Dharmatma part II

Here’s what Stardust had to contribute about Dharmatma. This was in 2003 1973; the film didn’t come out until 2005 (yes, too much wine at New Year’s) 1975—and I have to say that I did notice some Feroz age continuity issues while I was watching it, although they didn’t affect my feelings for the film. But in any case, I hope the Bush-kashi is more horse-friendly than it looked!


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8 Comments to “Dharmatma part II”

  1. Didnt come out till 2005??? confused!

    Happy New year Memsaab- love the pix!

  2. I’m confused too… should it be 1973 and 1975 instead, or is there a joke that flew over my head? :-)

  3. I know! Maybe he ran out of money or something and there was a delay. He did look quite different in some scenes than in others…I guess these things happen in the film industry.

  4. Ugh, I hate to admit it given my severe antipathy for the Khan brothers, but Feroz was a dish in his day. A dish of milk chocolate but hey, delicious when melted. Ok, I’m back to being grossed out. Danny is so much better, really! With better hair too.

    Have a wonderful 2009, Memsaab!

  5. Well, your first post said it came out in 1975, not 2005, so I’m going with your original report. ;-) That’s a cool article. Love Hema looking sassy!

  6. Amrita: I haven’t seen the other two in anything, but there is something about Sanjay for sure that I have never liked (his ill-treatment of his wife? and of Zeenat?)…although if I condemned every B’wood star for ill-treatment of a wife my list of heroes would be cut very very short indeed…But Feroz is cute cute cute. And Danny too :-) Plenty of eye-candy in this film.

    ajnabi, shweta and Sy: well, it was a long day of eating and drinking following the previous long day of eating and drinking, so 2005 came out of my keyboard instead of 1975. I’ve fixed it now, sorry for the confusion :-)

  7. Reshmaaaaaaaaaaa :-) Rip-off of Godfather and Feroz Khan/Prem Nath made it so stylish. Danny had a great role (lost Sholay due to this film). Hema got bumped off. This is a 70s classic.

  8. Poor Reshma :( Made me v. sad. But she looked gorgeous…and I’d forgotten that Danny lost out on Sholay because of this! Thanks for the reminder :-)

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