Another vintage saree ad

Here’s the saree ad featuring Jayaji that I promised to post!

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16 Comments to “Another vintage saree ad”

  1. Oh My – she’s gorgeous! And I can’t help saying again, that this style of sari is back in fashion now! :-)

    Jayaji, what happened? Please smile! You used to look SO very lovely!


  2. Funny Line – Only Subhash Make Them (reminds me of Mr.Ghai’s English)

  3. I know, she’s so dour now. She used to be so lively and bubbling over with joy. She’s still beautiful, but just doesn’t ever look happy.

    And Subhashlene is back in? Did Subhash make a comeback? Oh no! Although I do like the mukaish work on it. :-P

  4. wow.. Jaya looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for posting it memsaab.

    (And yes, that “Only Subhash Make Them” made me think of Mr. Ghai too.. not because of the english, but because of how proud he usually is of his own movies..!)

  5. She looks so sweet and “natural”. Her Miss World DIL doesn’t stand a chance if pitted against this!

  6. Subhashlene! lol Is the fiber made of Subhash? ;-)

    Jaya looks lovely and I loooooove these kind of sarees. :-) And she seems to be dour and unsmiling only in her filmi roles, these days. Happened to catch an episode of Koffe With Karan on youtube recntly and was surprised to see how like her Mili self she is!

  7. She looks so beautiful and elegant as ever!

    The eye shadow is different on both eyes or it’s me? Isn’t she wearing the saari different than normal? The pallu is on wrong side. Or it’s a mirror image? Doesn’t look like that from her face though.

  8. Lovely photo – she was just so beautiful back in the day. And she is one of my all-time favourite actors – I think she’s amazing and wish she’d done more movies after she got married.
    I agree with bollyviewer that in her ‘Koffee with Karan’ interview, Jaya came across a lot like ‘Mili’ – forthright, sincere, clever and with a great sense of humour. And she smiled and laughed – not as much as others tend to, but enough not to look sour. Maybe it was the fact that she was in the company of people she feels comfortable with (her daughter, Karan, Hema Malini, Esha Deol).
    I do see her looking quite dour in a lot of photos taken at various events – sometimes it seems like she was dragged along when she’d rather have stayed home.

  9. Aww…she looks so beautiful. That dewy understated prettiness that I’ve always admired about her. Thanks for posting this pic!

  10. Ha ha now I have a picture in my head of poor Jaya being dragged forcefully out of the house. She was more cheerful on KWK—I loved her comment about Dharmendra :-)

    I hope she’s happy, she certainly deserves to be. It can’t be easy living under a microscope the way she and her family have to.

  11. Memsaab,

    no I didn’t mean Subhahlene is back, merely that the style of sari – the plain-with-muqaish is back in favor…it fell out a few years ago, I think.

    As for Jaya’s expression, I realised that gauri Khan also always looks sour…so maybe it is a function of being married to successful actors!


  12. M, I know I was just kidding. Although I think it would be amazing if Subhashlene (whatever it was) did make a comeback ;-P

    And you are right, Gauri doesn’t look much happier ever. Maybe it’s all those flash bulbs going off in their faces. I wouldn’t care for that myself.

  13. I have to agree with the statement that the “Miss World DIL” doesn’t stand a chance pitted against Jaya back in the day…

    Right now, I’m in the middle of watching Koshish on YouTube, and she is just so sweet:

    Almost as sweet as she was in Guddi:

  14. Koshish is a lovely film. She is sweet in everything from that time…I think I like her best in Guddi and in Mili…oh wait, but she was awesome in Zanjeer…and…never mind. She was great in everything.

  15. How beautiful our lod heroines looked in saree. In today’s day if you look any saree clad women in the song then that is for drenched and transparent vulgar saree. No doubt, saree is tradion of India. I love saree…

  16. I have to agree with that! Sarees are so elegant, and comfortable too once you know how to wrap them properly, and get used to wearing them. Very flattering and forgiving to any figure!

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