Trivia time #22

I was thrilled to spot one of my favorite actors in an early movie the other day. Can anyone tell me who he is?

Sunny is the winner! He recognized the ever-suave and reliably villainous KN Singh as our man. The screen shot above is from the film Humayun (1945) and below from CID (1956). Thank you all for playing!

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17 Comments to “Trivia time #22”

  1. Is this Balraj Sahni by any chance?


  2. No, but good try! Here’s another clue: he was never a leading man.

  3. Random guess – Pran!

    Though, this guy does look a bit like Milind Gunaji –

  4. *Ranya fearfully attempts:* Can it be .. Pran??

  5. I believe this fella usually played role as a “good” father in the 80s and early 90s

  6. Yay Sunny! It is KN Singh. I just adore him, he’s so elegant and smoothly bad in most of his films. He makes me want to be his moll.


  7. Great to know this guy’s name. I know him from Howrah Bridge.

  8. K. N. Singh is my favorite villain. So suave and bad. He managed to look evil without the trappings of standard filmy villains – no funny make-up, no evil laughter and cant even remember him raping the heroine!

  9. That’s the thing about him: he’s so elegantly bad!

    He’s in so many great movies too—Howrah Bridge, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Baazi, CID…on and on.

  10. When he takes that short breath, you know the good guy is gonna be beaten up.:) – Understatedly Superb.

  11. K.N Singh is one of the best screen villains. Awara is his best known work,I think. I would love get any leads into his earlier films. His first film was credited in the yeat 1938!

  12. Yes, he is classic. Very suave! Wish I knew more about him too. I’ve seen him in lots of 50s films and a couple of 40s. I’m still hoping to see some films from the 30s one of these days.

  13. KN Singh was the one who slapped Lalita pawar in a movie scene which was so real that it distorted her face and she cannot become lead actress again.

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