu Productions team (to date: Tom, Raja, Ava, Muz, me, and our inspiration Edwina).


8 Comments to “Edu Productions launch”

  1. Hurrah!!! I must say – Watching some of these conversions for me is like watching the movies for the first time! Tom is doing my Dad’s collection proud! Thanks Great, Tom, Raja & Ava – I am sure my Dad is smiling down at you all!

    Very excited that we may collectively unearth other rare and hard to find movies.

  2. That’s wonderful !! Good luck to all of you. I am keen to know will Edwina’s movies be on display or will it it be in general?

    • She will probably feature in some of them! but she is not the focus—we are hoping to just make some films which have not been previously available, or haven’t been available in any kind of decent quality, and which have never been subtitled. It all depends on what we find! :)

  3. All I can say is that you’re all doing God’s [Saraswati, I’m guessing :-D] work. Thank you!

  4. This is exciting! I will have to take an opportunity to watch some pre-independence films – got no excuses left now. :D

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