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October 7, 2007

The Chopras at the Peabody Essex Museum


Yesterday I went up to the Peabody Essex Museum near Salem, MA for part of the Bombay Film Festival there. Anupama Chopra was to hold a discussion about her biography of Shah Rukh Khan, and then Eklavya—this year’s entry from India to the Oscars—was showing, followed by a discussion with Vinod Chopra.

We didn’t think about the fact that October is basically Crazy Person Month in Salem—tourists from all over participating in the Disneyfication of the historical tragedy that was the Salem witch trials, dressing up like slutty witches or pumpkins and creating traffic snarls and parking nightmares (the usual museum parking garage fee was hiked up from its usual $5 to $20, for instance); and apparently the whole scene scared the Chopras too, because they fled soon after Eklavya started and there was no post-film discussion. Sadly, Filmigeek who was supposed to meet me there also got trapped in the mayhem and hightailed it out too.

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October 7, 2007

Trivia time #7

Which Hindi film star was first seen in this film, and what is the film’s name? I think it is one of the best Hindi movies ever made.


Karishma guessed correctly that it’s a very young Sanjay Dutt on the left; the movie is Reshma Aur Shera (1971) which was produced and directed by Sunil Dutt, who also starred in it. Sanju appeared in a qawwali performance at a fair. I think Philip Lutgendorf’s review is the best one I’ve read on this amazing film.


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