Bela Bose fans, rejoice!

For my favorite expert Tom has done what no dvd manufacturer has even attempted (and if they had, his would still be better because he actually cares about things like video and audio quality)—he has made a Bela Bose compilation dvd! Tom has gone to great pains to do justice to Bela’s delightful career, in collaboration with fellow blogger and friend Ava. She has beautifully translated the unsubtitled (or badly subtitled) songs for those of us who don’t speak Hindi but know that the poetry in every song is something we sadly often miss out on. Bahut bahut shukriya Ava!

You might have seen some of these thanks to Tom’s Dailymotion uploads which are linked in my favorite Bela songs post. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the work he puts into finding these songs and converting them to the best quality possible, and his generosity in making them available to us now as a download, is priceless to fans of old Hindi cinema. This dvd is a wonderful showcase of her talent and I’m really proud to announce it here for him. Some of the songs feature other favorites like Laxmi Chhaya, Helen, Feroz Khan and Dev Kumar, and at least one has Ted Lyons dancing in it with his sister Edwina too. See if you can spot them!

The link to the compilation download (and some other fantastic treats!) is at the end of this pdf document which details the songs selected and features lots of screencaps and other information about Bela. Enjoy and do let Tom, subtitler extraordinaire Ava and of course Bela herself—wherever she is—feel the love!

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84 Comments to “Bela Bose fans, rejoice!”

  1. wow, she is amazing!!! my favourite has got to be aaya toofan but i love bela bose!!!!!!!! wow, lucky you!!!

    • You mean lucky US, sinta! It’s a free download for anyone who wants it :)

      • Indeed lucky us. Thanks Tom for this great work and
        Greta for sharing it with us. I haven’t seen very many
        of Bela Bose songs. So this is indeed a treat for me!
        Khapun Ma Kha in Thai means Thank you very much

        • My apologies – i didn’t mean to exlude Ava
          – dunno how it dropped out. Thanks Ava for
          your effort. Agree about poor subtitles.
          I usually turn off the sub title option since i
          am fluent in hindi. However of late, i do tend
          to randomly turn it on to see if our blogger
          friends like Memsaab, Beth et all are getting
          appropriate sub titles. Some of them are
          really awful. So your efforts are great indeed!

  2. HURRAH!!! Thanks to all involved!

  3. Super effort, super devotion, all around applause folks, well done for this wonderful collection.

  4. I am a Bela Bose fan and I am definitely rejoicing right now. Thanks to Tom, Ava and, of course, Bela for their fine work, and to you, Memsaab, for spreading the good word.

  5. Greatt job, Tom and Ava!
    Luv you for your creativity and zeal!

  6. If anyone has trouble with the pdf file opening in their browser, try right-clicking on the document link and choosing “Save to…” or similar. That will download the pdf to your desktop and you can open it directly from there with Adobe Acrobat.

    Thanks to you who have expressed your appreciation to Tom and Ava ;-)

  7. Wow..this is fantastic !!!

    What a wonderful compilation – this is just mind-boggling stuff.
    Huge thanks to Tom and Ava.

    I have not gone through the entire PDF file yet but I noticed that there is a reference to a Dutch article which has a Google-translation. I can understand reasonable Dutch – I will be happy to do a Dutch-English translation.

    That is the least I can do, considering what a brilliant piece of work this is.

    Kudos, guys !

  8. Hi,
    how can i download this dvd? where from?

  9. Thank you Tom and Ava.
    One can easily see it is a work of love and hard work at that.
    And don’t we all love Bela Bose? :-)

  10. Thanks so very much to all involved! Your hard work is sincerely appreciated!

  11. How amazing! I wish Indian movie makers would seek out people who take pride in their work like Tom for DVD distribution–and he’s not even paid to do it. I’d willingly pay U.S. prices for the quality I want.

  12. AMEN Ajnabi!!!!!!! As Raja said to me, Indian dvd manufacturers should hang their heads in shame before him.

    It is a lot of work but Bela deserves it! So many people who put their heart and souls in their work do. Thank goodness people like Ava and Tom who have the skills to do so are willing to step up and salute them.

  13. I loved translating the songs. I have seen some song-videos in the original mess and what they become after Tom cleaned them up, and believe me the quality was amazingly improved.

    Tom is a wonderful guy and its always a pleasure to work with him, except this doesnt even seem like work. Its fun, and I look forward to even subtitling a movie some time soon. :)

    • It is really a treat to get subs that capture the essence of what the lyricist intended. I do enjoy the bad ones at times (as you probably know) but it’s nice to have a choice! THANK YOU for all your work on this, really. And of course I agree with you re: Tom :)

  14. What amazing work by Tom and Ava. I give up watching so many old films with so much grief, because the DVDs are so bad.

    Sadly, I cannot open the file. Will have to wait a few days until I get my comp upgraded. Soon.

    Meanwhile, lots of love to Bela Bose, Tom, Ava, and you, wherever all of you are. :)

    • Banno, I had the same problem when clicking on the link and mentioned it to memsaab. Her suggestion worked for me. Rather than just clicking on it, do a right-click and then ‘Save Link As’ or however your browser words it. Then open it on your hard drive. There’s a chance that even after doing that you may not be able to open it. Most computers these days come with a PDF reader. If not, or if it’s an old version, go to the Adobe site and get the free download:

  15. For anyone else that might have similar problems, here are different download links to the Bela Bose.pdf:

    to the DVD files:

    and to the Instructions.pdf you’ll need if you’ve never done this kind of thing before:

    Feel free to ask about any problems you might have with the download or DVD making process.

  16. Great great!!
    Thanks a ton…you know I have to admit that thought this name was quite a regular in many old hindi films, I never knew who she actually was..this lady with very Bengali features. Thanks to your post now I know!! And, thanks for the songs!!!

  17. Folks
    pls go to the link as under for 18 close up SS of this fab lady performing a classical dance from Shahi Lutera 1976.

    Some details are also there in my thread and am in process of ripping this song out from my VCD, and will post on a file sharing site, perhaps Tom N Ava find it interesting for their Project, and surely lets hope all folks on this Blog also find it interesting.

    It is a rare ‘un and hard to find, the link to this song follows as soon as it is ready.


  18. Hurray for Tom and Ava! Thank you for all your hard work!

    And I second Ajnabi.

  19. Since I am having some issues u/l the .dat file on ZSHARE, I have now loaded it on Esnips, this is the first time so let us hope all goes well, seems the link will have to be moderated, in anycase drop a word if any probs getting this file.

    Thx and enjoii and the link-

  20. OOps the link will not come on, perhaps some restrictions, anyway in my blog of SS, it is under moderation and hopefully it will be okayed and be online, so pls keep a watch on-

    or else we will have to think of an alternative again !!!

    Cheers .)

  21. Oh, lovely news! I adore Bela Bose, and this sounds right up my street. :-)

    Tom certainly needs a pat (many pats!) on the back for this. Thank you, Tom – and thank you, Ava!

  22. Three cheers for Tom, Ava and Greta!! This is true missionary work!

    I don’t suppose Tom offers lessons in cleaning up videos? My YT uploads could use a good scrubbing…

  23. Thanks for the kind words, all of you. You might not think so kindly, though, if you encounter difficulties downloading the DVD files. Which brings me to the subject of this comment. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s awkward to download from a site like MediaFire, yet I’d like these DVDs to be available for everyone so I have no interest in the torrents myself, Bollywood or otherwise. In addition, memsaab has some other projects in mind that will be much more easily accomplished were she to have another way to share the files. She needs someone with spare bandwith to share. It might be from a school or university, an ISP, a company, or some place else. If any of memsaab’s regular readers has such a place or knows of such a place where she could set up a server to make it easier to share the DVDs and other videos, please leave a message in the comments section here so memsaab can contact that person.

    • To be clear :) I don’t want to set up and maintain a server!!! I don’t have the tech wizardry or the time for that, but if someone reading this does have space on one that could be made available for sharing things like this dvd and others in the pipeline it would be very much appreciated!

      Since Indian dvd manufacturers don’t seem that interested in providing quality (subtitled) products for fans of old Hindi cinema it would help fill that gap. As Tom said, please leave a comment if you can help, or email me at memsaabstory [at] gmail [dot] com…

      • Phew alas the Bela song u/l in Youtube as all other alternatives failed, so pls get this link-

        for viewing –

        Sarkar Na Lautana Mere Pyar Ka BELA BOSE Shahi Lutera 1976 .DAT

        Cheers .)

    • Yeah true Tom, MediaFire and related sites are very time consuming and awkward. I gave up after 2 files, so sad.

      But a suggestion since yu already have individual files, mayb YouTube is a better bet, it is more reliable and we have a upper limit of 2 gb per file, was it ? For sure it takes some effort to u/l these there but all these will be highly appreciated. Give it a thought..)

      I got my 32 mb f .dat file u/l for Bela song in 3 mins flat, which is 100 times btr than what we get with other file sharing sites.

      Cheers .)

      • Ash, for some reason I have not been able to d/l Shahi Lutera although I don’t ususally have trouble…just not connecting at all to any peers or seeds :( It’s been two weeks and I’ve gotten nothing.

        Would you be able to re-upload it or something? I’d love to have it…

        • Oh really, sry to hear abt that, there are 2 seeds already connected, I can join them tmrw, first thing in the morning as just u/l Harfan Maulaa on the other site.

          pls do one thing,
          re download the Torrent again and see if that helps.
          Or first try, if yu are using Utorrent-
          go to this Torrent
          highlight it
          do left click
          do update tracker

          and also
          stop the d/l
          then start again.

          Drop a word how it goes, for sure wil join in to increase the swarm speed tmrw. Hope yu dont mind that .)

          Cheers .)

  24. Shammi Kapoor was known to be a firebrand in his hey days. According to sources, he once asked Bela “Aajkal tumhara affair kiske saath chal raha hai?”

  25. Fantastic! Kudos to Tom and Ava. Wonderful compilation and deed. I just wish Bela Bose knew that she is still much appreciated after all these years. Memsaab: your blog (and those of others) have revived and resurrected these stars. Their magic lives on … just wish they knew.

  26. Hi Memsaab

    This is a great treat for all of us, I’ve been trying to get any iformation about this wonderful actress Bela Bose, Ican’t thank you enough. Can you please load some info about Kum Kum, she is one of my favorite. Ooohh God Thank you so much. Can you please tell me if bela stil alive and well taking care off, if not I would love to send her some money from the USA. Love you memsaab

  27. I agreed with you in the Shikar dance eventhough Asha is good dancer, I liked Bela move more, it was incomparable, Asha felt stiff in the dance while Bela body language was great

  28. When I see Bela and the Bipasha Basu, I feel they are sisters, they seem to have similarities……), at least facial features… after all aapli Bengali touch. Cheers

  29. I disagreed with you ash, Bips is beautiful but Bela has this unique charm that you can’t find anywhere, maybe her kids will inherit some of her charm.

  30. Bintou, the comparison I make is purely facial features, not acting or dancing or otherwise .)
    Cheers .)

  31. They do both have an exotic high-cheekboned beauty :)

  32. I’m burning the dvd as I type this. Just an FYI for mac users you’ll need MacPar Deluxe to open the par files to repair them. (tom mentions this in the pdf that mediafir etends to corrupt some rar files).

    It took me me about 45 minutes to download all the files and then run the repair.

    Now on to the Johnnie Walker dvd….

  33. Memsaab you didn’t reply to my request, can you please post similar findings on Kum Kum? As I was saying to Aish. I think Bibasha lloks more vamp Bindu in her hey days

  34. Hi Memsaab

    I know, thank you I thought I ask, in case. The yesteryear stars had so much charism, you just can’t get enough of them. Thank you for Bela. I hope she is doing well if not I would like to send her something

  35. Ready for a pleasant surprise folks…….
    While watching Murder In Circus 1971 , in Color, I found Bombshell Bela, actually 2 superb tracks, one as a sole dance, second with Jaymala
    a snag and a spoiler
    this is a VHS rip converted to VCD so kinda shaky and over exposed colors, the sound was good but all the same a movie which I really enjoyed in the 70’s when it came around and I tell ya…. yu will not know who the murderer is until the end… …Music was by Usha Khanna whom I have g8 admiration for and Memsaab hold tight.. master of disguises N A Ansari is there, a champ, and good ol Shetty.

    I will rip these songs soon and post on YT for readers who wanna see more of Bela,(think only 2 other songs are on YT, none of Bela?), the more the merrier… and the movie I wil hv to convert to XVID bcos this kwality as is where is, not many wud dare d/l such a big file… so watch the space on the other sides .)

    btw Bela has quite a good amount of frames, her dresses are worth a watch, now yu know why we still swoon after her after so many years .).)


    P.S. Links wil be put here as they get ready.

  36. Oh if yu wanna read more on the guy who made Murder In Circus, B K Adarsh, pls see the link on DO’s Blog, under

    BK was special, as Director and Producer and Writer ,never missed any movies of his…..
    and yeah Murder In Circus is Gevacolor, rare in 70’s.

    And so sad MIC is not listed in IMDB or under any of the main actors Filmography, in fact very little on the Net also !!

    The hero was Sujeet Kumar.


  37. Indeed folks rejoice
    the first of Bela as a solo uploaded on YT under-

    It is XVID format, dont mind the kwality, it is a VHS rip, original source .)

    duniya mein raho aur pyaar karo by Ashatai

    Second tmrw, the duet, hv to run for an errand.

    Cheerio til tmrw


    • If the quality had been better – a lot better – it might have made it into the DVD, because the dance is very good. As it is, it’s just another reminder of Friends and others not caring about the quality of what they release. Surely that’s not the last remaining copy of that movie on VHS or film? And maybe you yourself could have made some improvements, even if Friends won’t, like getting rid of that nasty hum:

      • Sry mate never done any enhancements b4 so have no clue how to go about cleaning the file .

      • Ha! It really is a great fight-dance. How fun to see Sujit Kumar as a hero too. Thank you Ash for making it available, and Tom for improving it a bit.

        And Tom, you don’t give yourself enough credit for your talent if you think it’s so easy for the rest of us to do it!!! Believe me, I have relatively good computer skills but fixing audio/video is beyond me.

        Friends should just be ashamed of themselves. I am sure they made no effort to secure the best possible print. Probably found it in a dustbin somewhere and thought: “$$$$$!” (or Rs Rs Rs!).

  38. Alas the second on Bela B U/L UNDER


    banke bahroopiya usne mera dil liya by ASHATAI AND USHA KHANNA MURDER IN CIRCUS 1971.avi

    P.S. be warned the quality is ex VHSrip, audio fine, video not so fine !
    Second of Bela Bose and Jaymala duet from Murder In Circus 1971
    sung by Ashatai and Usha Khanna who is also the MD.Lyrics Hasrat Saheb.
    Hero was late Sujeet Kumar, Jaymala, N A Ansari, Bela Bose,Rajan Haksar, Daisy Irani
    B M Vyas, Dilip Dutt, Sapru, Akash, Amar, Shetty, Kundan, Baby

    P.S. wanna check the VCD cover for this movie, here it is-

    Cheers .)

  39. I just saw one Friends movie with a runner asking any viewers to come fwd with any of their ye oldie VHS tapes for putting them on the disc, I wud hv thought with whatever expertise they may have, some improvement b4 burning them was a good idea… but sadly so far nope… Chalta Hai bhai,

    Last week I saw Chahat 1971 on same label, same VHS rip, it was same kwality as MIC.

    This Chahat was with Jeetu, Mummu, Biswajeet and Mala Sinha,Achla Sachdev, Ropesh Kumar, Jaishri.T, Madhumati

    I have to get these as really no other options, I can comfort myself and say ‘oh well at least I have something ‘.


    p.s. Yeah Memsaab the fight scene within the was g8, in fact quite a few movies in the 60’s had this, I enjoyed it, did we have one instrumental and fight scene in Hum Sab Ustad Hain also ?

    I have always enjoyed Sujit in what ever role he played, may his soul RIP, he died in Feb this year.

    • They don’t care about the movies, they only care about making money; as long as people are willing to put up with and buy their shoddy products they won’t change.

      I will give my money to keep torrent sites going instead of giving the likes of fIENDS a single penny of my hard-earned money. I completely applaud people who buy a copy and then share it for free with lots of other people! And I even MORE applaud people who upload their original VHS tapes for sharing instead of giving them to these people to mutilate further.

      • I share the same anxiety and anger Memsaab and I am one of those ‘fools’ who goes out and buys the phillums I so much love.
        The worse part is all Friends movies are uniform price ie 69.00, Now others like Moser, Priya, TNT etc, same type of movies are almost half the price and they are def a level higher in the kwality.

        But ‘fools’ like me patronize them still, am curious to know if I am gonna be fooled again with my latest wish list phillum
        Mr. Qartoon M.A. 1956 with none other than Johnny Walker as the main hero .) and Shyama, Raj Mehra, Mehmood, Kumkum, Minno Mumtaz, Daljeet, Ranjana, Chandabai, Rajan Haskar.

        Now it cud not get btr than this Memsaab, hv a look at the chip of da ol block performers and yu can see why I am a ‘fool’.

        Thank god like yu say with Torrents our losses are minimized as many Groups share their collection with us so we do not hv to invest all out. Long live Torrents and their ilk.

        Cheers .)

  40. Thats a kind gesture G .), am aware the contributions all members make .)

    Ofcors all of us on these Sites care and share and that’s what keeps us going… and going stronger.

    United WE stand .)


  41. Folks,

    Rejoice again, a young and smashing Bela spotted in this wonderful song-

    Tum Jiyo Hazaron saal-Sujata 1959

    Cheers .)

  42. How come nobody has mentioned Bela’s most financially successful film, the blockbuster “Jai Santoshi Maa” (1975) where she played one of the ruthless sisters-in-law to the heroine. Here is Bela playing her role to the fullest even though she is in the background in the famous song “Main to Aarti Utaroon”:

    • That film is discussed in the comments of my earlier post on Bela…but the song wasn’t really “Enough Bela” to qualify for the DVD that this post is about :)


    • Hello, my friend. How nice to hear from you again. If YouTube will have me, I’d be happy to come back. Can you fix it for me? :)

  44. Another Bela Bose sighting. Gunda (1969) with Sujit Kumar, NA Ansari.
    Print is pretty poor but I quite like the song.

  45. Another one folks, blazing Bela spotted here, in this Evergreen Classic of all times esp as far as Qawaalis and songs were concerned and the performers(check the list)-

    yeh ishq ishq hai ishq ishq yeh ishq ishq hai -Asha Bhonsle, Shiv Dayal Batish , Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi, Sudha Malhotra. Barsaat Ki Raat-

    Sahir Saheb’s writing here, top class with Roshan Sahebs music GOLD.It has Subs and pls do check the comments this file received, and the total number of hits.

    And the star cast-

    Bharat Bhushan
    K.N. Singh )
    Peace Kanwal
    S.K. Prem
    Khurshid Bawra
    Mirza Musharraf
    Mumtaz Begum
    Baby Shobha
    Umar Draz
    K. Dinanath
    M.A. Latif
    Nazir Kashmiri
    Rashid Khan
    Babu Raje
    Ravi Kant Nagpal
    Praveen Paul

    Cheers .)

  46. Folks,
    Wanna catch blazzzzing Bela, classical dance in a Vhsrip, then I have just uploaded on YT-

    hoy roon jhoon tori paayal bole gori- Krishna Kalle,Manna Dey.flv


    Aayega Aanewala 1967

    Sapan Jagmohan

    Lyrics by _Naqsh Lyalpuri Saheb
    Kewal Mishra
    Produced by
    Kewal Prasad

    Sanjeev Kumar, Kumkum, Ram Mohan, Agha, Bela Bose Rajan Haksar, Sabita Chatterjee, Kundan, Chaman Puri,Roma, Uma Khosla, Shobha, Ravi Khanna

    Pardon the quality but it is a old VHSrip, but every penny’s worth GOLD.

    In fact all songs are ripped and u/l so if yu want search these on YT also-

    aayega aayega aag se aag bujhane koi aayega- Asha Bhonsle
    ham woh nahin jo aapke qadmon mein dil ko rakhde- Mukesh

    hoy roon jhoon tori paayal bole gori- Krishna Kalle,Manna Dey

    khuli vaadiyon ka safar hai – Mohammed Rafi

    le le haath se chala bada chulbula hai dil- Asha Bhonsle
    mere aanchal se khele hawa ambar ki chhaon mein- Asha Bhonsle


  47. Soooo, having thoroughly enjoyed the Laxmi and Bollywood Martian DVDs….I am almost done downloading this one. But bela.bose.r14 is missing. Not just not-downloading, but not even there to be selected.

    The Laxmi one was a huge hit at a party I visited. This may be sacrilege, but we had the sound down and the DJ was playing some modern stuff. No matter what he played, it synched to the visuals. Pure magic!! (of course, everyone was missing out on the wonderful original songs, but they loved watching it anyway.

    • I’ll let Tom know, see if he can help out….thanks for the info re: Laxmi at the party, although they really don’t know what they missed by not having the original songs playing! But I’m glad people who otherwise would be clueless got to see her awesomeness in some way :D

      • I’m on it, although I don’t know where that RAR could have disappeared. If all goes well and if MediaFire accepts a fresh RAR 14, it’ll be done in about 15 minutes.

  48. excellent work as always tom…cheers

  49. Hi memsaab,
    nice dvd and gr8 job thanks.I just met Bela Bose’s granddaughter on my youtube channel.

  50. is this Bela Bose Song on this post. Did I miss it.

    I Love it. Dharamendra Bela Bose

    • bluelotus, if you’re asking if that Bela Bose dance is on the DVD, no it’s not. I didn’t know about it then. I do now, though:

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