Teesri Manzil: the missing pieces

Most fans of Shammi Kapoor and this fabulous film are by now painfully aware that no full version of it has made it onto dvd or vcd. Well, fear not! Shalini has shared her videotaped version which is intact (though unsubtitled), and I am here to tell you what we’ve been missing.

On the dvd, Sunita (Asha Parekh) and Rocky (Shammi) return from their little excursion having fallen head over heels in love and Rocky discovers that his room has been ransacked while he was away. He realizes that someone is investigating Rupa’s death a year earlier, and is confronted by a jealous Ruby (Helen)—she says cryptically that she hopes that Rupa’s little sister doesn’t find it necessary herself to leap from the third floor to the arms of mother earth. Then suddenly the scene switches to a rural fair, with Sunita and Rocky singing a song on a ferris wheel; and from that point on wealthy Kanwar (Premnath) is suddenly part of the plot and Sunita’s father (Raj Mehra) is also inexplicably present along with Ramesh (Prem Chopra) and his father.

Between Ruby’s jealous sniping and the song at the fair are about 30 minutes of footage which make sense of Kanwar’s character and entrance, and explain the arrival of Ramesh and the two fathers. It’s not of utmost importance to the plot, but it does make it smoother and more logical and gives us a whole lot more of Shammi, which is really what matters, hai na?

I’m not clear on all the dialogue of course, but here’s what I gather happens. If I get it wrong maybe Shalini can correct me!

Sunita informs Rocky that her friends (the hockey team) have planned a picnic outing for everyone, but Sunita and Rocky want to spend the day alone together (I adore Rocky’s pajamas here!).

They decide to pretend they are ill and ham it up tremendously, somehow even so managing to convince the girls to go on without them.

They meet at their usual place on a hill and Sunita tells Rocky (I think) about her wish to avenge Rupa’s death, which of course makes Rocky feel terrible even though he already knew about it. The angst!

I marvel at Sunita’s red pom-pommed knit cap.

They are interrupted by her friends (who seem to carry their hockey sticks everywhere) and teased a bit. The girls are hungry and thirsty, and Sunita suggests that they stop by Rocky’s uncle’s place (remember that Rocky had pointed out a big mansion on a hill earlier in the film while telling Sunita that he came from a good family).

Rocky of course tries to stop them, but the enthusastic gaggle of sahelis heads off towards the house. He runs ahead and arrives just in time to see the house’s owner Kanwar (Premnath) climb into a sporty convertible and drive away to meet some friends.

Relieved, he sweet-talks his way past the servant, invites them all in and orders up some refreshments.

But Kanwar returns unexpectedly, having forgotten to give his servant some instructions. He hears the ruckus inside and goes in to investigate.

This is a very silly scene, as he stands there and the party rages on with nobody noticing him or his giant rifle. Rocky distributes apples and brags about his rich “uncle”—really it’s very silly indeed, but makes me giggle anyway. Such is the power of Shammi and Teesri Manzil.

Luckily Kanwar decides that it’s funny too and begins to laugh heartily—and he goes along with Rocky’s story that they are uncle and nephew. It seems he has an eye for pretty girls too.

As they all take their leave Rocky stops to thank him (Kanwar says that he was young once too!) and a man in black dressed exactly like the mysterious figure skulking about at the hotel drives into the compound. Kanwar tells Rocky that the man is his estate manager, who is a bit of a drunk.

Back at the hotel, Ruby is conspiring with the weaselly hotel waiter (Rashid Khan) and Sunita discovers that her father has arrived in Mussoorie with Ramesh and his father in tow (she is less pleased to hear that, although she is glad to see Dad). He has come to fetch Sunita to the house where they are all staying.

Rocky looks in vain for Sunita in the hotel club, and the waiter tells him about her father’s arrival and Sunita’s subsequent departure from the hotel.

At the house, Ramesh tries to put the moves on Sunita but she will have none of it. She tells him furiously that she will not marry him, ever.

Her father quickly catches on that Sunita has given her heart elsewhere. She is thrilled when he agrees to meet Rocky that evening.

Meanwhile, Rocky has gone to meet Sunita at their spot, but mistakes another young lady for her. That girl screams for help and soon Rocky is being chased down the hill by a group of nearby villagers.

He runs into Sunita now, and yells at her for leaving the hotel without telling him. They argue and he says “You go to your Daddy!” She responds furiously “You go to your Mummy!” and I laugh. Lord how I love these two together.

But the men who are chasing Rocky now see him fighting with Sunita and assume that he’s found yet another victim.

Sunita runs off in a huff and Rocky chases her, with the villagers chasing him—and that’s how they end up at the fair, where the dvd picks up again with the song “Dekhiye Sahibaan.”

In terms of the story it isn’t a horribly big deal, but how I would love to see this film restored in its entirety (and subtitled). It is just such a classic! These missing scenes add continuity and context, not to mention more Shammi, more Asha, more Laxmi, more Premnath, (a little) more Helen, more silliness, more mystery and more romance. Less is not more, Hindi film dvd manufacturers!!! More is more!! I WANT MORE!

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  1. This is the first time I am getting the connection.
    Even the version I had seen in India years ago missed this part. It straightaway jumped to the song.

    Now it is all very clear. Thanks, thanks, thanks, Greta and Shalini.

  2. Your good deed for the day! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))

    It is so long since I saw Teesri manzil. Have to remedy this failing.

  3. I’ve always wondered why Premnath’s character’s intro was so adrupt- thank you for the answer! i think this is the best bit of research uve ever posted. Extremly satisfying. I bet they cut ift when they released it to video- becuase they did have length restrictions (some of them). Maybe someone like Moserbaer will consider releasing the whole deal to DVD!

  4. You mean the movie is all chopped up on DVD? A major movie like this? Its a crime.

    • Crime against humanity indeed Ava, a disgrace and they are good at chopping whatever they feel like, it is plain cheating.

      I have quite a few old classics on VCD, and here songs cut wholesale, and these are good Master prints so there is no excuse… but how this can be corrected in future is a moot point….

      I wish Shalini cud share her VHS with us, we have folks who will try to restore it as much as possible and share with all cinema lovers out there.

      P.S. Readers will note one song from Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon is chopped in the DVD…….the superb ZULFON KI SUNEHRI CHHAON TALE…. just disappeared, I wish I cud hv saved my ye olde VHS.


      • You mean, Zulf ki chaon me chehre ka ujala lekar, teri viran si ratoon ko sajaya hamne?

        That song is awesome. If that is cut out, I dont want to see the movie.

        I have often seen Kashmir ki kali on TV but never seen the song – Phir thes lagi dil ko. Was it cut out of the movie or just chopped out of the TV Screenings?

        • Yep correct Ava
          Zulf ki chaon mein chehre ka ujala lekar def missing
          I had to run and check my DVD right away and see if indeed another super hit yu mentioned by Ashatai Phir thes lagi dil ko is there or not….?

          and the result is, it is NOT there. Pls see the link of the DVD menu and yu will see the 7 songs, 8th is missing… what to say ?

          If yu chop songs from these musicals then the whole movie falls flat, I am trying to see if any of my buddies have the VHS for-

          Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon
          Teesri manzil
          and Kashmir Ki Kali

          def worth preserving and I will share if I get any of the above.

          Meanwhile we can all Grrrrr.rrrrr……rrrrr…., until we spot another movie with a similar unpardonable chopping !


        • There is a discussion of the Kashmir Ki Kali song cut out in the comments of my post on it starting here:


          Apparently soon after it was released the censors forced it to be cut out of the film itself. So that one we maybe can’t blame on vcd/dvd makers, although probably if they’d really tried they could have put it back in :(

          • Am sorry I do not accept a song being cut bcos of some stupid chap on censor thought it was against public morality, a joke !

            Did Shakti Samanta protest ? He shud have fought and got this song added in his dvd/vcd/vhs… but I know it is easier said than done, all in all a sad state of affairs.

            Cheers .)

      • I have Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon DVD in my yet to be watched pile. Now it makes me mad for even buying it after knowing that songs have been cut once again!

      • What a criminal waste of a great song. Personally I was not aware of this song and do not recall having listened to this song. Any idea if this song (video or even audio) is available anywhere ?

        • SQcutatul .)

          The PWDLH track avail, others am afraid not able to trace so far, I have some old audio cassettes, must check if the full album is there and ofcors if the audio cass still working ?

          Cheers .)

          • Now I have been able to locate the video of this song. Cheers !

            I will post this song in my blog soon.

    • I know. India needs to pass some laws against this sort of thing. I am willing to come and lobby the government for it!!!! I don’t understand how filmmakers and their heirs can tolerate it. I mean, Vijay Anand must be gnashing his teeth wherever he is over this. It reflects so badly on their work, and will totally skew people’s opinions of their abilities over time…

      • Slashing films for commercial or practical purposes, real or imagined, is hardly unique to India though…

        • I know, but I only care about the Indian ones :D

          • Make it mandatory to print on the cover of the vcd/dvd that if a film is incomplete and cut, then for heavens sake SAY SO clearly !!

            At least we know that we are not taken for a ride.

            PS I have saved my VHS of Johnny Walker (1957), a fab comedy which starred –
            Johnny Walker
            Raj Mehra
            Sulochana Latkar
            Tony Walker

            Besides a few of Kishoreda’s earlier releases, worth gold .), have to check out the names .)

            Cheers .)

  5. Yup. I remember this from seeing it on TV long ago. So glad you finally got to see it too! :-)

    • I think you’re the one who made me aware that there was a big missing chunk :) So thank you for that and I am so happy I’ve gotten to see it too!

  6. Oh wow! This film is awesome! It is totally evil to ruin a masterpiece like this – It’s like scribbling on the mona lisa! Well, great job Shalini! (& Greta for brilliantly posting this up!)

  7. When I first saw “Teesri Manzil” in the 1980’s on VHS, I remember all this, and I always assumed the DVD version had this as well. I am glad that you corrected me on my misconception about how there are different versions of the same film floating around, because DVD manufacturers don’t take the time to look for the most complete film and release it. I think the Bollywood film industry should set up a department that takes of older films, clean it up by removing the logos and use a clean print, and then have subtitles that actually make sense.

    • All I can say is: DON’T throw your VHS tapes away just because a film has been released on dvd. It’s probably not a better version. That is appalling and sad, but seems to be true in almost all cases. I so agree with you about the industry doing something about these, but apparently nobody there cares about it all either.

    • Same here. I too, remember watching the movie on TV a long time ago, and all the scenes mentioned in the post above were there. Watched a rerun (on TV again), few months ago, but don’t remember the status then. Guess staying in India does have a few advantages!

  8. Yay for Shalini!

    I have to wonder what the copyright situation is with these because if it’s a matter of donating man hours to restore them, I’m sure there’s a way to crowdsource something. I mean look at what Ava and Tom accomplished entirely on their own with no support whatsoever.

    • It seems that the DVD manufacturers now hold the rights to these films? I don’t know for sure. Whoever could get the rights and do right by them would collect masses of good karma (like Tom and Ava and Shalini already are!) if not a small fortune from those of us who are willing to pay for quality instead of pirating like we do now :D

      • G. leave aside DVD;s
        I have been collecting original VCDs since ages and those days paid quite a fortune, for what ???? cut and chopped versions all around, quality- best not commented upon.

        So really the attitude of these manufacturers smells of purel commercial interest and has nothing to do with the love of the cinema….

        all these guys cud do was to get a bigger disc ie 800 mb iso the 700 mb which they use/used, and cutting n chopping wud not be nec.

        And hear this some labels, dont wanna name them, have 2 VCD discs packed in one lousy plastic bag….. atrocious, what are they saving on ???? Bound to get scratched when the are put in one bag, that also of cheapest quality.. and always smallest size bag they can get their hands on…. so much of professionalism.

        Cheers .)


        • Oh I think it all started with VCDs. A lot of people have intact films they taped from television, but were chopped up and put on VCDs. A lot of DVDs are made from those VCDs—no effort has been made to find an original print at all.

          And yes—I would guess that 70% of the VCDs I have don’t play all the way through, or have sections that you have to skip past to keep going. Kwality.

  9. I don’t think our favorite actress Asha Parekh knows about this problem. In this 2002 interview, she was asked whether she watches her old films, and she replied, “Never. I think I was quite silly in a lot of them. I don’t have a collection of my films either on tape or on DVDs. Honestly, I don’t believe in living in the past.” (from http://downloads.movies.indiatimes.com/site/april2002/ivw15.html)

    • I got the feeling that Shammi doesn’t watch his old films either. I guess I can’t blame them :) In any case as things stand now it’s probably better if they don’t!

  10. I remember seeing the whole film, and I think even when it’s telecast, if and when, it’s the entire version. Sad about the DVDs though. It’s shameful.

  11. Hi,
    I have seen the unedited version as a kid. Now, whenever my friends tell me about the abrupt jump cut, I have to tell them about this portion. I hate the DVD makers for omitting this part. Really, can’t have enough of Shammi, Asha and Teesri Manzil! :)

    • It really is criminal :( I hope the explanation and screencaps here help give people the flavor of it…but really we need the whole thing restored to a full version. It’s shameful.

  12. Ah yes! Now that you mention I recall these scenes. Like others I caught it on TV too.

    Thanks Shalini and memsaab for jogging our memories and good for those too who hadn’t seen it.

    The list of grouches against the producers of vcds and dvds grows longer and longer and hope it gets long enough to form a lasso.

    LOL at ‘scribbling on Monalisa’. :-D

  13. And some very very good news!!




    • I’ll believe it when I see it. Sorry…but this kind of annoucement is made periodically and nothing ever comes of it.

      • @Pacifist, pardon me for being blunt, but this will never happen, it will remain on paper and get bogged down with nitty gritty, we need people with some professionalism and qualifications to do such a job, I am afraid the people who are running this Ministry are all Babus and chamchas and def not the right people to do such a job.

        In any case what were they doing last 50-60 years ? What are their achievements, if any.


    • Perhaps this is a reaction to the fact that Martin Scorsese has spoken out about saving Indian films and is working on a project with the World Cinema Foundation to rescue and restore “Kalpana” from 1948.

      It makes people look bad if someone from the outside feels that they have to get involved for action to take place.

      (just a theory) Either way, I would like to be an optimist and hope that this is the beginning of true preservation. No matter who is involved. And Scorsese is as big a film fan and serious a film student as anyone out there. He has a passion for it and the name and the clout to set things in motion.

      Keeping my fingers crossed,


  14. I remember seeing ‘Teesri Manzil’ in Delhi in a theatre in 1982. Those days they used to re-release old movies and I had seen the complete version then.

    I visited the mansion on the hill in Mussoorie (Teesri Manzil) a couple of years back and could go into the compound. The mansion doors were locked but the lobby area was open. Nobody lives there and there were cows grazing where in the movie the hockey match was shot. I visited again last year but then somebody has installed a gate so one cannot enter the compound or see the mansion. Dont know who owns it.

    I had seen Kashmir Ki Kali in the 80s too in a theatre, and I remember thinking at that time that a couple of songs were missing. ‘Phir thes lagi dilko’ was definitely missing and I think even ‘Balma khuli hawa main” was missing.

    • Interesting info BL .)

      I am pretty sure some money bags has brought this and in due time it will be razed and some multi story will come up, anyway who cares about heritage ?

      Have been visiting internal Maharashtra and most of these historical heritage is in the pits, oh why go so far, have a look in and around the Kanheri Caves in Mumbai !

      Cheers .)

    • What a shame, it’s an interesting looking house!

      I guess there isn’t any full print of KKK around now :(

  15. I think I must have only seen the complete version as shown by DD in its day, because I remember the hockey sticks and definitely found the whole set-up leading to the song “Dekhiye…” very amusing…what a great song, btw!

  16. Some trivia about the movie

    1) Did you know that Geetha Bali passed away when Shammi Kapoor was shooting for this movie? For months together, Shammi could not bring himself to shoot for the movie. Nasir Hussain (the producer) refused to bring down the sets even when the shooting was not on. He had to cough out lakhs to keep the sets intact. Guess which was the first scene Shammi shot for on his return? It was the song “Aaja Aaja…”

    2) I remember Shammi saying that during this period, Vijay Anand (the director) was a great moral support to him in these days.

    3) Dev Anand was initially supposed to star in the movie, but due to date problems opted out and eventually Shammi Kapoor stepped in.

    4) Shammi wanted his favorites Shanker-Jaikishen as the music directors, but when he listened to the songs of RD Burman for the first time, he didn’t bring up the topic again.

    5) RD Burman has acknowledged Majrooh Sultanpuri (the lyricist) to have introduced him to Nasir Hussain.

    6) This is Vijay Anand’s first movie outside the Navketan banner. However, he did return to direct Jewel Thief (1967).

    After Guide (1965) Dev Anand was looking for a new story and after watching Teesri Manzil, he decided to make a suspense thriller. That was how Jewel Thief was made.

    • I did know all that…although I’ve heard that it was “Tumne Mujhe Dekha” that Shammi returned to shoot for, and that Asha P. has said it was very easy for her to cry during filming it because she felt so sad for him. But who knows? :)

  17. Nice one!! Solves all d hitches in the movie… i remember seeing this part when d movie was aired on doordarshan… many yrs ago!! Thanks for bringing this on again esp bcoz this is my all time fav movie.. cn watch it n number of times (actually every time i find it on tv)!! YAY!!

  18. Bahut bahut shukriya memsaab for filling in the missing bits. I think we have missed on a sizeable junk of enjoyable movie experience with the missing bits. I can only say ” Shame Shame DVD Companies”

    • I know, it makes me so sad to realize that…and I don’t even know what I’m missing until people here fill me in on it. Hope everyone keeps doing that!!!

  19. ABOMINABLE! Yes I Am Shouting it. They have taken out this much?! I haven’t seen this in about 15 yrs but recollect the scenes. And we all know by now that there are many other movies like this. Why don’t they cut the scenes from Amitabh’s movies? Sholay,DDLJ, etc. Each movie has its charm. Fellow movie lovers,here is an idea. Through Memsaab -about whom an article has been published in Filmfare about love for Indian movies- we should get our complaint to Filmfare. Maybe send them this link which voices our complaints.

    Through them get the dvd makers to re-do the movies correctly. Futile.do you say. We have a saying in South India which I’m sure has its equivalent all over the world. Throw a stone at the mango. You’ll either get the mango(success) or the stone falls on your head. Think it’s worth a try. That’s my two-bit worth. I feel as much about this as anyone else. Since the 80’s I’ve been lucky to watch the VHS of these movies.

    This guy is supposedly interested in all language movies,reading through this article.
    Enjoying the benefits of our contributions to his coffers.
    Any point in writing to him? I did write to Eros and Yash films dvd but got no reply regarding the cut versions of their dvds in the market.

    • All the talk that goes on and on about opening up Indian movies to the west, about preserving film history, etc. is just that: empty talk. Westerners (most of us) won’t tolerate the shoddy quality of these films on first acquaintance—it’s very very difficult to be a non-Hindi speaking fan of Hindi cinema, let me tell you. I just have the time and the OCD to keep at it. But when people making dvds and vcds, and the people selling rights to their films to these same people, don’t care anything about the films they are making money from (and I’m sorry, but MoserBaer is just as egregiously bad as the rest of them and G. Dhananjayan is full of hot air) then all we can do is what Tom is doing, and Raja and Ava and Madhu…one at a time do our small part to mitigate the damage. The more I get into this the angrier I get. If it weren’t for pirating, and people sharing what they’ve been able to preserve, I would honestly despair.

  20. This part of the movie was truly hilarious and enjoyable. I kept watching this portion first every time. The deviousness of it all!!! And then the discovery of the lovers. It was too much(to enjoy, I mean). Oh the romantic movies back then*sigh*.

  21. All what you have explained above i think was just the vcd print u have i got this film on DVD and all that which u say is cut is definatley in the film u just got a bad prnt of the film

    • There IS NO good dvd or vcd of the film. It’s been cut. The only way to see the whole film is on television or from someone’s tape of a tv showing. Hopefully if it were ever screened again in a theater one could see the whole thing, but there is no good dvd of it. So yes—I have a bad print, but so does everybody. If you have a DVD which is complete it is probably pirated from a vhs tape (and I’d love to know which manufacturer it is if it isn’t!)…

      • Yep I second that. I recently bought Teesri Manzil DVD from the original company in India – this portion is definitely chopped in the version I have. Memsaab is right – you get to see the whole film either on TV, second release in a Theatre or a good VHS tape

    • WHO is this company who has not cut the portions? I want to buy it. And WHEN did you buy it and from WHERE?

  22. as one who has hudreds of VCDs/DVDs with me, I can vouch for the fact that most of them are neither of good quality not contain the full movie.

  23. You may already be knowing about this: Here is a link to an Asha-Parek and Shammi Kapoor interview on Youtube. (The interviewer also explains her project at the INEAS.)

    Everyone loves Shammi, naturally:).

  24. Does anyone have a full version of Teesri Manzil. I am making a collection of all Shammi Kapoor Hits. I need full version DVD or VCD of it

  25. Geeze, you’d think if there’s one thing anybody involved with masala-y films – whether as writer, producer, crew, actor, even VIEWER – would know and believe in, it’s that more is more. :) Have you read anything about why this chunk was cut out?

    • I imagine it was first cut for a VCD version to make it fit into that format, and then when Eros made the dvd version they didn’t bother to find an intact copy. Very often dvds are just remastered (and not very well) vcds.

      It’s quite honestly amazing to me that they get away with it. The more I learn, the more I despair that a decent archive of Hindi cinema can ever be properly preserved.

  26. There is one another song “Tu bemisaal hai” from Shammi Kapoor’s 1967 movie Bharamchari.This song is in vhs not in dvd.Someone has post small clip of this song on youtube.

    • It’s only audio as I recall though…wish someone would put up video of it! :( Or better yet, make a complete DVD of the film for us!

      • Thanks for your reply.You can watch clip of this song on SHA8R’s channel on youtube.On this channel click on uploads.On this clip its written “very rare clip 1st time ever on youtube.This song starts when Raj shri says to Shammi Kapoor she is not beautiful.she is ugly then Shammi Kapoor starts song ‘Tu bemisaal hai….”
        This song is so beautiful.Sung by gr8 Rafi Sahab.I hope we all can see this full song someday.

  27. I am sorry its SHA81R’s channel on youtube.He got some very rare song which are missing from vcds & dvds.

  28. Hi,

    Please could you tell me where I could get the COMPLETE version of Teesri Manzil with the missing bits?


  29. Aar Paar has about 20 minutes missing too! In that case these scenes are not that important but they contain the appearances of the elusive M. A. Lateef, Rashid Khan and Amir Banu I’m guessing (because they weren’t in the remaining scences). :'(

  30. Am I the only person who’s seen the ”missing pieces”? In fact, Premnath comes across as a benevolent friendly man initially. But hey, we Hindi cinema-goers aren’t fooled. We *know* he will turn out to be a rotten egg!

  31. Ha ha ha, I had no idea so much of it was missing on the VCD. But I have seen this entire version of it, I think on television. And I am shocked to hear they cut it, cause its a really good part.

  32. Hi,
    A big bravo to you for this entire wonderful site.

    Is there anywhere, anywhere at all on the net where English translations of lyrics exist for the 1st song, o haseenaa… & 5th song (at fairground)?
    Not just for non-Hindi speakers like me, but later generation NRIs.

    World cinema certainly needs a new golden era, & its starts with getting serious about heritage & masterpieces like Teesri Manzil.

    • Thanks Mark :) I’ll bet I can find someone here to translate the songs for you! Give us a minute :)

    • And lyrics for “Dekhiye Saahibon” courtesy of Raja!:

      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I thought she was standing here
      But it turned out to be somebody else
      Gentlemen, instead of her
      I ended up teasing somebody else, I swear by God
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her
      People, let him say whatever he likes
      He is just a crazy guy
      I don’t even know who he is
      That’s all my story is
      O ho
      This is a totally false story
      This is a totally false story
      She and I go back a long way
      Just see, even she loves me
      Even she yearns for me
      Gentlemen, instead of her
      I ended up teasing somebody else, I swear by God
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her
      When did I ever love him?
      Tell him not to brag like this
      Before he thinks of himself as a lover
      Let him look at his face in a mirror
      O ho
      What’s so good or bad about one’s looks?
      What’s so good or bad about one’s looks?
      It’s about our views about each other
      Our love for each other
      Where’s she the affected party?
      I’m the one who’s been humiliated
      Gentlemen, instead of her
      I ended up teasing somebody else, I swear by God
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her
      Oh oh, just look at him
      He’s going on and on
      With his convoluted logic
      He’s trying to confuse everybody
      O ho
      If the truth has become a problem
      If the truth has become a problem
      Then tell me, guys
      How am I to blame?
      Maybe the trust in me is low right now
      Maybe I’m seen as the one to blame
      Gentlemen, instead of her
      I ended up teasing somebody else, I swear by God
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her
      Look here, gentlemen, that was somebody else
      And this beautiful lady is my own
      I am crazy about her

  33. Love this movie!!! When I first saw this some 20+ years ago in a movie hall, I had seen all these scenes. And then I purchased vcd (only that was available) which is really badly cut. Then I got the dvd thinking it will be the complete version – but this part was still missing. I am so glad to go through this and remember all of it. I wish they would put the complete movie on a dvd!!

    Thanks for posting this…

    I also LOVE the transalation of “Dekhiye Saahibo”!! Its so funny!! the song itself is so funny – and ONLY Shammi Kapoor & Asha Parekh could have done it!! Love them together in all their movies!!! My favorite star pair!!

  34. When I first saw the movie in 1986, I was pleased to see that Premnath played such a `decent’ person and had to mention it to my father, with whom I went to watch this film. He said I should just enjoy seeing how it all turns out. That theatre print was gorgeous and had no sudden cuts, so I was appalled to read the above.

  35. I’m wondering if there is a link to that interesting bit of dialogue before the Rocky-Sunita tiff that leads to Dekhiye Sahibon – Rocky says disbelievingly to Sunita, `toh aap baithe baithe charpaiyaan todengi’ and quaff off hookahs and what not.

  36. If only there was something that could be done to correct this injustice to Teesri Manzil….

  37. Just watched the DVD today (part of my three part Shammi haul, with Chinatown and Evening in Paris) and really enjoyed it. A nice way to wait for Irene to pass through the area. But this explanation of yours clears up a good bit. The way the DVD people left it, you thought Prem Nath (who was wonderful, and quite good looking in it, too) was an old friend of Shammi’s from way back. It did make it even more surprising when he “betrayed” his old friend at the end, though. But I prefer having your explanation. Thanks!

  38. Sigh. Another regret I must live with. Guess I won’t get to see the chopped portions either.

  39. No wait! I remember now. I have seen the tape version many times as kid. It’s where Shammi tries to impress Asha and her girl band by bluffing the royal head Premnath is his uncle. Bluffs his way into the palace and is then caught in his lies by Premnath himself who returns back to the mansion earlier than expected. But Premnath plays along the lie and saves Shammi from embarrassment and wins his confidence. That was one of the most brilliant and funny sequence in the film. Damn the idiots who chopped it off dvd. I thought DVDs were meat to hold lengthy movies. Now I have to hunt for a tape converted version.

  40. I’m searching for full version of this movie since years

  41. I thought if i could find the original vhs anywhere in the world it would ne New York. To my surprise i found a store that still had vhs tapes including Teesri Manzil. Was already to post the long lost version on the net only to get back home and find to my dismay that it was a vhs copy of the Eros dvd. Epic Fail! The 50th anniversary of TM is coming up i hope someone releases the full version. Till then SIGH!

  42. Teesri Manzil was released in form of 3 VCDs initially. These 3 VCDs have complete movie. This information was shared by one of the distributor in Pune. Also was confirmed by my friend who is big time RDBurman fan and collector. However unfortunately he also misplaced that version and hence like you all I am also searching for complete version of this movie in digital format. Recently last year, Pune based group PanchamMagic organized a special show of this movie at Film Archieve on the occasion of RDB’s 75th birth year celebration events. I was thrilled to see this movie on big screen after long time and that too unedited version. Film archieve have excellent print in form of reels however they dont make copy of that. So sadly my search continues like you guys….

  43. Aamir Khan now owns the rights to this movie. Mansoor Khan (QSQT director) and Aamir have been mulling over re releasing this movie with full justice done to it on Blu-ray for a while now. Knowing Aamir, this will likely happen after he hangs up his acting boots! :(

  44. If anyone has the full version of Teesri Manzil movie please do let me know.

  45. Man,you write very well.I have also seen this movie several times but did not see some scenes which you reffered here beautifully.I respect your study & intelligencey.Sadhuwad.
    Sksoni agar

  46. Ok. Once more about the mansion on the hill in Mussoorue. Its being razed partially at least. Its in ruins in any case. It was known as Radhey Shyam estate once. No name is displayed outside the gates or anywhere on the estate today but there is a sign saying.. This property is not for sale.

  47. Brilliant.
    Thank you! Shukriya! Ahsante! Shukhran!
    My all time favourite film.
    The best of Shammi Kapoor.
    Music & Songs great.
    Saw the film when I was 15yrs
    Saw it more than 12 times.
    Knew all the dialogues & songs!!
    My favourite song: O Mere Sona

  48. Is that Laxmi in the gold stripe and white shirt ? I finally watched “Gumnaam” the other night , got a good DVD for $9, it was fun ….but not enough Laxmi….

    • The irony is that Laxmi is in this a LOT as she plays Asha’s best friend and companion. She doesn’t dance much though :) Kind of the opposite of Gumnaam.

  49. Hi ! Tonight I watched “Teesri Manzil” tonight with my wife and 5 year old in tow ! I was lucky to get a brand new unopened copy from the “Friends of the Palo Alto Library” for $13 on Ebay ! Wow! What a fun movie ! The wife laughed , the boy danced , a good time was had by all..It Seriously holds up to anything from Hollywood in the same time frame ! What I said to Shilpi Bose about her dad holds true for Shammi: he could have slipped right in to Hollywood … talented man . Asha was great , Helen was evil , Laxmi, (sigh) was beautiful, funny and sorely missed during that 30 minute cut … It was a treat to see her and hear her, I will never understand how she was so under-utilized. Maybe she wanted it that way … one can only hope . A bonus for Steam trains too ! I will watch with baited breath for a VHS copy here in the Bay area: one never knows what one will find !

  50. Greta and all, as a new comer to all this , this may have been posted , if not , Rejoice ! The missing 21 minutes is on Youtube !!!!! ( No sub-titles, who needs them ! We know what’s going on …so fun to see !!)

  51. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvtxYvsXwkY FULL UNCUT Print of missing 20mins

  52. Excellent writting, you have brought before my eyes the entire picture which I see every 6 months on you tube. The missing portion in many vcds, you talked about from the film is really worrisome matter as such breks are necessary to take the spectators little away from suspense laid tension of a film. What Teesari Manzil film lacks- absolutely nothing Because all in all one must give credit to Vijaya Anand the Director & possibly script writer Salutation to one & all are due to Goldie. The film is full of entertainment, songs,fun, suspense, love & mystery

    • Completely agree with you.
      Just one point, though!!
      I see this film practically every week!!

      Actually, a very long time ago, it was shown (the ‘Complete’ Version) on the British TV (1990s).
      At that time, recorded on the VHS Videotape Machine.
      Which, have now ‘digitised’ onto a DVD; so, can watch it on the big screen TV and a Bose Sound Bar!!

      When it first came out in the 60s, I was a young student at Karimjee Secondary School, preparing fot for ‘O’ levels: in a small coastal town of Tanga, Tanzania!!
      Saw it more than 10 times at the Cinema. Thus my nickname was given, by my friends – Sona!! Before then it was “SKP” (Since Shammi Kapoor was my favourite actor.

      Have most of his films, either on VHS or DVD, most of the film soundtracks on Vinyl, Cassettes and CDs !!

      PS: The part was first offered to Dev Anand (director Vijay ‘Goldie’ Anand’s brother) who declined and then to Shammi Kapoor. It was during the shooting, that Shammi Kapoor’s first wife Geeta Bali passed away, of Tuberculosis.

      • Sona, It is a wonderful movie , and that’s coming from a 60 year old white guy who doesn’t speak a word of Hindi. So I am a diehard Laxmi Chhaya fan from a few years back…and I have a question that maybe you as a film fan and being Indian can answer. In the end of “Gumnaam”, we see the “Crazy Sister” till the end of the movie when she leaves on the plane with everyone…..WHO IS IT THAT PLAYS THE SISTER???? No one has answered my question , I can’t seem to find out who that is … I thought it was Asha Bhosle…..

        • Jambo!
          (Swahili, as spoken in Tanzania, African language)!!

          (Gujarati, as spoken in the State of Gujarat, India)!!

          Thank you for your interesting note. Good to hear from you.
          Whereabouts in the world are you??

          I am “partly” Indian, and my Hindi wasn’t fluent, during my younger days! It’s still not, but can get by.

          In fact, my partner, who is Scottish – she says, one doesn’t need to understand the language to follow the films (😁😁); and the films don’t need to last that long – can be told in 10-15 minutes!

          Anyway, sorry to digress – yes, I do remember seeing “Gumnaam” in my younger days, back in the wonderful & memorable times of Tanga, Tanzania 🇹🇿 !

          Brilliant film and lovely music.
          Will do some checking and digging about your query and come back to you!

          Am a few years older than you, and have a few medical ailments: so please give me some time!!

          Happy Easter & Happy Holidays!
          Sona (sonakp1@yahoo.co.uk)

          • Hamjambo rafiki
            Me also your ex- neighbor.
            Nairobi, Kenya. Born there and did O levels and then left for the world after that.
            I was in Moshi and Arusha also, my BIL worked for EAR :)
            Saw all films first day first show first row on big screen prior to 1967, with my chadddi buddy from school. Memories galore :)
            Golden days of life and willl never come back.
            Am still very much into olldie goldie era films and songs
            Kwaherani ndugu, tc:)

          • Hi! I know Jambo, because it was an american tv show for kids when I was 10 years old , and from the TV show “Daktori” which was filmed in California but was supposed to take place in Africa. I am a retired Firefighter from California,USA , but my wife now and ex wife are both from the Philippines, I have traveled mostly to the Philippines since 2002 and lived there 1-1/2 years up till our last visit in 2018. I am 60 , so in the big picture of life I could have met Laxmi Chhaya when she was 30 in 1978 and I would have been 17 years old …..lol…..older woman crush …… Sad that in 2002 when I was in the Philippines meeting my first wife , Laxmi was 2 years away from passing , and I did not see her films till long after she passed away . Very pretty lady . Have you seen “Royal Mail” from 1962 on youtube? A 15 or 16 year old Laxmi in Black and white and in a very big part in the movie….. so pretty! Mr. Ashwin Bahl says he think’s Mehmoods sister in the movie Gumnaam was played by an actress named Naina , and I see she is listed in IMDB as having something to do with the movie “Gumnaam” but it does not say what ….as she is credited in other movies, that may be her ! We will have to find a picture of her !

          • Hey folks, See if you can make out from this poster if she is the same lady?, here Nina was main heroine.

          • I think that might be her….I will try to do a screen capture later…..

          • Ashwin, how to upload screen shots here ??????

  53. Hei firemandk, We have same tastes:), it is so sad til today we are not sure about the name of Mehmood’s sister in Gumnaam.It has been a trademark of Indian movies not to give credit to these artists. Memsaab brought many of these into iimelight for us. Kudos. Anyway my wild guess is she is called Naina!!

    • Hi….yes, I see she was listed in her IMDB profile for “Gumnaam” though it does not say what for …. You may have solved it ! Thanks ! I will have to see if I can find a picture of her ….. It was me who added the pictures of Laxmi Chhaya to her Wikipedia page, I could not believe no one had done it …such a disservice to such a charismatic and pretty lady ! Perhaps some day we will know more of Laxmi’s life after 1986 but I am not holding out for it …..one would think if there were more to know , it could be found on the internet, but I have not had any luck . Thanks for posting this .

  54. Sorry typo error, it is Naina…:)

  55. I’ll try this for an image:

    • Good job Ndugu, looks like her,my gut feeling also said that. The embedded image, now you managed it, right? All ok. Due to time difference I saw your message sjust now, cheers:)

      • Yes, looks like her ! So the mystery is solved , time to solve another one . What was Laxmi Chhaya like as a young lady ? There is someone alive who could say..The 1962 movie “Royal Mail” starred Ambika and a 15 year old Laxmi Chhaya…as of 2 years ago , Ambika was alive and well and living in New Jersey , I had even found her phone number but was scared to call thinking she would think I was crazy asking her . If she is still alive , she may be one of the last actresses of Old Bollywood that worked with Laxmi Chhaya.

        • I asked Edwina about Laxmi some time ago, because they also worked together (including in Teesri Manzil). She said that Laxmi kept very much to herself and didn’t interact much with the group. Just a little FYI :)

          • HI! Happy to see you’re still here…. I do remember you said that before, and I did read what Edwina had to say in the book about her . I still find it strange one of the most charismatic people to grace Bollywood films basically dropped off the face of the earth ( as far as the internet goes) till her reported death in 2004. Strange yet that obituary seems to have vanished …. we may never know…

  56. Well, I was able to include the links to an individual picture , and the gallery, but no idea how to embed the image in my comment . It may very well be Naina who plays the crazy sister to Mehmood in Gumnaam. If anyone knows how to embed an image in comments please feel free to do so . I used my wife’s email, as the image host did not like my email for some reason, but accepted the yahoo.com email.

  57. Here is a side by side comparison , looks like it could be her.

  58. I tried spotting Laxmi in Talaq (1958), one of her first films?, she is a school girl in this, uncredited of course in the film, like many others who had this treatment in many films where they were omitted!. Film on YT, see if you can recognize her, cheers

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