Ranjeet paper doll

(Click on the image above for a downloadable pdf version to play with!)

UPDATE: Eye-Searing Outfit Number Two

UPDATE: Reader Jenny K from Filmigoris.net has sent another that she created from one of his lunatic Dharmatma costumes. FABULOUS.

As most of you know by now, I think Ranjeet is HOT—and certainly he is one of the most stylish villains…nay, actors—in Hindi cinema.

What better candidate for my first Bollywood Paper Doll? I have managed to finish the doll himself and one outfit, but am overwhelmed at all the possibilities for outfits, wigs, moustaches and accessories. So I’m going to put this up here, and hope that some of you are creative enough to help out with clothing him.

Not that he needs it, no.

I must credit the inspiration for the body and the first outfit (and probably more to come) to the wonderful paper doll creator Tom Tierney, whose work you can find here.

45 Comments to “Ranjeet paper doll”

  1. BEST IDEA EVER. Minikhan is going to have fun with his new friend!

  2. I don’t know why he needs the ‘suit-pant’. he has got his shorts. They are cool!
    I will look them up at the local H&M.

  3. FANTASTIC WORK Memsaab. Love it Love it Love it.

  4. I can’t unsee what’s under that “Not that he needs it” link. However, I do acknowledge that many would not feel the need to unsee it. At any rate, the paper doll is – needless to say – FABULOUS.

  5. in Namak halaal , in the “english speaking ” scene , while AB lets loose , Ranjeet s exactly played bewildered expressions as the receiver of the barrage are the hallmark of a great actor . No mannerisms . just good acting. this gets missed out as the focus is on the speaker.

    Just like Omprakash s in Pyar kiye jaa in the famous “bhoot” scene with Mehmood.

    What makes a monologue into a great scene when non verbals emote – and the chemistry between the 2 actors . Ranjeet rocked.

    • He did rock indeed.

      My friend Raju recently asked Ranjeet why he didn’t act much in movies anymore, and he replied along the lines of “It was always my job to take the clothes off women, but now they do it themselves voluntarily so there’s no need for me!”


  6. Ooh! The suit is fabulous, but I prefer the short-clad Ranjeet.:-D Ranjeet deserves to have an action figure, no? Just imagine…


  7. Sooo cuuute! I have so many outfit ideas! Thanks for uploading this…

  8. Waah waah , what an idea ! Wonderful.

  9. I am kicking myself that I never got started on my Rishi sweater paperdoll project! Of course, it was hampered by my inability to draw. But it’s never too late! Maybe when I’m done with the Book of Revelation puppet show.

  10. OMG, you are a genius!

    I want to make a Moolchand teddy bear myself.

  11. I love this! Outfit number 2 is excellent Memsaab, as are all the other variants. More please! (But I will say I am very pleased you went for psychedelic shorts, and not the ‘no need for outfits’ style).

  12. “Not that he needs it, no.”

    I hope his birthday is not near, he would turn up in that suit AND with same pose ;-)

  13. Oh, Memsaab – Wah!! You are so talented!!

  14. I’ve always had a hankerin’ for an SRK Bobblehead doll, but thought it would be considered well-nigh sacriledge.

  15. Hahaha no offence intended memsaab, but the design of his underwear is hilarious…

  16. This is superb, I’m in love I think we need to get together and design some retro-tastic bollywood fashions ;) This is totally right up my street and in case you didn’t know already the fashion in hindi films is one a major reason i love to indulge in them, allow me to share my other blog with you

  17. I love these! My little nephew is a big Bollywood fan already at the tender age of 4, and you’ve inspired me to try my hand at making some SRK (his favorite!) and Kajol dolls for him.

  18. Memsaab your ranjeet doll is in the latest issue of outlook in the article named “Which way to ramgarh ?” http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?281004

  19. Cool. Remember when you told me about that Asha Parekh paper doll?

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