Trivia time #23

Here is a well-known actor in an (uncredited) appearance in a song in a well-known film. What is the film, the song, and who is the actor?

Aspaan is our winner; he went all out to improve the contrast of this image (taken directly from the DVD, which was dark I admit but I am lazy) and recognized Premnath in the song “Naiyya Teri Mazdhar” from the film Awara (1951). He’s not mentioned in the credits of the film but is distinctly recognizable. I love his earrings and his armband. Sexy!

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21 Comments to “Trivia time #23”

  1. I am gonna take a stab at it Prithviraj Kapoor

  2. Of course that’s Shahrukh Khan performing his now famous shirtless number “Dard de Disco” from Om Shanti Om.

  3. Good guess, aspaan: Prithviraj is in the film in question, but that isn’t him.

    Sitaji: :-)

  4. ok I cleared the image



  6. Wow, aspaan, you put some effort into this :-) Good for you! and you are of course right.

  7. It was really bugging me. After I cleared the image I knew who the actor was and I just couldn’t remember his name. So I went back to work with the following information just computing in the back of my head. I knew he went by just one name like “Pran”, I knew I always confused him with PrithviRaj, I knew he got uber fat later on in his career.


    Premnath. I am actually really proud of my self. This was a great trivia question.

  8. Premnath is one of my favorites…he must have done this song out of friendship with Raj Kapoor, since he had already established himself somewhat by the time this film was made (especially in RK’s Aag and Barsaat)…

    My favorite early Premnath film is Aan, with Dilip Kumar, Nimmi and Nadira.

    • Premnath wanted to be in the movie which had both Prithviraj (who was his mentor) and Raj (who was friend and brother-in-law) so he asked Raj to take him for this song. He was that keen.

  9. Prem Nath, Raj Kapoor’s brother in-law. He is so cute!

  10. oh yeah! I forgot about that little relationship detail :-)

  11. Finally- a reason to see Awara :)

  12. The first ten minutes, anyway :-) It’s the first song. But it’s not a bad film in general…

  13. Of course it’s gotta be the ONE TIME I CAN ACTUALLY ANSWER A MEMSAAB TRIVIA Q that I come too late.


  14. Premnath was one of my favorites, too. He looked so dashing in his early movies. Loved him in Sagai and Aurat but havent seen Aan. Wonder why he developed a lisp in his old age.

  15. ppcc peep: next time I will try and post with the time difference in mind; but you would have deprived aspaan of his fun ;-)

    bollyviewer: I haven’t seen Sagai or Aurat but would love to. Aan is a bit of a fantasy-swashbuckling adventure tale, and he’s not very nice in it (but v. dashing, as you say).

  16. Hi,

    Yes you should really consider the time difference.
    And moderate the comments(not sure if it is) so that the right answers appear too..and give a timeline in which it needs to be resolved( least 24 hrs)

    Whaddya think your blog is read in your own country…
    It is followed world wide..u know that..


  17. Ha ha Nithin; you are funny and nice, and I love that people outside the US read my blog! I am truly honored by that. I’ve started moderating comments when I post trivia so that even if the right answer appears quickly others can have a go too…but I guess I need to stretch it out a bit so that all time zones have a chance. It never really occurred to me that people would CARE about answering my stupid trivia questions but it seems they do. Go figure.

  18. Indeed people around the Globe read ur blog including us folks from Down Under!

    Happy blogging!

    G’day as the aussies say

  19. Hi Miss :) My name is Neha and I have been going through your blog. it is fascinating really, and i was overwhelmed by the amount of info you have here! Some research wow!

    I wanted to ask you if it is ok with you if i use some info on ur site, i am a student of journalism and we have an assg where we have to write a blog. I chose my topic as trivia and facts on hindi songs and films, but only black and white. I love old Hindi b/w films and songs :)
    my blog site is but it has only 4 entries as of now.. just began a few days let me know. i will obviously credit the info to your name.. :)

  20. It’s a Raj Kapoor movie- Aag or Awara or Aah, they all sound too similar to me for my brain to properly distinguish them from each other. The actor looks familiar, but I can’t put a name to his face.

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