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April 4, 2012

Ranjeet paper doll

(Click on the image above for a downloadable pdf version to play with!)

UPDATE: Eye-Searing Outfit Number Two

UPDATE: Reader Jenny K from has sent another that she created from one of his lunatic Dharmatma costumes. FABULOUS.

As most of you know by now, I think Ranjeet is HOT—and certainly he is one of the most stylish villains…nay, actors—in Hindi cinema.

What better candidate for my first Bollywood Paper Doll? I have managed to finish the doll himself and one outfit, but am overwhelmed at all the possibilities for outfits, wigs, moustaches and accessories. So I’m going to put this up here, and hope that some of you are creative enough to help out with clothing him.

Not that he needs it, no.

I must credit the inspiration for the body and the first outfit (and probably more to come) to the wonderful paper doll creator Tom Tierney, whose work you can find here.