Maximum City

I hope all of you living in Bombay (or with loved ones there) are safe and sound. Please know that you are in my thoughts as are all the victims and those still in danger. Bombay is one of my favorite cities on earth; and I know that your resilience and courage will hold you in good stead again today and in the days to come.

10 Comments to “Maximum City”

  1. Thanks, Memsaab.

  2. Banno, I’m very happy to hear from you, have been thinking of you. Hope all your loved ones are fine…

  3. Mumbai is really having a hard time. First the blasts and now this. I find the latest incidents even scarier than before – none of the previous attacks were so confrontational. This is almost beginning to look like a face-to-face war! And in my beloved South Mumbai too! :-( Hope things get back to normal soon…

  4. I hope think work out well. For that the Government will need to show more assertiveness than usual, though.

  5. Hey Memsaab….Mumbai had a tough time for past 2 days (almost) but things are in control now and Mumbai is back to its normal routine that’s the spirit of Mumbai. My younger bro who himself is a News Reporter was there for more than 24 hours covering the news for his channel.. He called up to say Commandos & Police Force showed such bravery there that can only be seen in movies but they prohibited channels to broadcast the news to keep those coward terrorists uninformed….

  6. memsaab, i’m so so sad. why do we have to experience such insanity?? my thoughts & prayers are with these people..

  7. Thanksgiving was certainly tinged with sadness. My constant thoughts go out to that city and those affected by the tragedies. So sad that humans can treat other humans in this way.

  8. Hi all, was offline mostly for our Thanksgiving holiday (okay, I was stuffing my face with food, I admit it) but keeping up with the news etc. Just makes me very sad too. All my family and friends were shocked and horrified. If there can be any silver lining to such things I guess it’s that it does bring out the strength and goodness in most people to pull together and watch out for each other. We just have to remember that most people around us don’t condone such actions; those who do have no souls, no conscience, no humanity. They can’t be lumped together with other people on the basis of things like race or religion. This kind of evil just is so irrational…

    Toonfactory, I had read in the papers here that people were saying the same about the commandos and police force on the scene. That kind of bravery just never ceases to astonish me. Bless them.

  9. Its great memsaab post.

    We hope things get back to normal soon & we pray for it.

  10. V Manohar, I hope all your loved ones are fine too. I stayed up last night watching live Indian television coverage at the Taj online. Am glad that it’s over, and hope healing can begin. Way too many lives lost…

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