Trivia time #2

These scenes are all from one movie. What movie is it?







The prize (which is nothing more than the satisfaction of being the winner!) goes to Nina for knowing that this movie is Guddi (1971) *ing Jaya Bhaduri, Dharmendra (playing himself) and a host of guest actors. A truly wonderful movie from Hrishikesh Mukherjee!

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13 Comments to “Trivia time #2”

  1. फ़िल्म ही फ़िल्म?

  2. No, but you are on the right track! (go back 10 years or so)…

  3. Guddi!
    I laughed so hard at Dilip Kumar riding that horse through someone’s living room.
    And undiscovered!Amitabh is verrry attractive.

  4. Holy cow, everyone is in that movie! Is it Guddi?

  5. Yay Nina! It IS Guddi. A fabulous movie, with pretty much every star from the 60’s-early70’s…and directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, starring Jaya Bhaduri (now Bachchan).

    Good job :-)

  6. Ah of course. Who else could have got them all together other but Hrishi da. Nice quiz. Keep them coming.

  7. Its guddi movie

  8. These were actual shots of actual movies in Guddi. “Parwana” and “Phir Kab Milogi” were the movies. Both were also released in 1971 (the same year as Guddi).

  9. Jai Dharmendra! And the guy (Samit Bhanja?) Guddi marries I detected in Aranyer Din Ratri, as Simi the Santhal girl’s lover.

  10. Just watched this one – besides these films the montage of movie billboards is also very cool. And the shirt and orange pants combo of the guy who runs away to be an extra is something else. Unfortunately the Shemaroo DVD is missing a key scene of the faked fight – the movie is apparently one two hours long but the dvd was 105 minutes. It’s always something…

  11. This one I know :) Guddi! Saw it very recently. One of the few films to star the biggest names in the industry. Only Hrisha-da could’ve managed that!

    Which is your favourite film of Hrishikesh Mukherjee? By favourite I don’t mean ‘well-made’ but one you can watch over and over?

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