Subtitle delight

Well, I have to share this one from Suhaag (1979). It speaks for itself.

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16 Comments to “Subtitle delight”

  1. Guys from 70s India thought dance houses were a NY neighborhood?

    enlightening, the way subtitles wk :D

  2. LOL!! I like the “gentlemen” as well!


  3. That explains the confused look on Rekha’s face: “You mean we are in America??”


    I need to post some of the doozies from Duniya Meri Jeb Mein. They’re such a hoot.

  5. So that’s where Harlem is….! Any chance of the Globe Trotters stopping by for a song?

  6. Bwa! I can see it now: Harlem Globetrotters vs. Filmi All-Stars!

  7. Harlem is so colorful and there is a chance of Rekha singing-and-dancing! Have to get there pronto.

  8. One of my favorite – if not my absolutelt favorite – masala movie!!!

    We seem to have the same copy, as I too get Harlem. As I recall, there are tons of bizarre subtitles in that copy.

  9. Yes, it was a goldmine of subtitle fun. This was my favorite though :-P

    I would love to see the Globetrotters and Filmi All-Stars competing in dance and basketball!

  10. LOLOL! Have to love it, including the random punctuation/capitalization. (Plus the shower curtains all around.)

  11. The punctuation of the subtitles in this was very strange. Periods just appeared randomly in the middle of sentences. And ooh—shower curtains! Good call.

  12. Hi Greta,
    Are you sure there isn’t a mistake in the spelling, and that the dubbing shouldn’t have read “harem”??!
    Somehow that what it reminds me of, and subtitles are SO crazy sometimes!

  13. Yes, it’s a typo basically, but one that gives the sentence a whole new meaning.

    :-) That’s why I love subtitles.

  14. You know, I watched this yesterday, and my Dvd has decent subtitles, or at least subtitles which mention a brothel and are grammatically more correct. Luckily the movie is not one of those were peculiar subtitles are the only source of entertainment, but still I was a bit disappointed.

  15. It’s interesting how subtitles vary according to DVD manufacturer…including whether songs are subtitled or not. I think Yash Raj do the best job, but yes—sometimes I’d be disappointed in a film if the subtitles weren’t such fun (but as you say, Suhaag is not one of them).

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