My dil goes mmmm…

I had worked at home for about three years when I realized that I never really saw daylight except through the windows. Also, I was talking to myself a lot more than most people would probably find acceptable.

So, I got a puppy and named her Gemma. She weighed all of three pounds but she had Attitude.

No stick was too big.

No look too disdainful.

I adored her.

People said: “Oh look! You’ve gotten yourself a Beanie Baby!”

Now it’s almost nine years later and I still adore her. She still has Attitude and her sweet face hasn’t changed much either, except for some graying around the eyes.

And now I know all my neighbors, and spend hours outside every day in the sun or the rain or the snow, and talk to her (and not to myself) even though she’s gone deaf.

She’s getting old faster than I am, and oh, how that scares me. I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to, because leaving her makes my heart actually hurt. But watching her as she snores at my feet, or barks at a dog on TV, or rolls in something yucky in the grass…that makes my dil go mmmm.

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38 Comments to “My dil goes mmmm…”

  1. aww.. what a beautiful post.

    your “Beanie Baby” is very, very cute, and you look gorgeous in that picture yourself!

  2. Heh…it was a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago. I can’t pick her up with one hand any more for sure! I was just looking at her today and decided I needed to write about her…she’s really the best little dog in the whole world.

    More films coming soon though, promise :-)

  3. Ohhhhhhh, that is so cute. And I understand totally about the heart-hurt.

  4. Thanks for sharing…what a bundle of joy! Does she have a favorite counterpart from a Hindi movie?

  5. “How sweet is that”–you’ll know the reference memsaab! You’re both beautiful by the way.

  6. That made my day!

  7. Feel the Gemma love! Thanks all of you :-)

    Suhan, you’ll be glad to know that her favorite film is Haathi Mere Saathi and she seems to enjoy Rajesh Khanna in general (she loved Chiku in Dil Daulat Duniya which is my next review)…

  8. How could you neglect to mention her talent for writing Haiku? So adorable and so talented!

  9. Ah yes. The haiku. I am not sure how I feel about it, really.


  10. Your doggy always look so depressed :-/ Poor thing.

  11. I am sorry you think so FiLMiNDiA…she’s actually a very happy little dog. And spoiled completely rotten, I might add.

  12. All I can say is… AWW:)

  13. Of all the songs one could think of to describe the feeling, I think you picked the best :-)


  14. She looks lovely and I hope that she’ll have a long life!

  15. My apartment was just broken into at the back while I was here working, and someone made off with some jewelry and stuff.

    Gemma, being deaf, slept through the whole thing but I can’t say I heard anything either :-( Glad she was here in the room with me and not back there where she often is!

    Not fun.

  16. Oh dear, really sorry about this. Are you ok? Take care of yourselves.

  17. We are fine. I knew she was useless as a watch dog anyway :-P

  18. Thats scary! Are you feeling OK? It isnt pleasant to have a break-in especially when you’re home! Hope it wont happen again.

  19. I’ve been attacked by a guy with a knife, and had my place broken in when I wasn’t home, so this kind of combines the two experiences. I am fine, though, and the police just came back with my belongings—they’ve caught him already! My tax dollars actually working for me :-)

  20. She is adorable, and glad you’re safe.

  21. Memsaab,

    Gemma looks lovely – I have a weakness for spaniels! :-) You are gorgeous!
    How scary about the break-in – I think I would be too freaked to continue to stay in the apt! Good for you!


  22. I’m sorry about the break in, (Jewel Thief!) but glad the pup was with you. This post was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes, had I not been at work I could have really let them fall. So sweet!

  23. Just to say that your dog is very cute. I am normally more of a cat person, but she looks so sweet and you obviously love her very much.

  24. As long as Gemma is okay, I am okay. She had a good time watching all the police detectives who traipsed in and out.

    I am a little *too* nuts about her, but so is everyone else who knows her. She is really a special dog. I call her my Ambassadress of Good Will: I have seen people bend down, stroke her for a while as she stares at them adoringly and wiggles, and when they straighten up they have tears in their eyes. She would have been a great therapy dog with a little training (that I didn’t give her).

    Gebruss, I like cats too but am sadly allergic to them. Gemma has many catlike qualities anyway! But I believe that animals in general are superior to people in almost every way :-)

  25. Great photos. How Dhanno would adore her.

  26. She would adore Dhanno too, and lick her from head to toe (if Dhanno let her). :-)

  27. Awww, the beautiful beautiful baby! Want.

  28. Amrita, come visit us. She will love you too!

  29. I mentioned your post to my husband, and the other day, I heard him singing “my dil goes mmm…” to one of our kitties. So you’ve inadvertently spread a “meme.” :)

  30. That’s hilarious, Anarchivist! I sing Hindi film songs to Gemma all the time. She just rolls her eyes at me and walks off unless I’m also giving her a doggy massage, in which case she tolerates the song.

  31. She’s so squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  32. i totally understand every word of what you said, i left my 6 year old shih tzu boyfriend henry for 4 nights, & the best part of the holiday was coming back to him pounding on top of me with his bouncy paws & his floppy ears tickling my eyes as he chewed my ears, where would i be without him?

  33. I (or rather my wife and daughter) have a kitten and a pup. Initially the kitten was very apprehensive at the sight of the pup, but now the two of them are really “Jigri dost” with each other and they cannot have enough of each other. Their antics are lots of fun to watch.

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