Instead of writing my self-appraisal for my mid-year performance assessment, I have spent my day talking about saris with the sariwalli and researching sperm bank donors for a friend of mine who wants to have a baby (she wants her friends to chime in on her favorites). Donating sperm involves a lot of paperwork just like my mid-year. Pages and pages of it! I suppose if you are going to have a baby and half of its DNA will come from someone you’ve never met, you want that paperwork filled out. It was really fascinating reading, actually, because the donor had to list various qualities of all of his nearest relatives including grandparents, uncles, aunts, from both sides of the family. I liked the ones who took the time to fill in the “Special skills or characteristics” section for each relative, and seemed to know and understand each person’s special quirks. I’d pick one of them if I were doing it. Of course, if I had to fill that section out I couldn’t, since I grew up far far away from my extended family and didn’t know any of them very well.


Back to the hamster wheel. I wonder if procrastination can be “spun” into a leadership quality.


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6 Comments to “Procrastination”

  1. It’s me again! Procrastination can be very easily spun into the ability to patiently wait for the right moment to strike/act even though every thing around is falling to pieces. Also underscores the procrastinator’s level of self-belief ;)

  2. The sad thing is that two years later I’m still trying to fill out the same damn self-appraisal form, and finding that writing on my blog is much more fun :-)

  3. What’s pinging, please? :-/

  4. Indeed, filling out forms of various types is no fun compared to writing blog entries.

    I too was procrastinating on filling our some urgent forms and I managed to do that just in the nick of time. And I have a few more such forms to be filled up which are already delayed.

  5. So much of paperwork is involved in getting “sperm” ? I thing having an affair will involve far less paperwork, if at all and will far more fun too.

    • Difficult to be as picky about the quality when it’s donated that way :D Funny how this post pops up every year around self-appraisal time!!! (mine was very short this year, lol)…

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