Trivia time #31

Can anyone tell me who this actress is? Hint: She has appeared on my blog before, and her sister is a very famous actress.

Here’s another screen shot (I couldn’t find a time when she wasn’t making faces).

Gilga and Juanito are our winners (sadly, of nothing) today! Gilga knew that she is Mumtaz’s sister, and Juanito knew that her name is Malika and she was previously mentioned in these pages in the review of Preetam. These screen shots and the one below are from Kathputli, which I will be reviewing shortly.

Thanks for playing, everybody!

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21 Comments to “Trivia time #31”

  1. Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island… sorry, but don’t you think the first screen cap looks like Mary Ann?! Maybe she had a twin sister no one knew about.

    BTW, found my way to your blog from Filmi Geek and enjoy your posts. Appreciate all the information and trivia posted here — have added several of your movie recommendations to my netflix queue. Thanks!

  2. Oh no, that’s not Simple! Sorry, no idea Memsaab, she looks kinda familiar though.

  3. You have me stumped!

    But if I had to make a guess i’d say it was Mumtaz’s sister, the one who married Randhawa.

    I can’t remember her name!

  4. She looks a bit like Radha Saluja but isn’t. Is she her sister?

  5. Hi Memsaab,

    I love your blog! full of great articles.

    @Gilga: do you mean Malika, the one who played in Preetam?

  6. I’m so proud! *dabs at eyes with a dainty handkerchief* My readers are so knowledgeable!

    Gilga, you are correct—it’s Mumtaz’s sister, and Juanito you are also correct, her name is Malika and she was in Preetam!

  7. Juanito!

    Thanks, yes that’s her name, Malika.

    I checked the Preetam story but can’t see her in it. Is she the doctor?

    Still waiting to find out who this one is!

  8. She is the doctor in Preetam. I didn’t really have much of a screen shot of her, but she’s in the picture where they are all standing over Vinod’s “burnt beyond recognition” body.

  9. Her and Mumtaz look nothing alike!

  10. Yes we did it! OMG I can’t believe it! ^^

  11. FiLMiNDiA: No, they really don’t. But many sisters don’t look alike :-)

    Juanito: LOL :-) And I learned that she married Randhawa, who is Dara Singh’s little brother, and they are the parents of Shaad Randhawa who was in Woh Lamhe (which I will probably never see).

    I love learning new things. Especially useless things.

  12. I dunno, in the last screencap I can definitely see some similarities, especially in the profile. :-)

  13. “I love learning new things. Especially useless things.”

    LOL! that’s just hilarious. :D

    I didn’t know who she was until I read the comments. Thanks for such an interesting trivia post.

  14. I only retain useless things. If it’s something important, it’s gone in a flash.

    She didn’t make that many films, although she and Mumtaz started very young together going to the studios and looking for work. She’s not really a patch on Mumu on film, although I’m sure she had many other talents ;-)

  15. Wow – Memsaab and friends, you truly are founts of Bolly-wisdom!

    Didn’t know Mumtaz had a sister – considering that Mumtaz really didn’t age well, wonder how this lady looks now??

    And I hear you on the useless facts thing – License plate of the car my parents owned back in the early 90s, check. Work-related phone number I was supposed to call today – gone…forever!


  16. One of the movies that Malika did was ‘Mere Mehboob’. She plays Johnny Walker’s love interest in that movie, she kind of looked liked Mumtaz in that movie – you might see the resemblance there.

    I read somewhere that Mumtaz’z and Malika’s mother also worked in the movies and so did their maternal aunt.

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