Blog (and dog) abandonment

She’s done it again
Gone off, leaving me behind
And all of you, too.

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14 Comments to “Blog (and dog) abandonment”

  1. I’m sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet… we’re all thinking of you.

  2. sorry if this sounds dense on my part, but was this about the dog abandoning you or you abandoning the dog and blog (only temporarily, I hope)?

  3. Oh, it’s ME the dog, complaining about HER leaving me! I am fine, although we both appreciate that you worry about me leaving her. Although she deserves it for going off and leaving me, since I am helpless without her. Well, not completely helpless. Just unable to watch Hindi movies.

  4. Awwww, come here and let me cuddle you!

  5. Oh, I hope she’s gone only for a short while. Meanwhile, are you fine?

  6. Awwww Gemma, I’m sure you will get some special treats to make-up. Who knows, you may even get to watch a Shammi movie with her and snuggle up under the lovely antique shawl she just bought!

  7. Hi Gemma, just wanted to say I’ve always been impressed by your haikus as much as Memsaab’s film reviews! And you’re sooo cute !! :-D

  8. dont worry gemma. you can show your displeasure at being left when she returns. you can ignore her for awhile & act all aloof. we are the 2 cats that own eva2468 & when she leaves us alone for too long when she comes back we act as if shes not even here for awhile. you will be fine even though you might be missing your “fix” of shammi. we dont like hindi films much, she turns the sound up & we are just cats, we like to just sleep. ps you might want to take the opportunity to do stuff she doesnt normally let you do!

  9. Thank you all! :-) I’m so glad you care about me too. I will try and think of some haiku to entertain you in her absence although I’m pretty busy being spoiled rotten by my other mom and dad.

    Laila and Hassan, I will most certainly let her know I’m mad when she gets home. I’ll ignore her completely for a while (until it’s time for dinner).

    I looked at her as sadly as I could when she left so that she’d feel sorry and guilty the whole time.

  10. I hope she left behind artwork from the Haathi Mere Saathi DVD to keep you company ;)

  11. Nahinnnnnn

    psst- while she is gone, rent all the Shammi/Shashi/RK movies she hasnt seen, and then when she comes back, show off ur superior knowledge :B That’ll show her what she was missing!

  12. OMG, just good to know that u r doing well, I didn’t know what to make of the haiku and when I read the first 2 comments I was stricken, but thanx for clearing the confusion :P (And I hope she spoils u rotten when she gets back to make up for abandoning u, even if for a short while :))

  13. Okay. Now this is sad. :-/

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