Beware of ornamented languages!

There are lots of hilarious signs in India, but this might be the funniest. Taken by my friend Mike in Jodhpur in 2007.


*Posted at the request of Amrita and her famed lady parts.

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25 Comments to “Beware of ornamented languages!”

  1. Holy Moly !!! Go On Your Own !!!

  2. hahaha The sign doesnt specify what kind of ornamented language is used. Is it gold? Is it diamonds? Or plain silver/base metal? ‘Coz I would fall for diamonds and gold anyday!

  3. Amrita and her lady parts thank you. Furthermore, her funny bone thanks you!

  4. “This paper is a meek effort”

    What humility!

    “If you want to buy soemthing go on your own!”

    Great! Would never have thought that!

    AND when I am in Jodhpur I would love to see the Thareat in Handicrafaft Showroom!

    Jiyo, Amrita and her lady parts!

    “In Welfare of Foreign Tourists”

    What about the others? They can face the thareatof the boy touts with their ornamented langauges in Handicrafaft Shop? Poor Indians!

    Hope ‘the fire of the burning’ has been doused with this meek effort of the paper!

    Jai Hind Brigade!

  5. Well…at least the intention is good …LOL ;)

  6. Having had friends who have had a bad time being hounded by “touts” & ” guest house owner” one can see the point.

    Now if it only would be intelligible…

    p.s. am mailing you a photo too!

  7. How on earth do I happen to miss these?! The only sign even vaguely amusing I’ve come across is “Child bear sold here” (outside a liquor shop).

  8. @ dustedoff: and did you take any child bear home? How big is it now? Or did you prepare some lean steaks of it for special guests?

  9. I love how humble the tone is too—and how even our “slight cooperation” will give those who care about us firangis (if not other Indians) the strength to “eredicate” the burning social problem.

    @dustedoff: perhaps you don’t visit enough tourist monuments :-)

  10. “What about the others? They can face the thareatof the boy touts with their ornamented langauges in Handicrafaft Shop? Poor Indians!”

    The Indians will probably see the scam a mile away and knowing that no one tries it on them – I know this because I come from an economically challenged country where lots of foreign tourist go to and were sometimes financially taken advantage of.

    • “The Indians will probably see the scam a mile away ”

      Not all of them. I know many Indians tourists, who are harrassed as well, maybe not to the degree of phirangis but quite near to that!

      • On the other hand, one of my friend Suhan’s employees was kind enough to take me around to various places in Delhi to protect me from the touts, etc., and HE was harassed by policemen and “legitimate” tour guides for being an unauthorized guide! Poor thing. When I tried to explain that he was a friend they ignored me until I shouted at them in very unornamented (and bad) Hindi.

  11. LOL! Ow, my stomach hurts from all the laughing. Thanks to Amrita, Mike, Memsaab and the Jodhpur Hind Brigade for providing the HA HAs.

  12. that’s quite an ornamented warning!!!!!! lolzz

  13. How funny!

    I love the “slight cooperation” bit – the whole tone is less of a warning, ,more of a plea… Sweet, really.

  14. Why don’t ‘tout’ and ‘but’ start with capital letters?

  15. >Why don’t ‘tout’ and ‘but’ start with capital letters?

    Because there is this rule that the word inside brackets should not start with capital, and if there are more than one then the first one shouldn’t start with a capital letter. ;-) :-D

  16. Hey, that’s not the fair in slightest only. How I went to the famed Jodhpur and not see such halpful and intelligent sign anywheer? I am feelings so cheated by said omission!


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