Wahan Ke Log (1967)

*Now with subtitles!*

I guess wishing very very hard for something does make it come true—at least sometimes, when you have friends like Tom and Raja. I saw this film a couple of years ago but never bothered to write it up because there was no reason to: Todd over at D4K already had, and brilliantly so. We have long lamented the lack of subtitles for this; it has a LOT of plot, and much of it is incomprehensible without understanding the dialogues. So when Tom recently found some awesome people willing to help subtitle songs for his wonderful compilation dvds (hooray for Ava, Madhu and Raja!), I somehow got him to agree to make a subtitled version of this enchanting and stylish Indian science fiction should-be classic.

Thus far the only version available has been an unsubtitled vcd from Nupur, although a higher quality trailer for it is on Youtube and it is fab:

Thrills! Chills! Latest scientific devices!

If by now you are panting to see this, you can skip to the end for the links to download (or watch online) Tom and Raja’s subtitled version. If you aren’t sure you want to take the plunge yet, read on and I will try to convince you!

In Delhi, diamond merchants are being plagued by alien jewel thieves equipped with floating microphones and flying saucers.

They are extremely ruthless, with three-fingered scaly claws and laser death rays.

This rash of Martian diamond thefts has people debating whether people from Mars really do exist or not, and the CID are stumped.

More importantly, the “wahan ke log” have an ally on earth in the form of Anil (B-movie staple Nisar Ahmad Ansari, who produced and directed this too). He plans to use them to help him control the world with a super-laser ray under development. Mwaaaaahaahaahahaaha!

Anil has a syndicate of female operatives led by his most trusted lieutenant Miss Margaret (the awesomely flippantly-coiffed Nilofar) and he is as ruthless as the people from Mars. He blows up CID Agent Vijay with a bomb planted and operated by remote control, and he knows that the CID will put a new man on his trail: Rakesh, whose image he has inexplicably put onto a fake fingernail which he shows to Margaret.

Very handsome but very dangerous Rakesh (Pradeep Kumar, to whom I am not always kind but whose roles in movies like this are endearing him to me) is at a club being entertained by his friend Johnny Walker and the lovely Laxmi Chhaya with this gem of a song (the music in this is just wonderful, by C Ramchandra).

In the office, Rakesh’s superior officer (DK Sapru) is puzzled by the same thing I am: fake nails.

He is sending Rakesh to meet Professor Chakravarty (NA Ansari again), a crazy old scientist in Bombay who has invented a machine which can locate the people from Mars. The CID chief gives Rakesh a couple of 007-worthy pens: one for writing secret messages with invisible ink and another which shoots bullets—but only one at a time.

This sort of painstaking explication is a hallmark of films of this nature and I miss it when I can’t understand what’s going on. Of course I don’t need it when I can but never mind.

Rakesh is now set upon by a gorgeous—and mysterious—woman (Tanuja), who had earlier been lurking at the nightclub too.

She flirts with him, sings a lovely song and then vanishes as suddenly as she arrived, leaving Rakesh intrigued. When he returns home his friend Johnny shows him a new gadget that allows him to eavesdrop through walls, and he’s listening in on Rakesh’s Ma (Shobhana Samarth).

Oh oh!

Meanwhile, we discover that Professor Chakravarty is none other than Anil’s father—but they are on opposite sides of the law. Anil tries to destroy his father’s machine on the pretext of saving him from alien wrath, but fails (his feisty father beats the crap out of him with his cane) as another female skulks in a corner looking on. The baap-beta rishtaa is clearly fraught with long-standing issues.

Rakesh flies to Bombay to meet Professor Chakravarty. At the airport he thwarts a half-hearted attempt on his life, and is surprised to see the mystery woman from Delhi waiting for him—she even knows the code name he is travelling under, Prince Ranvir Singh (so unobtrusive!). She gives him a ride to his hotel.

The woman seen skulking at the Professor’s house turns out to be a CID agent herself; she informs Rakesh that Anil has an island with a secret laboratory—and a swimming pool.

In his room later, another enigmatic beauty by the name of Sophia (Bela Bose) introduces herself.

She entertains at the hotel club that evening (please take note of the awesome decor and stoned gori guitarists!).

The mystery woman from Delhi is there too, watching Rakesh closely as Sophia flirts with him. While Rakesh is thus distracted, Anil shoots his father and then destroys the alien-locating machine. Luckily the professor is only grazed by the bullet, and when Rakesh finally arrives Chakravarty tells him that his scientific colleagues have been disappearing.

They are being held on a spaceship. One of them accuses Anil of perpetrating a fraud—there are no aliens, he says, only gangsters working for Anil himself. He is killed with a death-ray by the mysterious space-suited figure.

I am enthralled by the multi-national extras in this scene, some of whom participate more enthusiastically than others.

Rakesh’s female CID agent is killed too, by Anil and Miss Margaret in a swimming pool “accident.”

Rakesh and Johnny are mildly regretful when they arrive on the island to save her.

Rakesh grows ever fonder of the mysterious woman from Delhi:

and he and Johnny continue to gather evidence against Anil and his collaborators. Are they really people from Mars? Who is this mysterious woman from Delhi and what is her interest in Rakesh? Can Anil be stopped from turning his super-laser-death-ray on the world? Will there be any diamonds left on earth for the rest of us?

And most of all, what is the connection between people from Mars and fake nails?

The film is cheesy, without a doubt, but delectably so. It embodies everything I love about these obscure so-called B-movies in its cheerful entrepreneurial spirit and low-budget creativity. It doesn’t always make sense—even with subtitles—but it doesn’t have to, and to be fair it does hang together much better than many with greater pretences. The music is lovely, the dances fabulous, the special effects startling; and the actors seem to really be enjoying themselves (except some of the extras, as I’ve pointed out). I especially now love Nilofar and her flipped-out hair. She is a wide-eyed low-key evil-doer—I need more Nilofar!

If you’d like to see it (the subtitles are really well done too, I might add) the link to the download is embedded in this Wahan Ke Log pdf file, which is also interesting reading. Tom explains what he’s done with the source video to improve it (difficult at best with the low-quality vcd files that are all he had access to). If downloading it is too tedious or difficult (we’re still looking for a server to house these gems!) you can watch it online here. If you have problems, leave a comment and we’ll try to help troubleshoot.

Thank goodness for Tom (someone should be paying him for all this) and many many thanks to Raja as well for translating this charmer. Please let them know how much their work is valued and appreciated: they do it out of a deep and abiding love for this cinema and the least we can do is cheer them on!

94 Comments to “Wahan Ke Log (1967)”

  1. I have yet to watch this, the piece of music you shared was fun (it made my day!). I’ll try & get a copy! Thankyou memsaab!

  2. I’ve been DYING to watch this! how utterly utterly brilliant! im so happy right now im speechless!!!!!!! yipee! haha! and misc crazed happy laughter!
    [trying to b calm]
    this is way too good of u. I nominate u blogger of the century.

  3. i WILL watch and I WILL review this too! such happiness is rare…today is a lovely day.
    Im really going quite crazy w/ delight.
    its all ur fault :D

  4. Wow, first hindi sci-fi film and it is hardly mentioned in the glorious history of Hindi cinema!
    As soon as I learn how to download this film, I’ve to do it!
    Nilofar played the whimsical heroine in Kaagaz ke Phool, whom Guru Dutt sacks.
    Great write-up!

  5. OMG!!!!! Thank you all so much! I have wanted to see this for quite some time. I am downloading as I type.

    I hope that all of you, Greta, Tom, Ava, Madhu and Raja, know how very much we appreciate all your efforts. The compilations, the subtitles and the accessibility – all of this is an invaluable resource, especially for a fairly solitary fan like myself. Almost all of my resources for this are internet based and it can be so frustrating to read about films that I know I won’t be able to see, or in many cases, if I do get to see them, they won’t be subtitled. So you all are angels in my book and you’re building up loads of good karma points, for sure!

    Thank you, ever so!


    • I know what you mean by solitary fan :) It’s why I started this blog! It has showered me with blessings I could have never imagined back then (almost 3 years ago!). Do let me know what you think of the film—it’s a loony delight!

  6. I’ve wanted this film ever since I came to a realisation of its existence (from a post on bwt that I didn’t see till it was too late to download) and am so glad that I will get a chance to see it, after all. YIPPPEEEEE!!!! Off to find out how to download… :) :) :)

  7. OMG!! OMG!!
    Thank you memsaab for bringing this film to light.
    Great work Raja, Ted, Madhu, Ava. Now all who need subtitled version can enjoy!!

    Where was this film? What is not to like . Pradeep K(I’ve always liked him) Tanuja, Johny Walker Bela, Laxmi, night club!!! :-D
    Above all such lively music!

    Its going to be an urgent purchase though I fear I’ll watch it online because of impatience, even though I prefer to watch it on a larger TV screen.

    Thanks again.
    Will read the review after watching. I have only skimmed through. :-)

  8. In my excitement I’m forgetting to write what I wanted to.
    I saw NA Ansari in a thriller, as a villain in a film called Tower House starring Ajit and Shakila.

    The print was very bad and badly edited, but….

    • There’s no purchase involved if you have an internet connection! I prefer larger tv screens myself, and you can d/l the files and burn them to a dvd to watch at your leisure :)

      I have Tower House and Black Cat as well…but sadly I need subtitles to understand what’s going on in them. Ansari likes intricate plots and dialogues!

      • DONE!
        Didn’t think I’d be able to do such technical things, but I could :-)

        It is truly a fantastic result. Clear pictures, very high standard of subtitles (I did miss the usual amusement which the subtitles afford).

        The film has a typical NA Ansari treatment – dead but not dead, sort of thing.

        In dustedoff’s words, it was really a sci fi masala and I was engaged throughout.
        Loved Anil shooting baloons off the heads of girls. LOL!

        • Hooray!! and thanks for letting us know it worked fine :) It really isn’t that difficult with Tom’s step-by-step instructions and some patience.

          I loved the balloons too :) the whole secret island laboratory WITH A SWIMMING POOL cracked me up. Clearly a villain who appreciates his leisure moments :D

      • I saw Black Cat on vcd. Its a fairly decent movie. Wasnt the second Johnny Walker dance awesome?

        It is always a pleasure to watch Balraj Sahni on screen.

        Unfortunately I dont know how to manipulate videos or I would have ripped out the JW dance for Tom.

        • Folks we have this super track-
          woh pyaara pyaara pyaara pyaara chanda
          on Johnny Bhai

          sung by Mahendra Paajee

          Now was there another one also ?
          Am hving some doubt about one which has been cut in my VCD, bcos if my memory calls me right, there are 2 ?

          Am going out otherwise wud like to solve the mystery. And if need be I can get the song from my VCD also for Tom, be back in 2-3 hours.


          • My apologizes, I have mixed up the songs from Wahan Ke Log with Black Cat, songs of which I can rip-
            1.kaun tujhe roke kaun tujhe toke
            2.one two three four dil ka tu chor

            Is that right ?, drop a word pls.
            Thx .)

  9. Tears. Thank you, Tom, Raja, Ava and Madhu. And you, too, Memsaab. You’re like beautiful B movie angels.

  10. Can’t say it better than Todd :-) Many thanks to all of you.

  11. By any chance have you come across this movie named “Ghar Ka Chiraag” which also released in the same year, 1967. From what I know, it stars Dharmendra and Waheeda Rehman. Will be grateful if you could put up a review of that movie as well.

    • I have not, although I think I’ve mined the Dharmendra oeuvre about as deeply as I can with what’s available…I will see if it’s out there somewhere (with subtitles!) :)

  12. Lovely lovely review I have a cd of this sitting on my shelf :( Too many movies too little time.

    What Tom does is simply amazing. After he cleans up a video, it becomes another thing altogether. I remember watching Barsaat ki raat qawwalis on youtube and not being too impressed by them. Later I watched Tom’s cleaned up version and this time I could see their awesomeness, all because of picture clarity.

    Wo pyara pyara chanda is such a fun song.

    • Yes, as I said someone should be paying Tom (and you!) for what he does…It’s a glimpse into what the films might have been originally. The source for this one is so bad that the picture is still not the best, but it’s much better than on the vcd for sure.

      Tom’s veoh channel (linked in the post) is a real treat, for sure.

  13. Thank you so much, Tom! I can’t wait to download this and get started on watching it. Sounds unmissably masala. :-)

    By the way, Stuartnz left a comment on my blog that he’s offering server space for song compilation DVDs and/or entire movies, like this one. Tom has his e-mail ID, I think…? So if you do want to upload Wahan ke Log on the server, you could send Stuart a mail.

  14. Alwayz been one of my fav movies from childhood, and for that matter Nisar Ahmed Ansari’s own Production and where he acted himself also.

    This guy had charisma, one cud sense it on the screen. Always fond of gangsta and Sci Fi type of movies. A chip of da ol block.

    I also loved Black Cat 1959
    Gunda 1969
    Jurm Aur Sazaa (1974)

    On the wish list is Khota Paisa (1958) with Johnny Bhai, understand VCD has come now. Yipee

    Wanted… trying for this from 1961 and also Zara Bachke (1959), superb songs !

    Pradeepda, Helen,Bela Bose, Johnny Bhai, Nilofer, Shakila were regular crew in many of his movies.

    And Rock n roll, cha cha cha, big bands was another of his main features.

    A man of all seasons, and incidentally folks may want to know he died in
    11 January 1993, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada.

    May his soul RIP

    and another trivia is his BANNER/film co was called Bundel Khand Films,
    a place of his birth.

    Possibility duplicated info but all the same for new readers.

    Cheers .)

  15. Well done Tommy and Raja. I do not know Tommy, but I know Raja well on internet. Well done, both of you. Your work is highly appreciated.

  16. And I thank Ava and Madhu too. And last but not the least, let me thank outr beloved Greta (Memsaab) too whose relentless crusade on this topic seems to be finally paying off.

    • Well, everyone who shares their love for these films contributes. I have learned a lot from everyone here, and at other people’s blogs. Especially yours—I have found so many bad films with great music through you :D

  17. A sub-titled, cleaned-up version of “Wahan ke Log”! I can just imagine the celebrations in Memsaab’s home today!:-)

    If I were the drinking kind, I’d hold up a glass of bubbly in honor of the awesomeness that is Tom, Raja, Ava and Madhu. May your tribe grow.

    PS. I have “Ghar Ka Chirag” and trust me when I say you’re not missing anything by not having seen it.

    • So very happy :) And I AM the drinking kind so have raised many glasses by now to Tom, Raja, Ava and Madhu. May their tribe grow indeed!

      Nooooo—Dharmendra and Waheeda in a no-good film? What a tragic waste :(

  18. never heard of this…and as a sucker for any kind of B, C or Z-grade sci-fi movie made in hollyowood in the glorious 50s….I have got to see this!

  19. Yes, someone should be paying Tom. And Raja, and all of you doing such a great job of preserving these old gems. Many, many thanks. I seem to be able to download now with Mac OS 10.4. But will let you know once I view, if there are any technical problems with downloading and viewing.

    • Goody! Do let us know if you need any help. For working on a Mac see the Bela Bose compilation dvd thread—turbanhead commented with some alternative software to use :)

  20. This stuff is great. Memsaab, my organizatin in Delhi is launching a family magazine. Could i please get you to right a monthly column for that. I am serious.

  21. Tom, I kees you! I’ve been waiting for this forever!

  22. Nothing that I can add to what you have already said about this fabulous movie! And yes, isn’t Nilofer wonderful! This is the movie that made me really notice her.

    Thanks ever so much to Tom and Raja for taking the time to make this film even more enjoyable!! You two do such a great job!

  23. and also thanks to Ava and Madhu as well as dear Greta for gathering together such a lovely bunch of people who love Hindi films!

  24. Thank you for sharing, but I’m sorry to tell you that several of the 22 files are corrupted. I downloaded them several times with, at each time, the same results. File #3 for instance, although it has the same length than the others, always came as “corrupted”, according to my PC.
    Would be pleased to hear from anybody who was able to download the entire movie…
    Thank in advance!


    • Hi Jean-Claude, Have you read Tom’s instructions.pdf file? Mediafire tends to corrupt some files, and he explains in the instructions how to fix it. Let us know if that doesn’t help! :)

    • Yes, I’ve been able to download the entire movie, which I did while testing. That’s what the PAR files are for, to ‘uncorrupt’ it. As memsaab says, it’s all explained in the included Instructions.pdf. Good luck.

      I’m sure you’ll agree that it’ll have been worth it after you burn the DVD to disc and watch the movie. I apologized earlier in the comments about the difficulty of getting the movie, but unless and until someone steps forward with an offer of the use of a server for her, we just don’t know of a better way to do this.

      Editing: I didn’t apologize earlier in the comments to this DVD, but in the comments to the Bela Bose DVD.

  25. Hello Memsaab
    First of all, please excuse me for the fact that I didn’t read carefully the given explanations, so I’m now adding the PAR files.
    I’ll tell you about the result.
    Being not accustomed to MediaFire I thought it was similar to the other programmes of this kind, but apparently they have specific problems…
    Thanks again for sharing, anyway. It’s always wonderful to watch these Indian movies. I live in Paris, with plenty of Indian shops selling DVDs, most of them (in the Hindi language, anyway) with English, and sometimes French, subs.

  26. Finally got this all downloaded, assembled, and viewed. thanks to all involved! Plenty of entertainment in this one. Now to get and watch Shikari…

  27. Absolutely marvelous film!
    Many thanks for what must have been tremendous effort to sub and time this.
    Cheers and keep up the brilliant work!

  28. I’ve been trying for hours now, but I can’t seem to download these two files:


    I keep getting the message: No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Please retry your request in a moment.

    I’m dying to see this. Somebody please advise.

    • Hi Jimmy, I’ve forwarded your comment to Tom…hopefully he can help. Thanks for your patience!

      • Hey memsaab,

        Thanks for forwarding my issue to Tom. I was finally able to download the two files (without the unavailability message), then repair and unrar them. I haven’t watched it yet, but just from checking out a few samples, the movie looks amazing considering the VCD source. Big thanks to Tom, Raja, Ava, and Madhu for all your efforts and time to make this happen. And of course, thanks to memsaab for bringing all this to my attention just by having it here. You are lovely, dedicated people who are greatly appreciated. I’m gonna go pop this in my DVD player now. Challo!

  29. Have the Wahan Ke Log files been taken down? It took me a little while to get around to trying to make a DVD, and now the files seem to have vanished. I would dearly love a DVD if someone can help. I’ve watched it on Veoh- it was every bit as cool as advertised. (Wahan ke log, not Veoh, which I don’t like). Thanks a lot…

  30. Tom has verified that all the files are working again, although they were not for some reason temporarily. So those of you trying to download them, give it another whirl!!! Thanks.

  31. Thanks so much for reinstating the files. I have gotten pretty far in the instructions, but have gotten stuck. I have all the files downloaded, and Quickpar and WinRAR installed. I am at the line: After installing them, right-click on the PAR2 file at the top and open: I’m new to this sort of thing, so excuse me. Does ‘them” refer to the programs themselves, or is there some installation process for the files? I see nothing that resembles the next illustration, wiith a list of the files and Open With Quick Par. Forgive my ignorance! I’m so close now I can taste it. Thanks again for all the hard work that went into this project.

    • I think it refers to the programs (Quickpar and WinRAR) :) Go ahead and right-click on the file (make sure you are right-clicking on it, not just clicking on it—if you don’t have a right-click button I think you can hold down the Control key at the same time as you click on it, at least that’s how it works on a Mac). You’ll see the Open option.

    • The ‘them’ refers to the previous paragraph where it says to install QuickPAR and WinRAR if you don’t have them already. With that done you right-click on the wahan.ke.log.par2 which should be your first file and then ‘Open with QuickPar’. Did you do that?

      It may be a bit confusing because I’m not rewriting the Instructions.pdf for each new DVD and it was written for my first such project, the Minoo Mumtaz DVD. The procedure is identical, though.

  32. Hi- Thanks for getting back to me. Is there a minor step (obvious to all but dummies like me) being skipped here? I have loaded all the files into Quickpar- it says Select Files To Protect. I see nothing that looks like the Open Files With Quickpar pictured in the illustration. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious because of my inexperience. Clearly many have been able to follow these instruction- sorry about that! I have Windows XP.

  33. Success! I have a completed Wahan Ke Log DVD. The info that I needed was to right-click on the file wahan.ke.log.par2. I’m so grateful for the time and effort that went into producing the subtitles version, into posting it online, and for the extra help that got me over the goal line. Thanks, guys!

    • Hooray!!! Do let us know how you like it :) In addition to all his other talents, Tom is really wonderful about reaching out to help if there are problems. Glad it worked out for you!

  34. I look forward to seeing the movie! The one clip I have seen of Laxmi’s dance is delightful.

    Some sections are not downloading, again. Same error message as described above. This time the extensions are: .rar, r00, r16, r19 and vol039+035.PAR2.

    “No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Please retry your request in a moment.”

    • Hi Steve,
      I just tested the files you mentioned and can confirm. The only thing you can do is wait until they become available again. It’s happened before at least a couple of times and they come back with a day or two. I’ll try to remember to keep an eye on them for the next couple of days and report back here. I’m sorry you’re having problems. These could easily be resolved if memsaab had a server available for her use. If you know of anyone that would let her use theirs, please let us know.

  35. Thanks for writing! I guess I’ll have to wait it out.

    Has anyone checked out Godaddy? They sell server space pretty cheap.

  36. YAYYYYYY!!! Those totally worked. I have a complete DVD and I cannot wait to watch it.

    Thank you so much for your efforts. I downloaded them right away but it took me a little time to respond.

  37. Well, of course. But at least your links gave me a head start on downloading them and putting the DVD together, which I did. Thanks again!

  38. This is amazing to see – N.A. Ansari is our grandfather, my brother sent me this website. So happy to see his legacy being enjoyed in this generation. Appreciate the effort by everyone who put this together.

    I’ve scanned his past movie photos into a website that can be found here:

    thank you again.
    kashif ansari

    • Hi Kashif and welcome! Oh your grandfather made so many fun films, you must be proud of him :) I have seen your site before, I love the photos you have put there (must remember to add it to my sidebar)… thanks for stopping by :)

  39. I am son of N.A.Ansari living in Toronto and was involved in designing the flying saucer for this movie.My father use to discuss and outline all the special effects and how they will be shot.
    The were all mechanical as computers were not there in those days.

    I am quite amazed to see such enthusiasm and effort being put in to give subtitles to the movie and such appreciation shown.

    • It is THE BEST FLYING SAUCER EVER! I much prefer these types of special effects to the computer-generated ones there are now. They have such soul :) Thank you for commenting and sharing—and for giving us such a really fun entertainer. Your father made lots of such films and deserves a lot of thanks and recognition for his contributions to cinema.

  40. Good to see Kashif Bhai and Askari Bhai on board, thanks to the Internet we are ensuring the Legacy of these g8 artists and their contribution is not forgotten.

    I have been brought up in the NA era and thus never missed any phillums where he was a part of it
    As a yung kid we enjoyed his work, and still do after decades and I have always wondered 2 things and if any1 can share with us-
    the disguises and costumes which he wore, was it his own idea ? He was a man of 1001 disguises and I am sure it was his idea totally.

    I do not wish to sound personal but if yu can share why he moved to Canada, as a kid I remember he just vanished and since we were based in Kenya we never could really find out why.

    Have just watched and shared Khota Paisa from 1958 with him,Johnny Bhai, Shyama, Jeevan etc and as always a pleasure to revive the g8 old days.

    He had a lot of movies with Pradeepda, Johnny Bhai and Nilofour Begum, am sure they all bonded well. We wud have loved to see Pradeepda or his kids share some thoughts from this golden era.


  41. My uncle can answer the first question about his disguises better than I. He came to Canada often as my father and Uncle (Askari) have lived here for many years. He would stay here during the summers and back in India for the winters.

  42. Dear friends,
    I was so happy to have found that marvelous movie…but seems that 08 part is missing from mediafire. There’s anything I can do?

    I think I found your page too late… :-(

    • Hi Mr. D,
      I apologize for the problem. I no longer have the RAR files on my hard drive. I’m hoping that the elusive number 8 will show up in the next few days, and I’ll keep an eye out for it. Failing that, I’ll make a new set of RAR files and upload a new number 8. If it’s not exactly the same, though, you won’t be able to unRAR the files successfully. And if that happens, I’ll upload a whole new set of RAR files for you to get. Please get the rest and then check back here over the next days for updates

  43. Hi, Tom

    Thanks, thanks a lot for your care and love for indian movies!

    I’ve downloaded them all, and I’ll wait for the new rar file.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Mr. D,

      After waiting a couple of days for it to show up, I’ve uploaded a fresh .r08 for you (and anyone else). Unfortunately, you’ll have to be the guinea pig. Download it and then see if the movie can be unRAR’d to an ISO ready to burn. I don’t really think it can. If it doesn’t work, let me know here and I’ll upload the rest of the freshly made RARs. Which will mean you’ll have to redownload everything again. I sure hope this movie is worth all your work. :) Good luck.

  44. Thanks, thanks a lot, Tom. I’ll try right know and I’ll let you know.

    I’ll cross fingers! :-)

  45. Eureka! It works!!! Thanks again, mate!!!

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