Spam hilarity

The Good lad an author! I much like site!

Like! Thank you!

The Pleasing text and design!
The Regard! The Excellent forum! Thank you!

I get about ten of these a day in my spam box on WordPress. They make me laugh before I cruelly delete them. I know some of you would enjoy them too (sans links to body part enhancement sites). Here’s one more:

How do you do…
I am glad to find this forum!


Good stuff, very nicely done!
The Author, you – genius…

7 Comments to “Spam hilarity”

  1. Oh, my favorite was left on the blog of a friend who wrote a post titled “Gifts” and the spammer wrote “I do not understand this word but very good.”

  2. What I particularly love is how they think if you are flattered enough you will let the comment through, links and all…The regard! The Excellent forum! you – genius…


  3. LOL…thankfully I am still saved from these spams on my blog inbox :) though my Yahoo Inbox has plenty of them every morning.

  4. Yes,
    I get these spammers too and I never knew that products for erectile dysfunction had such a high correlation with Bollywood. ;)
    With high regard of your genius blog. Thanks for excellent you, Sita-ji

  5. Wah! Wah! Excellent writer lad (d’you think they meant lady?)–why haven’t I gotten these at Blogger? I feel quite left out. Wherever shall I go with my erectile dysfunction and body part enhancement needs? ;-)

  6. Haha- I keep getting “comments” from this male/female/tg/alien who wants to sell indian gold jewellery :S Not sure HOW bolly reviews can help sell that, but [sigh] :)

  7. memsaab, somebody’s sent me a mail with bolly-hollywood lookalikes..and altho its obvious that they are carefully selected photos, they are fun. Anywhere I could send you to them in any anonymous e-mail add that u don’t mind giving out or any other way?

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