Trivia time #17

In which film did two different actresses play one character (and not as two different ages, i.e. the child and the adult), as opposed to the more usual convention of one actress playing two different characters?

This is one of the actresses.


Banno is our winner! The film is Yeh Vaada Raha (1982) starring Rishi Kapoor and Poonam Dhillon as his beloved Sunita. A tragic accident destroys her face and provides his mother with an excuse to tear them apart (she tells him that Sunita has died). Enter my beloved Shammi, a surgeon:


After 8-10 operations Sunita is a new woman (literally), now played by Tina Munim. The film’s plot is lifted from a Danielle Steel book (I forget which one).


I love this film, it’s one of those cathartic tearjerkers that I find irresistible.

(Note to subtitlers: DO NOT subtitle a film in ALL CAPS, it makes viewers feel like you are shouting at them.)

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20 Comments to “Trivia time #17”

  1. Oh yes, I was just watching this one, the other day on TV. “Yeh Vaada Raha”. Couldn’t make any sense of it. Perhaps because I caught it from the middle, with scene after scene of Tina Munim sulking.

  2. Coming into it halfway would be confusing :-)

  3. This might be the film that a friend of mine described to me a couple of years ago – she had seen it once on TV in Iran, but didn’t know what it was called. At the time I was new to Hindi films myself and didn’t have the network of knowledgeable folks I have now, so I had nowhere to turn to help her find out what film it was. I wonder if she’ll even remember asking me about it …

  4. Yeh Vaada Raha is one of those movies – so imperfect, so implausible, but somehow it just grabs hold of your heartstrings and pulls! I love it, and the music is really sweet and romantic too. Had no idea the doctor was played by Shammi.

  5. Neither did I, the first time I saw it! Oh, the tragic waste…

  6. That just kills me – “is everything fine? — in 8-10 operation (8 to 10????) everything will be fine”- how reassuring :D

    I remember seeing this as a kid- I wish they had exchanged the timeing of the 2 women- if Tina had had the accident, we’d maybe see less of her- she is a bit shreiky and annoying :)

  7. We extracted the subtitles, made them normal sentence case and then reburned our copy…all because I couldn’t stand the shouting subs :)

  8. I’ll have to see this. I have yet to see Tina in a film.

    Plot sounds a bit like Vivah as far a some disfiguring in the face area:
    “Poonam gets heavily burned, because she saves Rajni. Prem, occupied with his own wedding preparations, is informed by Bhavna of Poonam’s accident and goes to see his fiancĂ©e at the hospital. She is very unsure if Prem will marry her, now that she has been scarred….”

    I just love seeing “Operation Theater” inscribed on a door in a movie. Excellent screen shots you have here.

  9. This was an adaptation of “The Promise” by Danielle Steele.

  10. OK,
    I finally saw this last night and was delighted to get to all the face cast and bandaging scenes based on this review of yours. This plastic surgery part was highly anticipated! I kept wanting to screen cap. it, but able to thoroughly enjoy it in real time, knowing you’d already done the job. I had complete faith in Shammi’s skills as a surgeon. I also liked Sarika’s “friendly appearance” as Rita.

  11. One additional bit of information: The character was played by Poonam Dhillon and Tina Munim and the voice for the character was provided by Jaya Bhaduri.

  12. Oh that’s a great addition! Thanks :)

  13. I am looking forward to a movie where Mukri gets a plastic surgery and gets transformed into Amitabh Bachchan.

  14. Yeh Vaada Raha & many more movies from the 1980s (especially Rishi Kapoor’s & Jeetendra’s) were the basis/plot line for the numerous Ekta Kapoor soap operas/serials(Balaji Telefilms) which had a long run from 2000 till 2010 !Almost a decade she had control of the Indian Television Industry which were rehash/subplot of her Dad’s(Jeeterndra) Movies.
    Her soaps were so popular that they were paralleley being remade for the South Indian Audience for the regional channels,with local themes/settings(Under Balaji telefilms itself).
    Ofcourse it made many TV stars houselhold names & mega popular.
    Lat I heard her longest runnign soap Kynki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (Even Mother In Law was A Daughter in Law !) is being aired in Afganistan !

    Yeh Vaada Raha was the basis for her very popular daily soap Kahin Kissi Roz(Somewhere Someday) as the 1st mystery soap with lot of twists & turns(read–plastic surgeries & whoodunits!),it was aired from 2001 to 2004…..

    I know the forum is here about Movies,but I thought must mention its influence which has seeped into popular soaps culture in India !

  15. i love sunita so much so do nigerians u are my role model

  16. Hello Memsaab – first, I want to say thank you for your wonderful blog! I read it all the time, it is like a cozy, warm, sunshine filled little nook away from all the stress of the daily world. Also, you really should get a commission from the Amazon sellers of old Hindi movies. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying movies based on your blog.

    This movie was the first time I had ever seen “old” Shammi. I was watching this, and this really huge fat man as the doctor comes on, and as I’m watching, I’m strangely drawn to him, he’s so compelling and comforting almost. How is this so?! I’m bemused by my facination and attraction to this obese bearded man….. It’s not until the near the end of the movie that I realize that’s it’s Shammi!! Is that a testament to the charisma of a man, or what? Who – so phsically altered from his heyday look, is still so, so, so…. Shammi!

    • AMEN to that! He was in a wheelchair and 78 years old when I met him, and he still made my knees weak. He knew it too.

      And thanks for the thanks! I am so glad you like it here :)

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