Trivia time #12

What is the name of this actor, and what was his primary profession in the film industry (besides being a villain par excellence)? (Beth is ineligible to answer, because she already knows :-)


Yay! We have two winners: Bhavna knew that he is Shetty, and Anonymous UK that he was a stunt/fight coordinator for films in addition to being a bad guy.

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11 Comments to “Trivia time #12”

  1. Pssst… Beth… who is he?

  2. That’s half the answer right! It is Shetty. Besides acting, what else did he do in movies?

  3. M.B. Shetty is a stunt coordinator.

  4. According to the information I got, is he related to Sunil Shetty. Its the father of Sunil or the uncle.

  5. This guy is the Father of two directors super cool Rohit Shetty (Golmaal & All the Best) & Hriday Shetty (Plan)

  6. One more thing about him. Did anyone notice that in the movie, he faints or dies only after the actor hits or punches him on his head.

  7. My like Shetty villain…………………………..

  8. He is FATHER of famous bollywood director Rohit Shetty

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