Villain haiku

I don’t care that she
is blind, old, and weighs nine pounds
She’s my nemesis

Worse than Pran or Prems
Nath and Chopra, for she snaps
first, with no warning

And unlike Ranjeet
she has no lair to speak of,
shows no fashion flair

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12 Comments to “Villain haiku”

  1. But surely filmi heroes were the nemesis of these assorted villains. By that token Gemma is the hero (your Shami or Rajesh Khanna), not the villain!

  2. o ooo messed up my html tags!

  3. You forget that I don’t write haiku, Gemma does…

    She is referring to the little poodle above, who is her arch-enemy. She’s mad because Allegro is staying with us.

    Gemma: you forget to mention the fact that she is toothless as well, which is why your fear and hatred of her is incomprehensible to me.

  4. Mmm… yes I did forget that!

    Gemma, you really shouldnt be so jealous of sharing your Hindi movies for a few days.

  5. Old, blind, and toothless
    Reminds me of those movies
    With old villagers.

    The moneylender
    Makes them sign some papers that
    They don’t understand.

    Next thing you know is,
    The old, blind, toothless fellow
    Begs for his land back.

    But never fear, chap!
    Your grandson will grow up, and
    Avenge your loss. Yes!

    Oh, those old movies
    Now people live in metros
    Who farms anymore?

  6. Sy: Wah wah!!!!

    bollyviewer: She is pure evil.

    memsaab: You know nothing of what goes on between us.

  7. Thankee, Gemma. Besides…

    Cute as a button
    Versus old, blind, and toothless
    I know who will win! :)

  8. Happy Divali!

  9. For some reason, the “poodle upstairs” is begining to sound like some avtaar of Jeevan from the 50s- shylockian :)

  10. Sy, excellent response! and I know Gemma agrees with you re: her cuteness.

    Happy Diwali to you FiLMiNDiA ;-)

    shweta, all I know is that she’s completely oblivious to Gemma’s feelings, and that my dog has become very neurotic about her. It’s v.v. strange…I really do know nothing of what happened between them!

  11. Ah, Gemma! You’re right
    That the seeming innocence
    Of age is a lie

    For now, I say that
    You must take what Memsaab says
    With a grain of salt

    After all, she is
    Only a human, and thus
    Subject to her eyes

  12. ajnabi: ah, such talented people visit here :) Certainly I agree that age is no bar to villainy. On the bright side of it all is that Gemma has been much nicer to me since A has been here. She’s decided that I’m her biggest hope of rescue in case she needs it!

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