Trivia time #8

Name this character actor (shown here with Dev Anand), who appeared in hundreds of movies throughout three decades of cinema.


Sreya is our winner! He is Rashid Khan, and he is ubiquitous in 1950-1960’s movies, especially those with Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor. I would love to find out more about him/his life if anyone can help.

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11 Comments to “Trivia time #8”

  1. I don’t know, but he looks a lot like the very old man who recently played the dying grandfather in Kandukondain Kandukondain. Could it be the same guy?

  2. I don’t think so…although I can’t find any biographical information about him at all, so I don’t have any idea if he is still alive.

  3. Oh wow, he does look like that guy! Nina, I would never have thought of that.

  4. He’s Rashid Khan…a character actor in countless 1950s and 60s flicks. By the way, here’s a great link with names of charcter actors.

  5. Yay Sreya! That is a great link, I found it when I was searching for more information about him. There doesn’t seem to be much out there besides his filmography…which is more extensive than noted anywhere too, even on IMDB.

  6. no…there’s hardly anything out there. someone should write a book on Bollywood character actors of yesteryears…like Rashid Khan and Manorama (who incidentally is in Deepa Mehta’s Water)

  7. Yes, there are so many characters in Hindi films who appear over and over again…over the period of decades, too. Would make a great book.

  8. Rashid Khan actor born in Baroda, Gujrat, “July 5th 1915, two minutes to 6 in the morning, but I’m not sure so don’t quote me” as he says to Bajraj Sahni in an interview in “Picture” monthly Vol. 1, June 1950 No.4.. He ran away from home and came to Bombay to become an actor. His school mate M.F.husain and he slept on the footpaths. They worked together painting film hoarding. Rashid also painted film negatives. He found work on All India Radio where he was discovered by Actor Balraj Sahni. He convinced Rashid to act in his play thus leading him to become an actor. Some of his films include: Ek boondh Paani, Dharti Ke Lal, Professor, Nau do Gyarah, Kala Bazaar, Kala Pani, Mujhe Jeene Do, Ek Phool Chaar Kaante, Tere Ghar ke Samne, Gudiya ka Ghar, Aaj aur Kal, Anjuman, Daroghaji, Rahi, Pyar ki baatein, Afasr, Baaz, Nazare, Shree 420, Garam Coat, Joru ka Bhai, House no. 44, Gambler, Teesri Manzil, and his last film being Ek Nazar, He has also worked as a production manager and a co-writer on a few films. Jadan Bai, Nargis’ mother, was a patron in his early years. He worked in a lot of films with Navketan and retired from acting to continue to be a manager at navketan till 1972 when he passed away from brain hemorrhage. His daughter married one of M.F.Husain’s son in 1980 in a strange twist of fate. Somethings are more filmy in real life ;)

  9. Rashid Khan, right? It isn’t part of the question, but the screenshot looks like it could be from Kala Bazar or Baazi…

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