Candy is dandy

All I can think of when I look at Filmindia magazines, especially the covers and color plates inside, is candy.

Glorious, gLoRiOus CANDY!

I’ll bet this movie swings more towards tears than laughter, although having Kishore in there is a good sign.

Nutan looking very…unlike Nutan.

Here she is in Baarish:

I haven’t seen that much of Anita Guha, mostly because I don’t really love mythologicals, I guess, but—


Baburao’s snark only adds to the fun.┬áLOL at “the Glaxo Food look”.

He is always kind of mean to poor Shammi, but I think she looks beautiful here!

And this caption made me guffaw, although I do feel Baburao lacks the proper appreciation for elegant capri pants and slim-fitting sweaters. Also his talk of chopping and bandaging made me cringe a wee bit.


Images from the May and June 1956 issues of Filmindia.

33 Comments to “Candy is dandy”

  1. Hi Greta,
    When you unearth unknown pictures of Nutan, you MUST send me a message! Wow, amazing! And the caption “Youth has some excitingly buxom angles, and Nutan has quite a few of them”: How can anyone write such trashy comments?! Where do you find these pictures? Are there dedicated sites for Filmindia posters? I have a whole book of B’wood posters, and not one shows Nutan.
    Thanks for the candy. Now I’ll have to go and brush my teeth again.

    • Filmindia was a magazine published from the mid-30s to the early 60s…the editor was Baburao Patel, and he didn’t much hold back his thoughts however prurient :D

  2. Whoa, I am swooning over that Nutan photo!

  3. very cool, thanks for sharing..interesting about that whole “Mother India” angle with Nehru’s name thrown in, although Nehru lived very “western” at home, something baburao probably wanted to ignore..

    • Baburao loved to go on and on and on about politics, for which he seemed largely disdainful (well, he was disdainful of most things bless him). I also find it difficult to know when he’s being sarcastic or not. But he is always funny.

  4. Brilliant as always, memsaab! Nutan would have been around 20 then. Incidentally, I have some lovely lobby cards of Baarish.

    Oh and here is a little background to Filmindia for those interested.

  5. Many of the paintings were executed by an artist called Pandit. The colors are glorious and the actresses nice and buxom

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely and intriguing pictures… was just listening to the songs from “Bhai-Bhai” yesterday

  7. I love those old-school pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ey..these are great! Baburao was a right poison pen…I’d hate to have had to work with him in the office! These colour magazine’s must have cost yonks in them days – I most certainely would have bought them though! ;-)

  9. Bhai bhai had a lot of laughter as well. Shyama starred in it and lip synched to geeta dutt’s “aye dil mujhe bata de”. nirupa of course shed her usual quota of tears but the rest of the movie was pretty entertaining!

  10. Just now got to know Achala Sachdev passed away today. May her soul RIP….

  11. Oh, the pretty! Excellent start for the work week. :-)

  12. Indian culture has always been colorful, it shows in their films, fashion and other crafts they do which makes it very interesting.

  13. Bhai Bhai is easily one of my favourite films simply because the music was scored by my favourite composer, Madan Mohan saheb…
    …i wonder what was Baburao Patel thinking when he penned such an acidic comment about poor Shashikala…i really wonder how did his poison pen react to the 2-piece bikini worn by Sharmila Tagore more than a decade later… =P

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures! :) Baburao’s comments are interesting in some bits and infuriating in some others….and that chopping and bandaging bit honestly made me want to mummify him in a saree!

  15. How come Baarish is mentioned in May 1956 in that Nutan photo? I thought it was released in 1957? Isn’t that weird?

  16. hey , i was suprised to see that someone still has these magazines,by any chance would you be able to have access to the filmindia issue of 1935 to 1937?

  17. from where did you get these magazines?How can I get access to them?I really want them or any other old issues of filmfare magazines.Please help me out.

  18. Interesting to see a mention of Dev Anand’s Baarish here. I chanced upon a print of the movie on piratebay a couple of years ago. I’ve uploaded it on youtube- you can check it out here

  19. Great pictures… Any chance that you have the December 1950 issue!? Would love to see that. It has a picture of a beautiful actress called Meena Shorey. Keep up the great work Mem.

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