Shikari (1963) Part 2

We left our heroine Rita dangling over sudsy hot pink lava as a giant ape menaced the rest of her traveling companions.


Fortunately, the giant ape simply walks away. Yes—he just turns and walks away, as if to say: these tiny humans aren’t worth my trouble. Perhaps he’s miffed because everyone’s attention has turned to the hapless Rita. (My guess is that the inherent plot complications became too thick for the director to cope with.)

Ajit is lowered by a rope and rescues our fair heroine.


She’s grateful and rewards him with more romantic singing by a lovely waterfall. Next they encounter a village which has been devastated: houses have collapsed, and there are dead and injured people lying everywhere. Everyone except Jagdish sets to work rescuing and patching up the injured; then Jagdish and Ajit have an argument. Although the specifics of it escape me, I’m pretty sure I’d be on Ajit’s side. Everyone else seems to be too.


Jagdish goes storming off on his own, and shoots some poor guy in the back. There’s no time to fret over this because the film cuts abruptly to a cave of some sort. It’s populated with assorted scientific-looking stuff (more bubbling vials, and neon-lit atomic models), a brawny lab assistant dressed like Tarzan, and KN Singh wearing a pink apron. It would seem that we’ve arrived at our destination.

Dr. Sharma seems as thrilled as I am when KN identifies himself as Dr. Cyclops (not his real name, which I couldn’t catch). Apparently Cyclops was quite famous and also presumed dead, but that’s about all I glean from the conversation. He invites them to stay, and Chandu (the Comic Side Plot) meets his soul mate Tun Tun.


At dinner they all talk endlessly about stuff (blah blah), until Shobha (Helen) walks in. She is gorgeous! Ajit appears to think so too, which doesn’t escape Rita’s notice.


After dinner Ajit and Rita find time to snuggle, until they hear a man screaming. They follow the screams and see Cyclops injecting some poor guy laid out on a table. Shobha stops them from interfering but won’t explain why. When Ajit meets her later she tells him something that astonishes him (again, no idea what). He tells her that he’ll help her (I think), and she takes his hands gratefully.

But Rita happens upon them together, gets the wrong idea, and runs away.


The sets just keep getting better and better: giant mushrooms and mammoth tusks! Rita falls and hits her head…and dreams that she and Shobha are competing for Ajit’s attention with a dance. I love the smug look on his face! It’s a lovely duet, and one of my all-time favorite Helen numbers (“Tumko Piya Dil Diya”).


Luckily when Rita wakes up, Ajit is at her side and they make up.

Ajit passes on the info he got from Shobha to Kapoor as Jagdish eavesdrops on them. Shobha (now dressed as the Swiss Miss) leads the group to a secret entrance in a rock wall. They are in for several big surprises.


Not only is Godzilla chained up in there (and Godzilla babies! which I sadly couldn’t get a good screen cap of), but Jagdish has ratted them out to Cyclops, who arrives and takes Rita hostage. Jagdish ties the rest of them up, and then he and Cyclops each take turns trying to convince a naturally reluctant Rita to marry them.

She finally agrees to marry Cyclops when he threatens first to miniaturize her father (he makes one of his previous small victims do a little dance), and second to push him into a snake pit.


Cyclops carts Rita off to get started on their wedding, and Jagdish consoles himself by freeing Shobha and making her dance for him (a very pretty song called “Yeh Rangeen Mehfil”).


Ajit, Kapoor, Dr. Sharma and Chandu are all left hanging by their wrists in a dungeon-like cave.

Can they escape? Where has Cyclops taken Rita? Will they be in time to prevent her from having to marry him? Will anybody ever figure out what is going on? Are there any more spectacular sights waiting for us?

Here’s a hint:



I suppose if someone wants to subtitle this, I wouldn’t mind. But I don’t see how any story—even if it were coherent and compelling, which I seriously doubt—could improve upon the zany eye candy.

The director of this crazy nonsense, Mohammed Hussein, also directed Aaya Toofan. I think that says it all.

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21 Comments to “Shikari (1963) Part 2”

  1. Oh no… Netflix dosent have the movie! I have to figure this one out. This movie MUST be seen!

    Love, love a hammy Ajit. Especially love sci fi/tarzan type hindi movies. Whats not to like!

    Your funny, incisive reviews make me fall in love with the madness of bollywood, over and over.

    Do you ever blog about your textile collection? Do throw us a snippet about that sometimes. I would love to read all about it… illustrated with pictures ofcourse.

  2. Sadly, it isn’t available on DVD. I got my VCD from my friend Suhan, who got it from India. There are places online you can order it from. Just beware: as I said, Suhan accidentally got two of this one and sent them both along, which is a good thing because one of them didn’t work (was damaged)…

    I’m glad you like my reviews :-) I should write about more of my saris…I haven’t done that in a while. Sometimes I just like to take them out and put them on, but have been v.v. lazy lately. Have you ever seen my friend Melinda’s sites, Sari Safari and She has a sublime collection of handlooms from all over India, has been spending 3 months there every year for about ten years now. Yummy!!!!

  3. Excellent work. I’m so delighted to find that there is such a plethora of Japanese-style giant, man-in-suit monsters in Indian movies — and not just in Ajooba and movies starring Dara Singh! I believe in my heart that if we continue our efforts with the same amount of dedication and enthusiasm, we will someday find them all. Onward!

  4. Thank you Todd *curtseys* The Godzilla head shot came out of nowhere and made me jump out of my skin. I am sad I could not capture the awesomeness of his jaws moving up and down. I couldn’t believe my eyes—King Kong AND Godzilla (although up to that point King Kong had been pretty lame). I am now on a quest to see all Mohammed Hussain’s films. Tally ho!

  5. OMG! K.N. Sing too! And Helen looks gorgeous. How can Ajit not fall for her? This looks like an excellent Bollyweed movie and great for watchalongs! ;-) Need to get my hands on it…

  6. You won’t be sorry!!!! *singing* The songs are SO GOOD. Helen’s two dances are sublime, but all of them are great :-) It may not be as good if you can understand what’s going on though :-D (although you may have to fill me in, I admit to some curiosity on that score :-)

  7. My parents lied to me! Magic IS real! I wish I read this review before I spent my monthly entertainment allotment on unsubtitled Ramsay/Talwar horror movie VCDs. Now I have to wait until next paycheck.

  8. Good heavens, I’d forgotten about Godzilla and King Kong (or whatever…) and the giant mushrooms. This reminds me a good bit of Parasmani, actually: that had giant mushrooms too (which came equipped with electricity); a river of fire; and a giant spider that guarded the mythical parasmani. Completely lunatic movie, but sublime music!

  9. Keith: So are monsters! And the other good thing about it is that it only costs $1.36 (plus shipping from India, of course)…

    dustedoff: *memsaab moves Parasmani up to the top of the to-be-watched pile*

  10. Why does the giant ape just walk away? He sees that it is Rita and not Ann Darrow ;)

    And now we know where the Hollywood got the idea for “King Kong vs. Godzilla”.

  11. Sadly, they don’t meet each other here, although probably King Kong would just….walk away!


  12. I guess King Kong was just scoping his opposition for later fight. You know, all that “baby godzilla (child) is the father of godzilla (man)” and suchlike. ;)

  13. ooooh (I’m easily distracted) the baby godzillas were SO cute. But too blurry in screen caps to post. They were small and green with huge teeth, and big puffs of smoke came out of their mouths.

  14. Thanks so much for all the time, effort, and affection you put into providing these summaries and pictures! Wish I had more time at present to watch the films. This one seems to be, in part, a remake of a hollywood 1940’s sci-fi Dr. Cyclops, about a jungle mad scientist miniturizing people. Do you know of any website with a comprehensive list, past(especially), and present of Bollywood remakes of hollywood films? Thanks again!

  15. Does the Hollywood Cyclops harbor Godzilla too? This seems likely to be an amalgamation of all kinds of loony B-movies from everywhere :-) I do not know of such a website (Hindi remakes) but if anyone does, I’d love to see it too!

  16. Heroine danging over cliffs, and hero ( typically Dharmendra) tied up on a stake, are two standard scenes in such movies.

  17. “…one of my all-time favorite Helen numbers (”Tumko Piya Dil Diya”)”

    That’s not a Helen number, it’s a Ragini number! Just kidding – I love them both.

    I’m going to post this dance to my blog, and, of course, I’ll link to your writeup.

    I also really like the Madhumati/Rani dance. Over on YouTube, most people were puzzling over who the “other dancer” was. Nobody could identify poor Rani; I guess she didn’t become as famous as other Ranis. But it wasn’t difficult to figure out, if they only looked at the cast list on IMdB or eslewhere…

    I’ll probably post that one sometime soon too.

  18. Yes, the Rani-Madhumati dance is fab too. And so is Helen’s other number :-)

  19. the apes name was otango something………thts all i remember

  20. Helen and Ajit are a pretty bad match as lovers. He looked old enough to be her father in this movie. I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene where Ajit and Helen see each other and feel love at first sight

    • I don’t think they did feel love at first sight. His romantic opposite is Ragini; although he thinks Helen is pretty and feels sorry for her, he doesn’t fall for her. Ragini only thinks he has.

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