Vintage saree ad

The ads in vintage filmi magazines are so much fun.

Soul-stirring polyester, indeed!

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15 Comments to “Vintage saree ad”

  1. This reminds me of Vidya Sinha for some reason. She used to wear prints like these a lot. Sigh…sharmila is SO beautiful!!

  2. Sharmila wore some lovely sarees in her movies like Satyakam, Mere Humdam Mere Dost, Aradhna, Safar etc.

    She had and still has a figure that is very graceful in a saree.

  3. Oooh loving Ms Tagore a lot and her hairdo is so cool! But I am bigger fan of her knot-tie blouses A-La-AnEveningInParis.

    I agree with Kashmira, she does resemble Vidya Sinha in the bottom and right pictures.

    Why don’t models ever smile? It ticks me off. Such a waste of those gorgeous dimples. :P

  4. Sharmila looks soooooo beautiful. I am with Kanan over the criminal waste of dimples!

    This ad reminds me of old ads I’ve seen in my father’s Reader’s Digest collection. He has RDs from 50s right upto late 80s and since they are Indian edition, the ads are Indian too. There were pictures of gorgeous film stars advertising sarees and cosmetics and the male actors advertising drinks! I should remember to scan them (and preserve them for posterity) next time I go home!

  5. Beautiful pics..

    Wish Soha would’ve got even 10% her Momma’s beauty…

    I am planning to go to my fav. old books shop in my home town from where I bought some books from late 40s, god knows where is my collection of vintage magazines.

    Memsaab, I am gonna upload some latest Shabana Pics on my blog…do visit to have a look at the Botox job I told ya bout :)

  6. She does look beautiful. There’s another saree ad in the same magazine with Jaya modelling and she looks gorgeous too.

    I love the makeup and hairstyles from the early seventies, although I’m glad I don’t have to spend the time on it/them! Fun to look at though.

    Alok, I cringe at the thought of Botox Shabana but will take a look :-)

  7. Hey Memsaab, will you upload the Jaya ads as well? Would love to see those!

  8. Your wish is my command….I will scan it next time :-)

    I love all the synthetic materials for shirtings and suitings whose names all end in -lene…

  9. And time comes full circle – the prints on these saris look so much like the ones in stores now! I bought a couple of “full-voile” ones recently..they are deliciously cool for summer, and make great salwars as well.

    I remember some ad from that time (my parents also collected old mags from their youth!) which hawked “terelene suiting material”…


  10. Many ads for terelene in this one! along with vijaylene!

  11. When I was child in 1954 I saw the movie of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp in Jakarta , Indonesia. cast; Mahipal and Meena Kumari. It is a wonderful story of Arabian Nights and the best production of Homi Wadia. Also the music by Citra Gupta is very good. I never forget it. But how the way if I want to watch again that film for recollection my nice memory? Please let me know about this. Best regards and thanks.

  12. pure eye candy, this ad :)

  13. Gone are the days when bollywood’s top heroines would do modelling for sarees. Today we can see them in Pepsi and cholocate ads. Dont remember any lead actress of todays generation is endorsing any saree brand. Do you have anyone in mind?

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