I’m in love…

with this blog. Go there now. Be prepared to spend an entire day there (at least). It is chock full of beautiful Hindi film songs, from all eras, with links to YouTube and—best of all—the lyrics transliterated for us non-Hindi script readers, sometimes (early posts) accompanied by English translated lyrics also. It’s truly a labor of love by Atul and a must-see for anyone who enjoys filmi songs (and who reading this doesn’t?).

Wah! wah! Atul! And he’s promised that he will start doing the English translations again too. So let’s make it worth his while!

Edited to add: In my enthusiasm I forgot to mention that he also has wide-ranging knowledge on singers, music directors, lyricists, film history and all kinds of other interesting tid-bits that he includes in his posts. Okay, I’m done. Go there now.

31 Comments to “I’m in love…”

  1. Thanks for your vote of confidence, Greta. Indeed, I will start translations soon, though it may take some time, considering that there are over 300 songs in the blog.

  2. Take your time Atul!!! It will take me a long time to catch up with you anyway :-)

  3. Ah, I’ve been a fan of Atul’s blogs (he has another beside this which is great too) for some time now :-) Especially interesting are the little background pieces Atul does for each of the songs. Thanks Atul and thanks memsaab.

  4. Suhan: and you didn’t tell me about it….WHY? :-) (Just kidding, actually I think you might have. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up and on…) It is a pure genius blog.

  5. You’re right! Wonderful site! Thank you!

  6. glad you liked it too kenjn60 :-)

  7. Like Suhan, I’ve been lurking around Atul’s blog for a while and love it! Love the interesting trivia/background info he adds with the songs.

  8. Do not just lurk, please offer your comments too. You cannot believe how much difference it can make.

  9. I second what Atul says! It’s so nice when people leave comments :-)

  10. Memsaab: Thanks for the link! So many good songs!

    Atul: Is it possible to allow comments from those who do not have a WordPress account? Or maybe it’s there and I’m missing it?


  11. tBwF: I knew you would like it :-) Thought of you when I started going through it!

  12. I have no idea if wordpress allows comments without a wordpress account.

  13. It does!!!! I allow comments from anyone, even anonymous ones, and I moderate them. You can change the settings on your dashboard—>Settings (on the far right side of the screen)—>Discussion…you can change all kinds of options there to make it as secure or as open as you like.

  14. Thanks, Greta. I had no idea. Now I have enabled comments from those who are not registered on wordpress.

  15. You say you are in love with Atul’s Blog. i can say the same about yours.
    In fact I think I’m addicted to yours!
    Great work!
    keep it up!

  16. Awwww thanks harvey :-) That’s really nice to hear.

  17. BTW u were great in the film quiz show.
    and altough I like boman irani as an actor. I hate him the way he imitated your accent for madan Mohan.
    u r great and don’t let anybody take it from you!

  18. Boman was really very nice, and I didn’t mind him making fun of me. I made plenty of fun of him too (offscreen) :-D It was a lovely experience and he made me very comfortable and welcomed me with a lot of warmth.

  19. Long time no see, memsaab but was worth coming back (always is) for getting Atul’s link! A great site. Obviously will be spending a lot of time there… if not here… Ahem!

  20. Hi Gilga, I can certainly understand! I am tempted to abandon my blog for his too :-)

  21. The admiration is mutual.I love visiting this blog.

  22. Hey, some of my readers are abandoning me for you so you’ll have to make up for them ;-)

  23. hi there..am visiting your blog for the first time, via Atul’s blog.
    Atul and I are good blog friends…same generation, share common interests.

    Isn’t his blog just fantastic ? He started it just a few months back and it has grown into a must-visit blog for me. I visit it almost every day – you will find that I have shamelessly monopolised the comments ;-) though I am beginning to get stiff competition from you. :-)

    Have still got to explore your blog. Am a huge song lover myself. As you may have observed from Atul’s blog. :-)

    Talking of translations, maybe I will offer Atul a helping hand if he would like one. His blog is his labour of love…and I would love to help him in whichever way I can.

  24. Ha! I have seen your many, many comments raja :-) I will try not to overshadow you although if you spend any time here you will see that I am very long-winded! I think I am the same generation as you and Atul, although I only discovered Hindi films 5-6 years ago (sad).

    Atul’s blog is great, and I’m demanding translations on a regular basis so I’m sure he would appreciate the help!

  25. Yup, yup, totally me too! Though I don’t comment much as it requires login with wordpress so mostly it’s a read-only interaction. Keep up the good work, Atul. Thank you, Greta & Atul.

  26. Now one can comment in my blog without wordpress login, I hope. I have made some changes, thanks to the guidance by Greta in this post itself. So opefully now people can comment there without needing to get registered with wordpress.

  27. In Nov 29, 2008 when Greta was kind enough to write this post, I had 300 songs in my blog. Now I am pleased to report that I now have over 1000 Bollywood songs in my blog. And all this has been made possible thanks to the encouragements by my readers, many of whom come through the link provide by this blog. So I thanks Greta as well as the readers of this blog.

  28. I know I can’t keep up with your posting :-)

    Keep going—there are still a gazillion more songs out there!

  29. Now I am happy to report that I have over 1500 songs in my blog. And yet I feel that I have barely scratched the surface so far.

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