Trivia time #1

I am somewhat incapacitated at the moment:


but that only means more movie-watching time!

In the meantime, in which film does a miniature Asha Parekh dance on an ashtray?


The answer is: Kanyadaan (1969) *ing Shashi Kapoor & Asha Parekh. This was a hard one—I don’t think that many people have seen this movie, with good reason. This was the best only good thing in it.

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9 Comments to “Trivia time #1”

  1. Ouchy!

    That still is fantastic. I can’t wait to learn the answer (so I might try to look it up just because I’m a dork).

  2. here’s a hint: your FPMBF is in it too ;-)

  3. I have no idea, but that is a film I must see.

  4. Oooh! I think I know it, thanks to your mega-hint :) But I won’t spoil it for others. And if I’m right, that looks like a doozy of a movie.

  5. Argh, the suspense is killing me! :) Is it Pyar Ka Mausam?

  6. Good guess, but no! although Pyar Ka Mausam is a better movie than this one.

  7. “Likhe jo khat tujhe” sung by Rafi is perhaps the sole reason why this movie “Kanyadaan” is remembered today.

  8. Kanyadan was a big hit in its time.

  9. I did not care for it :-) except the Asha ashtray scene as above!

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